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654616/08/2018 WHOLE ROUND FROZEN MACKEREL SellNetherlandsEUR 610/MT2000 Metric ton(s)10-18 days A F STAM BV
425914/08/2018 IQF FROZEN RED PEPPER SellTURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Conventional & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
646614/08/2018 IQF Frozen French Fries SellBelgiumask sellerMultiple loadsany destination July and August AJC International
654214/08/2018 frozen special meatballs (içli köfte ) SellTurkey4-5 euro/kg10 tonsany Organic Halal 4D FOODS
653309/08/2018 Mini Pie with cheese/olive/apple SellBulgaria    Unipek OOD
652808/08/2018 100% Veal Kebab SellPoland3,50€ EXW Halal Kaptan Food Sp. z o.o.
652708/08/2018 100% Chicken Leg Frozen Kebab SellPoland2,60€ EXW Halal Kaptan Food Sp. z o.o.
838807/08/2018 fruit--berries, apples, apricots, BuyUnited Statesbest available1000#to Oakland, Ca Premium Access
652506/08/2018 Whole Chicken Griller SellBrazil 108 MT (4x40' FCL) per month  Halal RCM International
838206/08/2018 green peas BuyCanada or New Zealand 20 containersQingdao,China Premium Access
838406/08/2018 Lima beans Buyexcluded USA origin 1 FCLQingdao,China Premium Access
838103/08/2018 IQF Horseradish BuyanyQuote buyer direct15 tons maxPoland Premium Access
426103/08/2018 IQF FROZEN PEAS SellTURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Organic&Conventional&Kosher&Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426203/08/2018 IQF FROZEN BROCCOLI STALKS SellTURKEYAsk Seller80 MTPROMPT (Conventional & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426303/08/2018 IQF FROZEN POTATO SellTURKEYAsk Seller1.000 MTPROMPT(Organic 20x20,Conventional French Fries) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426003/08/2018 IQF FROZEN TOMATO SellTURKEYAsk Seller180 MTPROMPT (Organic & Conventional &Kosher & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
652003/08/2018 Chicken Feet - Grade A SellBrazilask seller108 MT (4x40' FCL) per monthany destination Halal RCM International
837231/07/2018 Frozen durian puree Buyanyquote buyer directsamples firstSingapore Premium Access
836630/07/2018 green peas BuyCanada or New Zealandquote buyer direct10 loadsQingdao,China Premium Access
836126/07/2018 grapefruit Buy-------???5000 kgPadova Italy Premium Access
835926/07/2018 frozen cherry tomatoes Buy0020-40 tonnesprompt Premium Access
835826/07/2018 Frozen French Frıes Buy0020-40 tonnesprompt Premium Access
835326/07/2018 IQF Sour cherry Buy  10 tEXW Premium Access
835225/07/2018 IQF Blackberry Buy  18tSouth Africa Halal Kosher OPEN
650024/07/2018 IQF Sour cherry crop 2018 SellPolaand and EUPlease ask sellerAnyAny Quadrum Foods
834923/07/2018 IQF Plum whole with stone, IQF strawberries Buyanyquote buyer direct5 pallets eachCzech Republik Premium Access
834523/07/2018 IQF sweet corn; peas; mixed 30% green beans, 40% carrot, 30% peas BuyAll optionsTo be descussedcontainer basisCIF-Jebel Ali (UAE) Premium Access
834423/07/2018 Frozen Sea Urchin BuyWorldwide 1 Ton  Mar Abisal
834823/07/2018 IQF Grapefruit Segment supplier Buy   Asia Premium Access
834020/07/2018 Mango cubes, Strawberry, Rasberry, Blueberries, Pineapple, Melon balls, Red fruit mix, BuyPreferably Egyptquote buyer direct40,000CIF Jebel Ali Premium Access
649619/07/2018 Chicken whole, paws & feet SellBrazilask sellerMultiple loadsany destination Halal Kosher Bamboo ( PTY )LTD
833618/07/2018 frozen chicken breast and leg quarters Buyanyquote buyer direct35 FCLChattanooga TN Americana Process Solutions
833518/07/2018 frozen sweet corn Buyanyquote buyer direct50 containersIndia Halal Kosher Premium Access
832616/07/2018 IQF strawb, cherry, raspb, bl currant, blueb, plum, gooseb, pear, kiwi Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple mix loadsCzech Republik Premium Access
832716/07/2018 IQF Carrots in cubes, green peas, zucchini dices Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCzech Republik Premium Access
832416/07/2018 IQF FROZEN STRAWBERRY Buyanyquote buyer direct1 FCLMalaysia Premium Access
832316/07/2018 frozen leg quarter chicken small size BuyAnyquote buyer direct2 FCLCailai port, HCMC, Vietnam Cong ty TNHH SX TM DV XD Phu Khang
832216/07/2018 IQF blueberry Buyanyquote buyer direct20 tonsEgypt Premium Access
648511/07/2018 IQF hand-cut plum SellSerbiaPlease ask sellerup to 500tcontinious until end of May '19 Sweet home d.o.o.
467511/07/2018 green beans Buy  10 containerMiami Premium Access
829211/07/2018 Lima beans Buy  1 FCLChina Premium Access
831010/07/2018 Frozen chicken nuggets, chicken leg qtrs Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMontevideo MERKOLINK IMPORT & EXPORT
647809/07/2018 IQF Blueberry - Grade B SellChileUSD $1900 / MT48 MTQingdao Pacific Valley Foods, Inc.
647309/07/2018 frozen ready meals and bakery SellItalyask sellerask sellerAny destination ALMA SRL
828209/07/2018 strawberry, raspberry, cherry Buyanyquote buyer directcontainer loadUK, Norfolk Premium Access
646509/07/2018 Iqf Frozen Haskap Berry, HoneyBerries, honeysuckle SellPolandUpon requestupon request  Organic Nutracevit
829506/07/2018 sourcherry BuyPoland 40 mt/netprompt Premium Access
829604/07/2018 Apple cubes 10x10 mm IQF BuyPoland 150 tonsD-46446 Emmerich Organic Premium Access
645929/06/2018 WHOLE ROUND FROZEN MACKEREL SellFAO 270.7325 TONSFOB Pescados Airoa
828026/06/2018 frozen broccoli, cauliflower, mixed vegetables - mexican, sweet corn Buyanyquote buyer direct1 pallet each per monthHungary Premium Access

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