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455714/04/2017 Frozen chicken: whole (1000-1400 g), breasts (boneless and skinless), leg quarters, drumsticks BuyAnyQuote buyer direct with CIF200 MTs per monthUM Qassar Port Halal RESTRICTED
454420/03/2017 Frozen chunks of lamb, beef (tight and shoulder) BuySpainQuote buyer direct with CIF75 tons, 30 tons and 20 tons respectively Tripoli seaport – Libya Halal RESTRICTED
450901/02/2017 frozen pork collars , shoulder 4d, leg 4d , loin, fillet Buyanyquote buyer direct1 container of neck, shoulder, leg, 10 tons loinsGreece ARCHIVED
449920/01/2017 Whole chicken and chicken parts BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsQatar ARCHIVED
449116/01/2017 Frozen poultry meat BuyAnyQuote buyer directMutiple loadsTurkey ARCHIVED
440519/08/2016 Mid joint wing, Chicken Feet , Chicken Paws, Whole Chicken, Boneless Chicken Breast, etc. BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMalays, China ,Viet, Singa ,Thail, Philip, HK, Jap ARCHIVED
437215/06/2016 Frozen chicken (whole) BuyArgentina/ Brazil/ Ukraine/ ChileLess than 1,200 USD/tonMultiple loadsCIF Alexandria Egypt Halal ARCHIVED
435511/05/2016 Frozen duck feet, hen feet and wings, chicken mid wings, feet and gizzards, turket wing tips and male turkey drumsticks BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsHongkong ARCHIVED
435210/05/2016 Frozen chicken (whole) BuyUruguay, Pakistan, Indonesia, TajikistanQuote buyer direct500/MTEgypt Organic Halal ARCHIVED
431917/03/2016 Frozen knucle, rump, neck and striploin, Buyanyquote buyer directAPPROXIMATELY 2-3 PALLETS PER EACH PRODUCTGreece ARCHIVED
430922/02/2016 whole and parts Halal chicken. Buy  More than 125 tonsTurky-Marcin.Hambourg Germany Halal ARCHIVED
429727/01/2016 frozen chiken leg quarters and frozen thighs BuyAnyquote buyer direct200 tons per monthSouth Africa ARCHIVED
429521/01/2016 whole frozen chickens 900 grs to 1200 grs BuyInform name & number of slaughter house, labelQuote buyer directmultiple loads per monthEgypt Halal ARCHIVED
428806/01/2016 Frozen pigeons BuyAny2-3 €/piece50000 pigeonBelgium ARCHIVED
427214/12/2015 Chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken gizzard and beef tripe BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 mixed containerRomania ARCHIVED
424517/11/2015 Frozen chicken Buyany quote buyer direct19 tonsCosta Rica ARCHIVED
423028/10/2015 frozen beef PAD membrane BuyAnyQuote buyer directmultiple loadsUK ARCHIVED
422406/10/2015 frozen chicken grillers, leg quarters, wings Buyanyquote buyer directcontainer load of eachCFR/CIF Libreville Gabon ARCHIVED
419403/09/2015 IQF beef smoked sausage BuyIrelandquote buyer directto be discussedDDP Netherlands Halal ARCHIVED
419303/09/2015 IQF 1 star Chicken pieces, clean label + low salt Buyanyquote buyer directto be discussedDDP Netherlands Halal ARCHIVED
417730/07/2015 Chicken Mutton Buy  18 tons per monthMiddle East ARCHIVED
416913/07/2015 frozen chicken parts Buyanyquote buyer direct1 loadBenin ARCHIVED
416222/06/2015 Chicken carcasses BuyAnyquote buyer direct2/3 trucks per weekBelarus ARCHIVED
416119/06/2015 Buffalo FQ Rolls 98% VL BuyIndiaquote buyer directSeveral containersAlgeria ARCHIVED
415512/06/2015 Frozen Beef Cuts BuyAnyquote buyer direct11 tonsGreece ARCHIVED
415311/06/2015 frozen turkey minced meat BuyAnyquote buyer direct60 MTSouth America ARCHIVED
415029/05/2015 Frozen Chicken paws Buyanyquote buyer direct300 tons/monthChina ARCHIVED
413606/05/2015 Frozen Liver meat BuyEuropequote buyer direct1 40" ReeferEgypt Halal ARCHIVED
412506/05/2015 Frozen meat tender BuyAnyDeadline 5 may//qbd5.6 tonsLithuania ARCHIVED
411522/04/2015 Ostrich meat BuyAnyquote buyer direct20-30 tons per yearJapan ARCHIVED
411622/04/2015 Sparrow meat BuyAnyquote buyer directFull loading for 20 feet containerJapan ARCHIVED
411822/04/2015 smoked turkey drumstick BuyAnyquote buyer directhuge quantityJapan ARCHIVED
411922/04/2015 Crocodile Tenderion BuyAnyquote buyer directFew tonsJapan ARCHIVED
412022/04/2015 Frozen meat BuyIndiaquote buyer direct20: 40' containersAlgeria ( port of Oran) Halal ARCHIVED
401717/03/2015 Frozen beef back cuts BuyPoland strictlyquote buyer directmultiple loadsAlgeria ARCHIVED
401213/03/2015 IQF Turkey ¾”-1” Diced Dark Meat BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsUS ARCHIVED
310302/03/2015 mechanically separated meat SellPoland€ 0,35/kgask sellerAny destination ARCHIVED
310402/03/2015 mechanically separated meat SellPoland€ 0,29/kgask sellerAny destination ARCHIVED
310502/03/2015 MSM baader 3mm SellPoland€ 0,37/kgask sellerAny destination ARCHIVED
310602/03/2015 MSM baader 4mm white fillet SellPoland€ 1,35/kgask sellerAny destination ARCHIVED
307322/02/2015 Frozen Pork Leg (Ham) SellBrazilUSD 3200/MT50MT  ARCHIVED
399117/02/2015 Frozen beef parts Buyany quote buyer directTruck/container loadsBulgaria ARCHIVED
306913/02/2015 Frozen Chicken Nuggets. SellPakistan5.4 USD per KG MULTIPLE LOADSImmediate. Halal ARCHIVED
398710/02/2015 FROZEN CHICKEN: (GRADE A) BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsUAE Halal ARCHIVED
396313/01/2015 frozen Beef/Cow /Steer, LIVER,TRIM ,HEART BuyAnyquote buyer directcontainer loadsCFIA Canada ARCHIVED
395319/12/2014 Frozen Hamburger patties 4/1 80/20;Philly beef 3-4 oz pucks or lay out;Meatballs 1 oz Buyany quote buyer multiple loadsUSA ARCHIVED
391719/11/2014 Frozen Turkey breast crown or butterfly female 4 Buyany quote buyer multiple loads Manchester ( UK) ARCHIVED
391819/11/2014 frozen chicken fillets 170-230g. Buyany quote buyer multiple loads Manchester ( UK) ARCHIVED
391619/11/2014 Frozen Turkey butterfly male 4kg 4 Buyany quote buyer multiple loads Manchester ( UK) ARCHIVED
391117/11/2014 Frozen chicken legs & wings Buyany quote buyer multiple loadsDanemark ARCHIVED

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