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821324/05/2018 Frozen chicken leg quarter, Chicken upper back and beef feet Buyany600/MT2×40 FCLghana Halal V J divine Favour Enterprises
821223/05/2018 Looking for B grade French fries BuyUs or Canada Complete truck loads Mexico Premium Access
821022/05/2018 IQF Black Beans BuyAnyQuote buyer direct120000 lbsUSA Premium Access
820922/05/2018 Green Lentils BuyAnyQuote buyer direct160000 lbsUSA Premium Access
820822/05/2018 fried frozen vegetables (beetroot, carrots, parsnips) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct300 ton of each type Germany Premium Access
425922/05/2018 IQF FROZEN BRUSSELS SPROUTS SellTURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Conventional & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426022/05/2018 IQF FROZEN TOMATO SellTURKEYAsk Seller750 MTPROMPT (Organic & Conventional &Kosher & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426122/05/2018 IQF FROZEN PEAS SellTURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Organic&Conventional&Kosher&Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426222/05/2018 IQF FROZEN BROCCOLI STALKS SellTURKEYAsk Seller80 MTPROMPT (Conventional & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426322/05/2018 IQF FROZEN POTATO SellTURKEYAsk Seller1.000 MTPROMPT(Organic 20x20,Conventional French Fries) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
820118/05/2018 acai berries pellets BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1kg bagSweden Organic Premium Access
399918/05/2018 Sour cherries, Obachinska SellBulgariaplease ask seller20 tonsPrompt Kosher SonderJansen
411918/05/2018 Strawberries 25-35 mm IQF SellPolandplease ask seller66 tonsJune - NEW CROP Kosher SonderJansen
412018/05/2018 sour cherries, max 1 st/3 kg, Pander SellHungaryplease ask seller20 tonsPrompt Kosher SonderJansen
819116/05/2018 Frozen Blueberries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 million lbsUSA Premium Access
819016/05/2018 frozen corn BuyAnyQuote buyer direct100 tonsSouth Africa Halal Kosher Premium Access
817714/05/2018 Frozen Pitaya BuyAnyQuote buyer direct9 TonSingapour Premium Access
817614/05/2018 organic purple and organic yellow carrots BuyAnyQuote buyer directContainer volumeUSA Organic Premium Access
817314/05/2018 Lemon and Orange BuyAnyQuote buyer directMOQSaudi Arabia Premium Access
817214/05/2018 Red Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry BuyAnyQuote buyer directMOQSaudi Arabia Premium Access
817114/05/2018 Sweet Cherry IQF BuyAnyQuote buyer direct6 FCLIsrael Kosher Premium Access
814914/05/2018 IQF Frozen Fruits BuyPoland, SerbiaQuote buyer direct1x20'RF mixThailand Halal Kosher Premium Access
636609/05/2018 IQF Blueberries SellChilePlease inquire within225MTAny port Pacific Valley Foods, Inc.
816109/05/2018 Garlic puree BuyAnyQuote buyer direct400 - 900 kg  Premium Access
815809/05/2018 Tomatoes (grilled or oven dried) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct7 500 - 20 000 kg  Premium Access
815909/05/2018 Pre fried onion puree (2-3 mm) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct 3 000 - 8 000 kg  Premium Access
816009/05/2018 Green jalapeno puree (2-3 mm) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct600 - 1 500 kg  Premium Access
816209/05/2018 Coriander BuyAnyQuote buyer direct200 - 350 kg  Premium Access
816309/05/2018 Lime juice BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1500 - 3 700 kg  Premium Access
815409/05/2018 hake fish BuyAnyQuote buyer directpallets quantitiesUnited Kingdom Premium Access
814807/05/2018 Frozen sour cherries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct500 kgCroatia Premium Access
814707/05/2018 IQF Broccoli BuyAnyTBC1000kg +United Kingdom Premium Access
814003/05/2018 IQF cranberry BuyanyQuote buyer direct1*20“ containerChina Premium Access
713902/05/2018 Frozen Spinach- potatoes- diced green beans carrots- cut small onions peas BuyanyQuote buyer direct50 000 lbsUSA Kosher Premium Access
599720/04/2018 IQF pineapple BuyCosta Rica, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippinesquote buyer direct10 tonsMexico Premium Access
712819/04/2018 Strawberry/ Blueberry / Raspberry/ Blackberry / Cranberry or mix berry BuyAnyQuote buyer direct500g packing in each pack Singapore Premium Access
712418/04/2018 prickly pear puree and tamarind puree BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1,000 to 2,000 lbs. USA Premium Access
532816/04/2018 IQF Blackcurrant, uncal, 6-12mm, 8-12mm, +12mm SellPolandPlease ask seller10 FCLAny Quadrum Foods
711216/04/2018 IQF blue grapes BuyChile$0.8 usd22 tonMexico city Premium Access
711416/04/2018 IQF papaya BuyMéxico$0.8 usd22 tonPort Premium Access
711113/04/2018 organic green beans, organic carrots, organic black beans, organic kale, organic purple carrots BuyanyQuote buyer directfclWest coast US Premium Access
710813/04/2018 IQF taro BuyanyQuote buyer direct15 000 lbsIN US Premium Access
710713/04/2018 IQF Strawberry, cherry, mango, papaya Buyanyquote buyer directFCLBaltimore and Los Angeles Premium Access
710511/04/2018 frozen sliced potato’s, frozen corn on the cob BuyanyQuote buyer directFCLUSA Premium Access
709910/04/2018 block frozen onions Buyanyquote buyer direct1 truckloadFrance Premium Access
709709/04/2018 Searching for a producer and seller of IQF Camarossa from Morocco. Jam quality, uncalibrated. Buy   Full container loadsWest Europe Premium Access
709406/04/2018 IQF sweet corn grade A or B BuyAny660 Euro per Ton50 TonsIran Premium Access
709306/04/2018 Broccoli Buy Quote buyer direct700 tons/yearSeoul Premium Access
707727/03/2018 Fries 9x9, 7/16 , 3/8 and stay crisp Julienne fries BuyanyQuote buyer direct20 pallets a weekUK Premium Access
706723/03/2018 Rhubarb , Red Bell Peppers BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1000-5000 pounds eachUSA Organic ARCHIVED

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