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394425/04/2017 red currants cl II SellPolandplease ask seller22 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
394506/04/2017 Blackberries wild SellEast Europeplease ask seller60 tonsPrompt Organic SonderJansen
394206/04/2017 Strawberries 25-35 mm IQF SellPolandplease ask seller88 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
394005/04/2017 Green peas, cut green beans SellSerbiaask seller1000 tons eachany destination lucic prigrevica
392015/03/2017 IQF Kiwi (dices, slices, whole) SellItaly and FranceTBDTBDTBD QUADRUM FOODS SP. Z O.O S.K
391715/03/2017 Blueberries SellChileask sellerOraganic 3 containers; Conventional 5 containersany destination Durán Fruits
391815/03/2017 Cultivated blackberries SellChileask sellermultiple loadsany destination Durán Fruits
387715/03/2017 IQF A Crimson Grapes (harvest ongoing) SellAvailable from Chile and Perúask sellerMin 1x40" HQ FOB Chile or CFR destination port Durán Fruits
391915/03/2017 Avocado purée SellPerú and Chileask sellermultiple loadsany destination Durán Fruits
387815/03/2017 Passion fruit (concentrate juice and frozen pulp) SellPerúmultiple loadsMin 1x40' HQFOB Perú Durán Fruits
371806/03/2017 IQF Green Peas I class SellSerbiaAsk seller500 tonsany destination lucic prigrevica
390506/03/2017 frozen strawberry Sellchina ask for sellers48 tons   Hebei Dingyu Imp and Exp Co.,Ltd
388207/02/2017 Potatoe cube, onion cube, red pepper cube SellSerbia    ARCHIVED
330824/01/2017 IQF Apple SellChinaAsk seller500mtsPrompt Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
321524/01/2017 IQF Lemon Slice SellChinaAsk Seller100mtsPrompt Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
337024/01/2017 Frozen Mango Dices/Slice SellChinaAsk seller500mtsPrompt Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
338424/01/2017 IQF Strawberry Dices SellChinaAsk seller100mtsPrompt Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
380018/01/2017 gooseberry SellPoland 10T  Organic ARCHIVED
386118/01/2017 raspberry whole 95% cl. extra SellPoland 10-20T  Organic ARCHIVED
385918/01/2017 blackcurrant SellPoland 20-40T  Organic ARCHIVED
385818/01/2017 raspberry crumble SellPoland 10-20T  ARCHIVED
385512/01/2017 IQF artichokes SellEgyptask seller directmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
385311/01/2017 Raspberry juice concentrate 65bx SellPolandP.O.A.Please ask sellerAny ARCHIVED
384304/01/2017 Plum Juice Concentrate SellPolandP.O.A.2-4FCLAny ARCHIVED
384203/01/2017 IQF pomegranate SellUSask sellermultiple loadsany destination Kosher ARCHIVED
381512/12/2016 IQF green peas SellPortugalask seller directmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
381412/12/2016 Puree Pumpkin S/S aseptic SellPolandP.O.A.1FCLAny ARCHIVED
346608/12/2016 IQF Mandarin Segment SellChinaAsk seller100mtsPrompt ARCHIVED
378905/12/2016 Strawberries SellEgyptask seller directFew loadsAny destination ARCHIVED
379529/11/2016 Puree Blackcurrant S/S frozen & aseptic SellPolandP.O.A.AnyAny ARCHIVED
379429/11/2016 Puree Raspberry S/S frozen & aseptic SellPolandP.O.A.AnyAny ARCHIVED
369425/10/2016 IQF banana irregulars SellGuatemalaask sellerseveral containers  ARCHIVED
373919/09/2016 IQF red kidney beans SellChina ask for seller1,000tons any destination Kosher ARCHIVED
373010/09/2016 IQF pear dice SellChinaAsk for sellers200tonsAny destination ARCHIVED
372806/09/2016 iqf pleurotus oystreatus SellChina ask for seller200 tons any destination ARCHIVED
310703/09/2016 Frozen Kiwi Slice SellChinaTo be agreed10 loadsYearly ARCHIVED
322125/08/2016 IQF Blackberry SellChinaUSD1600/MT300mtsyearly ARCHIVED
369812/08/2016 IQF pomegranate SellEgyptask sellermultiple loadsAny destination ARCHIVED
369512/08/2016 IQF artichoke diced SellEgyptask seller directmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
368628/07/2016 IQF strawberry SellEgyptupon requestmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
363626/05/2016 IQF Diced Kent Mango SellMexicoEmail or call for quoteTBDTBD ARCHIVED
309011/05/2016 IQF Sweet Cherry SellChinaAsk seller10 loadsMay Kosher ARCHIVED
343531/03/2016 Dark Sweet Cherries SellTurkey 1 loadAny Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
359431/03/2016 strawberry SellTurkey 2 loadsEXW Organic Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
358722/03/2016 frozen sour Cherry Juice Concentrate SellSerbianPlease ask supplier13.500 KGPrompt Kosher ARCHIVED
358922/03/2016 frozen blackberry Juice Concentrate SellSerbianPlease ask supplier17.250 KGPrompt Kosher ARCHIVED
337628/02/2016 Frozen Berry mixed SellChinaAsk seller200mtsYearly ARCHIVED
353810/02/2016 BQF Chunky Mango Puree SellVietnamask seller+30mtGlobal ARCHIVED
354110/02/2016 Kaew Mango Puree (frozen) SellVietnamUSD950/mt100mtGlobal ARCHIVED

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