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8867 19/02/2019
Buying frozen raspberry anyquote buyer direct Payment : BL+ 15 days 30 tons annualShipments be March 2019- December 2019 to Turkey Premium Access
7013 19/02/2019
Selling Organic IQF raspberries Ukraine2.25 EUR/kg EXw Kyiv, Ukraineup to 40 metric tonsAny Organic EcoBerry
7023 12/02/2019
Selling Black Cherry Juice Concentrate,Frozen 68 Brix USA$2.32/kg FOB US Manufacturer40 MT  Kosher ENCORE FRUIT MARKETING
8854 12/02/2019
Buying IQF ORGANIC PAPAYA Anyto negotiate10 tnSPAIN Organic Premium Access
8855 12/02/2019
Buying IQF mango cubes 20 mm x 20 mm anyquote buyer direct10000 kgDAP,Belgrade,Serbia Premium Access
8856 11/02/2019
Buying 3/8" st cut french fries anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsUSA Premium Access
8849 08/02/2019
Buying Frozen egg whites anyquote buyer direct– 468 thousand pounds per yearCalifornia Premium Access
8848 08/02/2019
Buying Frozen cauliflower nuggets anyquote buyer direct2.5 Million pounds per yearCalifornia Premium Access
8841 06/02/2019
Buying IQF strawberry slices anyquote buyer direct50000 kgPoland Premium Access
8834 06/02/2019
Buying IQF thyme anyquote buyer direct40,000lbsNew York , USA Premium Access
8840 06/02/2019
Buying IQF broccoli stalks & florets anyquote buyer directETA Apr – May, 2020 with 20FCLs.Hakata port, Japan. Premium Access
8837 04/02/2019
Buying supper sweet corn on cob and mini corn on cob Anyquote buyer direct15 loads to start  Halal Kosher Premium Access
6995 04/02/2019
Selling mango, guava, banana and papaya pulp IndiaNegotiableMultiple loadsany destination Halal Kosher Jadli Foods India Pvt Ltd
8836 01/02/2019
Buying Frozen Fruit Juices   minimum 20 tonsPakistan Premium Access
8835 01/02/2019
Buying Frozen Blueberry and other fruits   1 fclPakistan Premium Access
8832 01/02/2019
Buying Organic frozen apple juice AnyQuote buyer direct500 kgItaly Organic Premium Access
8829 30/01/2019
Buying frozen puff pastry anyquote buyer directask buyerQatar Al Tahaluf Food Stuff & Trading
8831 30/01/2019
Buying frozen mozzarella, different cuttings turkeyquote buyer direct10 tonsnetherlands Halal Tomfrost (BV)
4119 30/01/2019
Selling French Fries 10 x 10 mm straight cut grade A & B Polandplease ask sellerper FCLprompt - November Kosher SonderJansen
8830 30/01/2019
Buying white grapes seedless in own juice  EUR/tin DAP 5734 Reinach3'800 kg net incl. juiceweek 13/2019 Premium Access
8823 30/01/2019
Buying IQF Bananas Philippinesquote buyer direct10 tonsPhilippines Premium Access
6973 30/01/2019
Selling Quail frozen meat Quail hatching egg India ask seller500 kgAny where in India Mankash wild food
8822 30/01/2019
Buying Sugar cane ice cream From EuropeTo be determined To be determined but at least a paletShip or Truck depending on the departure place Organic SAS SO'KANAA
8825 30/01/2019
Buying IQF uncalibrated Strawberry B grade TURKEYquote buyer direct60 tonnesAksantaş Süt Tarım Premium Access
8821 29/01/2019
Buying frozen turkey & chicken brazilquote buyer direct4 containers monthlyapapa, nigeria QFP
6965 28/01/2019
Selling IQF Kiwi 10x10mm Chile€1,554,7 tonsFCA BS Foods BV
8818 25/01/2019
Buying IQF sliced banana and cut strawberries Anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsNorway Premium Access
8814 24/01/2019
Buying IQF cherry tomato anyquote buyer direct1 truck at firstFCA Premium Access
8816 24/01/2019
Buying IQF organic blueberries Americaquote buyer direct720kg1st February 2019 Organic Premium Access
6946 22/01/2019
Selling grouper, emperor, red snapper indonesiapls askanyany destination PT. Arta Mina Tama
6948 22/01/2019
Selling kingfish WR size 1/3 3/5 5kg up seafrozen indonesiapls ask20/40ftCNF Halal PT. Arta Mina Tama
6690 21/01/2019
Selling Parsley - Peterselie 10 x 10 mm EUplease ask seller 40 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
8810 21/01/2019
Buying cut green bean  CFR NY port, Miami port1 container per monthJackson ville, New york, Miami Premium Access
6944 21/01/2019
Selling IQF Sweet Corn IndiaPlease Contact SupplierAny FOB / C&F / CIF Halal Kosher Jadli Foods India Pvt Ltd
8808 18/01/2019
Buying IQF Mushroom sliced AnyQuote buyer direct10000 kgprompt Premium Access
6927 17/01/2019
Selling Halal, Frozen, White Skin, A Grade, uncalibrated Spain0,66 euro/kg52 tonsExW. CFR/CIF available Halal Euro Chicken
6932 15/01/2019
Selling Yellow fin tuna Saku.  ask seller1*40fclany destination Hungxin fishery group
8803 15/01/2019
Buying IQF Cranberry CanadaRequest CIF/CFR offer1*20“ containerBy ship Premium Access
6905 14/01/2019
Selling IQF Whole frozen Organic Cranberries, Grade A, Canada (QC) Starting at USD 2,28/kgMultiple container loadsExW. CFR/CIF available Organic Kosher Emblem Cranberry Inc  IQF Cranberries
6934 14/01/2019
Selling IQF Orange segments Whole&broken without skin Turkey 200 MT  Kosher Martas Marmara Agricultural Food Products
4120 08/01/2019
Selling Whole raspberries, Willamette Bosniaplease ask seller40 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
3999 07/01/2019
Selling Lingonberries organic class I Ukraineplease ask seller21 tonsPrompt Organic Kosher SonderJansen
8791 04/01/2019
Buying IQF conventional & organic Banana slices 5mm anyquote buyer direct2 FCL eachDDP Lima, Peru. ASAP. Organic Premium Access
8790 03/01/2019
Buying IQF Green Peas, whole green beans, cut green beans (Grade A). anyquote buyer directmultiple loads depending on priceEx-work & CIF Alexandria port Premium Access
8787 02/01/2019
Buying IQF Long grain rice - Cooked without the addition of preservatives or other synthetic additives or colours   500kgto Holland Premium Access
8786 31/12/2018
Buying IQF Avocado Halves and IQF Mango Cubes Anyquote buyer direct20 tons per year eachFlorida Halal Kosher Premium Access
6896 27/12/2018
Selling IQF Red Dragon Fruit chunks (15x15mm) Việt NamFOB 1400/MT300MT6 months Halal Kosher TUFOCO Thuan Phong
8778 24/12/2018
Buying Brocccoli, green beans, green peas, sweet corn, baby corn , cauliflower and red pepper. anyquote buyer directpeas and corn: 20 tons, 10 tons per each other vegPoti port (geeorgia) End of January 2019 Premium Access
8776 21/12/2018
Buying Frozen pomegrnate concentrate liquid anyquote buyer direct20RF x1 basisCNF Pusan,Korea ARCHIVED
8774 21/12/2018
Buying IQF Blueberry anyquote buyer direct12 tonsThailand Lat Krabang port ARCHIVED

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