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12/06/2017 16:09:00 - European vegetable crops affected by dry weather c (All Posted by : Debove )

  Brussels, 09/06/2017

- Press Release -

European vegetable crops affected by dry weather conditions

European processors of canned, frozen and dehydrated vegetables in major producing countries are very concerned about the impact of warm and dry weather conditions over this year’s spring and summer crops. In Spain, producers highlighted that the crops were severely affected by the scarce or nearly nonexistent precipitation, which also caused the volume of stored water to be well below the average of last years: the hydraulic reserves in the 16 basins of Spain stand at 59.4% of their capacity, causing significant water restrictions.

The lack of rain combined with high temperatures during winter and spring were detrimental for crops in many parts of Europe, affecting important production areas for vegetables in Belgium and in Italy, as well as in some French regions.

The exceptional drought already triggered some national authorities to implement measures to limit the supply of water.

Although it is too premature to assess and predict further the overall losses of summer vegetable crops, the European processors are greatly concerned by the current meteorological conditions and the weather forecast for the coming period, as the impact could be profound.



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