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8613 23/10/2018
Buying we have interested in the IQF Cranberry, We import Frozen Fruits & Fruit Puree from foreign countries.    China Premium Access
8608 19/10/2018
Buying IQF Frozen sachet with fruits anyquote buyer direct20000western Greece Premium Access
8609 19/10/2018
Buying Chicken paws, no less then 30 grams   10.000 tons per monthCIF, must be accepted by Chinese customs importing Nelis bv
8599 17/10/2018
Buying Halal Roosters, 3-jointed chicken wings AnyQuote buyer directhundreds of tonsCIF and or FOB Halal Nelis bv
6718 16/10/2018
Selling Frozen Rosehip berries Ukraine 40Promt S.B. Frozen Foods, LLC
6717 16/10/2018
Selling Frozen Cranberry Ukraine 40Promt S.B. Frozen Foods, LLC
8590 16/10/2018
Buying IQF prickly pear Anymarket30 lb sample followed by truckload quantitiesNampa Idaho Organic Kosher Premium Access
8595 16/10/2018
Buying IQF sliced strawberry Anyquote buyer direct20 tonsLaredo Texas Kosher Premium Access
6711 11/10/2018
Selling IQF Organic Kent variety mango chunks Mexicoask seller2 loadsany destination Organic Patagonia Foods
6712 11/10/2018
Selling IQF conventional Kent Variety mango dices Mexicoask seller10 loadsany destination Patagonia Foods
8583 11/10/2018
Buying frozen diced courgette Anyquote buyer direct30t.Hungary Organic BabyFood Premium Access
6707 09/10/2018
Selling Frozen Baguette Ukraine1.50$ per piece600 and moreEnywhere "LBU-TECH" LTD
8539 08/10/2018
Buying IQF Lima beans, beans, peas anyquote buyer direct40' container per productsea freight Premium Access
8575 08/10/2018
Buying IQF sour cherry stone-free, Raspberry crumb. (yogurt quality), Raspberry extra 95/5, apple cubes, whole strawb, plums, blackb, cranb, red and black currants, sliced mango anyquote buyer directhundreds of tonsRussia Premium Access
8574 08/10/2018
Buying Sliced champignons cubes, shiitake anyquote buyer direct200 and 50 tons respectivelyRussia Premium Access
8573 08/10/2018
Buying frozen french fries anyquote buyer direct100 tonsRussia Premium Access
8572 08/10/2018
Buying IQF caul florets, cut gb, Brussels sprouts, diced peppers (3 colors), peas, corn kernels and cobs anyquote buyer directhundreds of tonsRussia Premium Access
8571 08/10/2018
Buying frozen organic mango and passion fruit Europequote buyer directa few pallets once samples approvedEastern Europe Organic Premium Access
8570 08/10/2018
Buying IQF lingonberries anyquote buyer direct1 FCL or more possiblyEastern Europe Premium Access
8569 08/10/2018
Buying IQF carrots cubes 10x10x10 anyquote buyer direct400 tonsPoland, spread deliveries till August 2019 Premium Access
8541 06/10/2018
Buying Frozen Fish,Frozen Chicken,Frozen Turkey,Fresh Fruit anyquote buyer direct2x40ft containersCOTONOU SEAPORT ste ejibe benin sarl
8538 04/10/2018
Buying IQF strawberries, raspberries, blueberries anyquote buyer direct5 tons eachEastern Europe Organic Premium Access
8528 04/10/2018
Buying IQF Broccoli anyquote buyer direct25 MTFOB Premium Access
8529 04/10/2018
Buying IQF red jalapeno anyQuote buyer direct20'Thailand Halal Premium Access
8537 04/10/2018
Buying fig puree   industry use FCL 20Taiwan Halal Premium Access
6692 02/10/2018
Selling Frozen Chicken Turkey$1690 per Ton200 TonsShipping TURKGROUP INTERNATIONAL
6682 01/10/2018
Selling Indian Mackerel Vietnam1-2 USD/KG FOB HCM2 x 40ft20-25 days after confirm label. Organic BabyFood Mekong Seafood Connection Co., Ltd.
6691 01/10/2018
Destoc Black Pomfret Vietnam3.30 - 4.20 USD/KG2x40ftEvery months Organic BabyFood Halal Kosher Mekong Seafood Connection Co., Ltd.
6684 30/09/2018
Selling Pangasius fillet well-trimmed Vietnam1.9... USD/KG FOB HCM2 x 40ftIN OCTOBER Organic Mekong Seafood Connection Co., Ltd.
6690 30/09/2018
Selling super sweet corn Hungaryplease ask seller100 tonsPrompt Halal Kosher SonderJansen
8521 27/09/2018
Buying IQF lima beans anyquote buyer direct1 FCLChina Premium Access
3999 26/09/2018
Selling Lingonberries Russiaplease ask seller21 tonsPrompt Organic SonderJansen
4120 26/09/2018
Selling Cut green beans 20-40 mm Polandplease ask seller100 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
4119 26/09/2018
Selling French Fries Beneluxplease ask sellerper FCLprompt - October Kosher SonderJansen
6662 26/09/2018
Destoc IQF tomatoes cubes and whole Turkeyaskmultiple loadsany destination OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
8519 26/09/2018
Buying IQF diced potatoes, green peas, sweet corn anyquote buyer directrespectively 10, 20, 20 tonsItaly Premium Access
8512 26/09/2018
Buying Turkey meat in cubes, boned / peito de peru congelado Brasilquote buyer direct30,000 kgPuerto Callao GLORIA S.A.
8509 26/09/2018
Buying Chicken breast meat in frozen cubes Perúquote buyer direct70,000 Kgonce a month GLORIA S.A.
8514 26/09/2018
Buying IQF strawberry dices Egyptquote buyer direct20 tonnsRussia Premium Access
8517 25/09/2018
Buying IQF organic diced carrots, diced onions Anyquote buyer direct10 and 50 tons respectivelyItaly Organic Premium Access
8516 25/09/2018
Buying IQF diced onions, diced carrots, whole cherry tomatoes, Anyquote buyer direct150, 50 and 50 tons respectivelyItaly Premium Access
8515 25/09/2018
Buying lingonberries iqf europeQuote buyer direct80 tonnesDDP Belgium Premium Access
8511 24/09/2018
Buying Frozen Strawberry anyCIF Navasheba100mtNavasheva ( India) Halal Premium Access
8508 21/09/2018
Buying Straight cut french fries anyquote buyer direct7 FCL a yearAsia Premium Access
8507 21/09/2018
Buying IQF green beans anyquote buyer direct400 tonsSouth Africa Halal Premium Access
8505 20/09/2018
Buying IQF silverskin onion anyquote buyer direct20 tonsTurkey Premium Access
8503 20/09/2018
Buying IQF lingonberry anyquote buyer direct60 tonsLithuania Premium Access
8502 20/09/2018
Buying Frozen French Fries(9x9) anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsSaudi Arabia Premium Access
8501 20/09/2018
Buying IQF wild blueberries anyquote buyer direct20 to 40 tonsLithuania Premium Access
8494 20/09/2018
Buying Tomato filled stuff crust pizza Anyquote buyer directpalletsUK Premium Access

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