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394005/04/2017 Green peas, cut green beans SellSerbiaask seller1000 tons eachany destination lucic prigrevica
455304/04/2017 IQF peas, carrots, butternut squash,sweet potato, broccoli, zucchini Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsUSA Organic RESTRICTED
454320/03/2017 IQF diced Celery BuyAnyQuote buyer directUp to 5 container loadsUSA RESTRICTED
371806/03/2017 IQF Green Peas I class SellSerbiaAsk seller500 tonsany destination lucic prigrevica
452620/02/2017 Cucumber and pumpkin puree BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 ton eachSlovenia ARCHIVED
452215/02/2017 Canned artichoke hearts Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMiami ARCHIVED
452115/02/2017 IQF sugar snap peas Buyanyquote buyer direct6 loads a yearCIF Miami USA ARCHIVED
452014/02/2017 IQF artichoke quarters Buyanyquote buyer direct12 containersMiami ARCHIVED
451814/02/2017 Frozen spinach, super sweetcorn,baby corn, baby carrot 6-14/14-18 Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsUkraine ARCHIVED
451614/02/2017 8mm green beans Buyanyquote buyer directQuantity: 12 loads spread one load every month.CFR Miami, USA ARCHIVED
451510/02/2017 frozen kale puree Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada ARCHIVED
388207/02/2017 Potatoe cube, onion cube, red pepper cube SellSerbia    ARCHIVED
450731/01/2017 mix veg, cut beans, peas, broccoli, caul, sweet corn Buyanyquote buyer direct3 FCL/month to CIF Doha, Qatar and to Dubai, J.Ali ARCHIVED
450526/01/2017 IQF green peas, green beans, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc. BuyAnyQuote buyer direct with CIF5 - 10 mtSlovakia ARCHIVED
450326/01/2017 IQF chives BuyUSA, Canada or MexicoQuote buyer directTruckloadUSA ARCHIVED
448716/01/2017 IQF Artichoke bottoms, Extra fine Green bean whole and cut , Okra, Broccoli BuyAnyQuote buyer directMutiple loadsTurkey ARCHIVED
385512/01/2017 IQF artichokes SellEgyptask seller directmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
447616/12/2016 Frozen Broccoli 40-60, Normandy Mix, Cauliflower 40-60 BuyAnyQuote buyer direct with DAP Bursa price 169, 67, 42 tons respectivelyTurkey Kosher ARCHIVED
447516/12/2016 IQF whole and whole extra fine green bean BuyAnyDAP Bursa price170 tons each Turkey ARCHIVED
381512/12/2016 IQF green peas SellPortugalask seller directmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
381412/12/2016 Puree Pumpkin S/S aseptic SellPolandP.O.A.1FCLAny ARCHIVED
446507/12/2016 IQF extra fine green beans Buyanyquote buyer directWe need 8 loads per 12 months. FOB shipping port and CFR Miami, USA ARCHIVED
445924/11/2016 Blanched Yellow IQF Onion BuyAnyquote buyer FOB & Delivered at the plant in US 120 tons annualNebraska USA ARCHIVED
445817/11/2016 IQF green peas, carrots sliced and cubes, beans cut, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, mixes BuyAnyQuote buyer direct in euros & dollars12 FCL per yearboth FOB (Specify port) and CIF Toronto ARCHIVED
445615/11/2016 IQF Organic Vegetables BuyEurope Quote buyer direct with CIFMultiple FCLMumbai (India) Organic ARCHIVED
445307/11/2016 Complete line of IQF vegetables BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple mix containersAfrican airline caterer ARCHIVED
445026/10/2016 Pre-fried and frozen potato wedges, slices and cubes 10x10x10mm BuyEuropequote buyer directmultiple loadsPoland ARCHIVED
444913/10/2016 Pepper strips and cubes in Red, Green & Yellow BuyAnyquote buyer direct1500 tons totalEurope ARCHIVED
444506/10/2016 IQF sliced yellow peppers BuyAnyquote CFR Qingdao, China4 containersfirst delivery to Qingdao China at the beggining o ARCHIVED
444304/10/2016 IQF Fries, Vegetables and fruits BuyAnyQuote buyer direct20’ containerUnited Arab Emirates ARCHIVED
444021/09/2016 IQF Edamame BuyNot from ChinaQuote buyer directSeveral loadsIsrael ARCHIVED
373919/09/2016 IQF red kidney beans SellChina ask for seller1,000tons any destination Kosher ARCHIVED
443814/09/2016 IQF broccoli BuyChina strictly processorquote buyer direct3200 totesChina ARCHIVED
443108/09/2016 Diced Cassava BuyAnyQuote buyer direct20 metric tonsIsrael ARCHIVED
442708/09/2016 Green Pea,Pearl Onion,Sweet Corn,French Fries,Radish, Brussels Sprouts BuyPoland,Belgium, Romania,Greece,Lithuania,BulgariaQuote buyer direct with FOB and CFR Kaohsiung2-3 of 20ft containersTaiwan ARCHIVED
441826/08/2016 IQF cauliflower nuggets BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 truckload per monthUSA ARCHIVED
441425/08/2016 corn, cauliflower, peas, beans, , broccoli, mixes, eggplant BuySerbia, Egypt, India & China quote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia ARCHIVED
440824/08/2016 Organic green asparagus , green beans and green peas and also others vegetables BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsUSA Organic ARCHIVED
438312/08/2016 IQF mixed vegetables (3-4 mix), Green peas, French fries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct40 ft FCLOman ARCHIVED
440112/08/2016 IQF cauliflower BuyPreferably EUquote buyer direct20 tonsHungary ARCHIVED
439404/08/2016 we are interested in Broccoli 40/60 mm 100 tons - Cauliflower 40/60 mm 75 tons - mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrot sliced 40 tons - Spinach leaf granulated or in portions 50 tons - Chopped spinach briquette 30g 30 tons - Small whole carrots 8/14 mm 30 BuyProducts based in Europe  Poland ARCHIVED
439119/07/2016 Iqf baby spinach Buy  One fclOceania ARCHIVED
438708/07/2016 GREEN PEAS BuyEurope strictlycontact FrozenB2B2 loadsMiddle East ARCHIVED
436808/06/2016 IQF peeled and unpeeled broad beans BuyAnyquote FrozenB2B100 tons minimumEgypt ARCHIVED
436707/06/2016 IQF red pepper, garlic segments, onion dices 6x6 mm. BuyBenelux, Poland or GermanyQuote buyer direct2 pallets each at start to check the qualityFinland ARCHIVED
435716/05/2016 IQF sliced water chestnuts Buyanyquote buyer direct5-8 fcls, possibly more if price is favorable.US ARCHIVED
435411/05/2016 Aseptic pumpkin puree BuyEurope Quote buyer direct1 truck loadPoland ARCHIVED
435310/05/2016 Quick frozen corn kernels and cobs BuyAnyQuote buyer direct160 tons & 50 tons annuallyEgypt ARCHIVED
435006/05/2016 Frozen Red Rhubarb BuyAnyQuote buyer direct20' container loadSydney, Australia ARCHIVED
434806/05/2016 artichoke quarters BuyegyptQuote buyer direct40000 KGspain ARCHIVED

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