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454016/03/2017 IQF blackberry WILD 90% black BuyTBDTBD1 FTLPoland RESTRICTED
454115/03/2017 IQF sliced pears Buyanyquote buyer direct15000 lbs to get startedDDP Los Angeles RESTRICTED
392015/03/2017 IQF Kiwi (dices, slices, whole) SellItaly and FranceTBDTBDTBD QUADRUM FOODS SP. Z O.O S.K
391715/03/2017 Blueberries SellChileask sellerOraganic 3 containers; Conventional 5 containersany destination Durán Fruits
391815/03/2017 Cultivated blackberries SellChileask sellermultiple loadsany destination Durán Fruits
387715/03/2017 IQF A Crimson Grapes (harvest ongoing) SellAvailable from Chile and Perúask sellerMin 1x40" HQ FOB Chile or CFR destination port Durán Fruits
391915/03/2017 Avocado purée SellPerú and Chileask sellermultiple loadsany destination Durán Fruits
387815/03/2017 Passion fruit (concentrate juice and frozen pulp) SellPerúmultiple loadsMin 1x40' HQFOB Perú Durán Fruits
371408/03/2017 Elderberries IQF SellHungaryplease ask seller19 tonsprompt Organic SonderJansen
453607/03/2017 IQF apricot and peach. We are starting a jam production BuyTurkey 60 tons per yearItaly RESTRICTED
453507/03/2017 Camarosa strawberry IQF Buyanyquote buyer direct200TNsplit May till December 2017 RESTRICTED
453407/03/2017 Red currants & Strawberries Buy   Europe RESTRICTED
390506/03/2017 frozen strawberry Sellchina ask for sellers48 tons   Hebei Dingyu Imp and Exp Co.,Ltd
453024/02/2017 Frozen cranberries BuyCanada or ChileQuote buyer direct5-6 fcls 40'RH monthly China, to pack as can and jam, long term demand RESTRICTED
452821/02/2017 IQF sour cherry BuyEuropeCIF Dallian port50mtsChina RESTRICTED
451914/02/2017 IQF sour cherry Buyanyquote buyer direct1 or 2 loadsUkraine RESTRICTED
451410/02/2017 Acai and Organic Alfonso Mango Puree BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 container/truck per month each Canada RESTRICTED
451310/02/2017 NFC Organic Lemon Juice and Passion Fruit Juice BuyAnyQuote buyer direct2 and 1 container/truck per mont repectivelyCanada Organic RESTRICTED
451208/02/2017 Frozen organic raspberries BuyEurope or SerbiaQuote buyer direct2-3 trucks loadGermany Organic RESTRICTED
450124/01/2017 IQF cultivated cranberries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct120 tons Russia RESTRICTED
450024/01/2017 raspberry crumble BuyEuropeQuote buyer direct2 trucksEXW or DAP RESTRICTED
330824/01/2017 IQF Apple SellChinaAsk seller500mtsPrompt Halal Kosher NATIONAL BERRY GROUP LIMITED
321524/01/2017 IQF Lemon Slice SellChinaAsk Seller100mtsPrompt Halal Kosher NATIONAL BERRY GROUP LIMITED
337024/01/2017 Frozen Mango Dices/Slice SellChinaAsk seller500mtsPrompt Halal Kosher NATIONAL BERRY GROUP LIMITED
338424/01/2017 IQF Strawberry Dices SellChinaAsk seller100mtsPrompt Halal Kosher NATIONAL BERRY GROUP LIMITED
380018/01/2017 gooseberry SellPoland 10T  Organic ARCHIVED
386118/01/2017 raspberry whole 95% cl. extra SellPoland 10-20T  Organic ARCHIVED
385918/01/2017 blackcurrant SellPoland 20-40T  Organic ARCHIVED
385818/01/2017 raspberry crumble SellPoland 10-20T  ARCHIVED
449617/01/2017 IQF strawberries 20-40mm in dianeter Buyanyquote buyer direct4 containersUSA ARCHIVED
448816/01/2017 IQF Strawberry, Raspberry, blackberry and sour cherry BuyAnyQuote buyer directMutiple loadsTurkey ARCHIVED
385311/01/2017 Raspberry juice concentrate 65bx SellPolandP.O.A.Please ask sellerAny ARCHIVED
448510/01/2017 Bio prunes with pit, apples and strawberries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct120, 4 and 3 tons respectivelyGreece Organic ARCHIVED
447909/01/2017 IQF sour cherries BuyAnyQuote buyer directOne container loadChina ARCHIVED
384304/01/2017 Plum Juice Concentrate SellPolandP.O.A.2-4FCLAny ARCHIVED
384203/01/2017 IQF pomegranate SellUSask sellermultiple loadsany destination Kosher ARCHIVED
447414/12/2016 Frozen banana slice BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 full truckSerbia ARCHIVED
346608/12/2016 IQF Mandarin Segment SellChinaAsk seller100mtsPrompt ARCHIVED
378905/12/2016 Strawberries SellEgyptask seller directFew loadsAny destination ARCHIVED
446330/11/2016 Any frozen product BuyAnystock clearing priceAny quantityFrance ARCHIVED
379529/11/2016 Puree Blackcurrant S/S frozen & aseptic SellPolandP.O.A.AnyAny ARCHIVED
379429/11/2016 Puree Raspberry S/S frozen & aseptic SellPolandP.O.A.AnyAny ARCHIVED
369425/10/2016 IQF banana irregulars SellGuatemalaask sellerseveral containers  ARCHIVED
444712/10/2016 IQF Raspberry , strawberry , blueberry & apricot pulp BuyAnyQuote buyer directone mix containerUAE ARCHIVED
444226/09/2016 Wild blueberry concentrated purée aseptic BuyAnyquote buyer direct500-1000mt China ARCHIVED
444121/09/2016 Frozen blueberry concentrate BuyEurope or North AmericaQuote buyer direct10 loads USA, in 90 days ARCHIVED
443614/09/2016 IQF sliced apples BuyChinaquote buyer direct14680 casesChina strictly processor ARCHIVED
443714/09/2016 IQF strawberries BuyChinaquote buyer direct9175 casesChina, strictly processor ARCHIVED
443514/09/2016 IQF strawberry Buyanyquote buyer direct40-60 tonsEastern Europe ARCHIVED

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