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646509/07/2018 Iqf Frozen Haskap Berry, HoneyBerries, honeysuckle SellPolandUpon requestupon request  Organic Nutracevit
825918/06/2018 I am sourcing frozen ready to eat croissants and frozen ready meals for my group in Singapore. Buy   Asia Richelin SAS
640905/06/2018 Frozen cakes & pastry SellTurkey anyCPT Halal SWEET HEAVEN
815409/05/2018 hake fish BuyAnyQuote buyer directpallets quantitiesUnited Kingdom ARCHIVED
711113/04/2018 organic green beans, organic carrots, organic black beans, organic kale, organic purple carrots BuyanyQuote buyer directfclWest coast US ARCHIVED
605320/03/2018 Frozen IQFstrawberries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct100 tonsBuenos Aires ARCHIVED
596007/02/2018 Frozen croissants Buyanyquote buyer directOne 20' containermauritania Halal ARCHIVED
488205/01/2018 IQF strawberry Buyanyquote buyer directFCLDominican Republic ARCHIVED
484120/12/2017 Organic Mango Diced Buy 0.90400,000 lbs  Organic Kosher ARCHIVED
447719/12/2016 IQF yellow carrots BuyAnyQuote buyer direct40 tons Poland ARCHIVED
433323/03/2016 frozen bread Buyanyquote buyer directmix containerRomania ARCHIVED
330913/08/2015 Fruit Jam DestocChinaAsk seeler1000mtPrice Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
314909/04/2015 IQF Seedless Red Grapes SellChiliask seller200 tons any destination ARCHIVED
398813/02/2015 Frozen bagels BuyAnyquote buyer direct5 tons per monthPeru ARCHIVED
395219/12/2014 Frozen Salmon Burgers 4 oz. Buyany quote buyer multiple loadsUSA ARCHIVED
393002/12/2014 Frozen macarons , frozen cookies Buyany quote buyer mix loads Vietnam ARCHIVED
384008/09/2014 IQF raspberries BuyAnyquote buyer direct15 tonsCzech Republic ARCHIVED
382903/09/2014 pâte à beignet / beignet base BuyFrancequote buyer direct, offrir direct3 pallets a monthFrance ARCHIVED
376426/06/2014 Frozen Cakes; Cheese cakes Buy  multiple loadsRussia ARCHIVED
372517/06/2014 frozen quiches, ready to bake biscuits and muffins Buy  multiple loadsAustralia ARCHIVED
350220/09/2013 IQF complete line of berries ( strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, ligonberries...etc) FOR AFTER NOVEMBER BuyANYQUOTE THE BUYER AFTER NOVEMBER3 to 5 FCL for each single fruit loadsGERMANY ARCHIVED
345828/08/2013 pastry ,desserts, feuilleté BuyANYQUOTE THE BUYER DIRECTcontainer loadsMOSKOW ARCHIVED
340020/06/2013 IQF Blackberry , Strawberry BuySerbiaquote buyer directlyseveral containers Israel ARCHIVED
331706/05/2013 Frozen donuts Buyanyquote buyer directlyfor a long term relationshipItaly ARCHIVED
329724/04/2013 Hamburger buns Buyanyquote buyer directly200 000Northern Europe ARCHIVED
322405/03/2013 frozen ready meals, snacks and sandwiches BuyAnyquote buyer directcontainer loadsSouth Korea ARCHIVED
312402/11/2012 Frozen croissant fully baked or 90%, sour dough breads, specialty breads BuyEuropequote buyer directby loadsUK ARCHIVED
311922/10/2012 Frozen bakery Cakes Buy   Uae ARCHIVED
310503/10/2012 Looking for suppliers of added value and innovative products Buy   UK ARCHIVED
304311/07/2012 IQF sweet corn kernels BuyAnyquote buyer direct300 to 500 tons, 50 tons immediateEgypt ARCHIVED
303103/07/2012 Frozen puffed pastry Buy  one FclEgypt ARCHIVED
297518/04/2012 Frozen dough ( Croissant and french pastry ) BuyAnyQuote CIF One 40ft Container every two mounth Saudi Arabia ARCHIVED
296212/04/2012 Processed Frozen Strawberries from 2012 Chinese crop Buy spread shipments between July 12 and June 13 370 tonsCFR Auckland in 40 ft mixed reefers ARCHIVED
284212/12/2011 We are interested in Frozen Croissants Buy  both retail and wholesale businessMiddle East ARCHIVED
281022/11/2011 Frozen baguette, panini, ciabatta, croissant, bagel, buns, pita, pancakes, muffins, doughnuts, etc BuyAnyquote buyer directmix loadsIreland ARCHIVED
269511/07/2011 frozen cockerels Buyany1,10 USD / CIF Qatar2 FCL, after 5 to 10 FCLGermany ARCHIVED
171705/07/2011 Frozen Croissants SellUAEStarting from $0.15 a pieceAny  ARCHIVED
253804/05/2011 frozen octopus Buyanyquote the buyer directmultiple loadsRussia ARCHIVED
253004/05/2011 Frozen orange pulp Buyanyquote the buyer direct2 to 4 tonsBelgium ARCHIVED
250903/05/2011 frozen sheeted pastry dough Buyanyquote the buyer direct1 FCL every 3 monthsSweden ARCHIVED
249403/05/2011 viennoiserie (all kind) Buypreferably Europeanquote the buyer directTrial loadRussia ARCHIVED
250802/05/2011 Frozen croissants BuyAnyquote the buyer direct1 FCL every 3 monthsSweden ARCHIVED
250702/05/2011 Frozen baguettes BuyAnyquote the buyer direct1 FCL every 3 monthsSweden ARCHIVED
240710/03/2011 Frozen Bakery Products Buy  Food Service ImporterBulgaria ARCHIVED
240207/03/2011 Looking for frozen croissants Buy  30,000 per month to startUK ARCHIVED
239603/03/2011 French Bakery and Bread Buy  for the foodserviceBelgium ARCHIVED
213116/07/2010 frozen pommes frites 10x10mm Buy  for 1,423 storesregister before the 22nd of July ARCHIVED
194322/04/2010 Frozen bread BuyAnyQuote directMultiple container loadsAustralia ARCHIVED

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