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463508/08/2017 I am seeking to source two frozen egg products, a 'deep frozen whole fried egg' and 'flat deep frozen plain omelettes' into the UK. Buy   uk ARCHIVED
449316/01/2017 Bulk frozen Liquid Eggs BuyAnytarget price CIF Busan $1.60 per KG up to 13 tons per weekKorea ARCHIVED
430104/02/2016 Frozen fried egg BuyAnyquote buyer directThe need is 4000pcs / week and 16 000 pcs / monthScandinavian countries ARCHIVED
395706/01/2015 Frozen mozzarella Buyany quote buyer container 20'Israel ARCHIVED
388828/10/2014 Frozen mozzarella special grain Buyany quote buyer ask buyer France ARCHIVED
361612/02/2014 Frozen Mozzarella Shredded Cheese BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsJordan Middle East ARCHIVED
336027/05/2013 Frozen Paneer (Indian cheese) Buyanyquote buyer directlyPalletsLondon ARCHIVED
332108/05/2013 Frozen Blue Cheese, Frozen mozarella, Frozen Feta,..... Buy   Middle East ARCHIVED
316507/12/2012 milk cream, diced butter 82%, serum cream BuyAny multiple loadsFrance ARCHIVED
312806/11/2012 Frozen omelette assortment BuyAnyquote buyer directby loadsNetherlands ARCHIVED
304812/07/2012 frozen cheddar, colby, Monterey jack, mozarella Buyanyquote buyer direct150 tonsUSA ARCHIVED
295303/04/2012 Frozen Egg Products: omelette, spanish tortilla BuyAnyquote buyer directlaunching of the lineGuayaquil, Ecuador ARCHIVED
293005/03/2012 Looking for 60g frozen mushroom omelettes in a half moon shape Buy   Europe ARCHIVED
282925/11/2011 Frozen cream BuyAnyquote tender by Dec 15th20 tons annualSouth East Asia ARCHIVED
282825/11/2011 Frozen butter BuyAnyquote tender by Dec 15th20 tons annualSouth East Asia ARCHIVED
283025/11/2011 Frozen cream cheese, cheddar, gruyere, feta BuyAnyquote tender by Dec 15th20 tons annualSouth East Asia ARCHIVED
283125/11/2011 Frozen egg pulp, frozen omelette 80g BuyAnyquote tender by Dec 15th4 tons and 35 tons annualSouth East Asia ARCHIVED
263715/06/2011 we are interested to import Mozarella cheese and butter Buy   Asia ARCHIVED
246619/04/2011 Frozen Butter for the Catering Buy  100 tonsTender for Asia ARCHIVED
242215/03/2011 We are looking for frozen cream. Milk fat 69%+/- 0.5% Buy  1x20 feet containerAsia ARCHIVED
206725/05/2010 Full pastured eggs (whole egg, egg yolk, egg albumen) BuyAnyQuote directly9 000 000 eggs per yearIndia ARCHIVED
189111/03/2010 Frozen Pre-sliced long egg 300g Frozen Whole egg 1kg Chilled liquid whole egg jerry can 1kg BuyFrance, Germany or Belgium  East Europe ARCHIVED
180518/11/2009 Frozen Omelettes 135 gr Buy  6 tons Italy ARCHIVED
170713/07/2009 Frozen Cream with low acid Buy  (1 tone) Middle East ARCHIVED
169702/07/2009 Mozzarella, Frozen Butter Buyanynegotiate with buyer directly1 mixed containerIndonesia ARCHIVED
159225/05/2009 frozen cream (44% fat content) Buy  20ft container North Asia ARCHIVED
159506/05/2009 Frozen omelettes BuyAnyquote buyer direct1000 units a dayFlorida ARCHIVED
157407/04/2009 Unsalted butter for bakery Buyanyquote directpallets by air freight for trialIndonesia ARCHIVED
157306/04/2009 Mozzarella Buyanyquote directpallets by air freigth for trialIndonesia ARCHIVED
151410/02/2009 Frozen Butter Bulk Unsalted Butter Rolll Unsalted BuyOnly Australia or NZ  Indonesia ARCHIVED
151006/02/2009 Frozen or UHT cream BuyAnyquote directminimum 20 MT per monthC&F Taichung port of Taiwan ARCHIVED
150703/02/2009 Mozzarella cheese, shredded and in blocks Buyany buffalo, cow or goat milkquote directminimum 20 tons per monthC&F Taichung port of Taiwan ARCHIVED
141717/11/2008 frozen omelettes Buy  420 000 units of 80grAsian Air Caterer ARCHIVED
141617/11/2008 Frozen Egg Pulp Buy  about 14 tons per yearAsian Air Caterer ARCHIVED
137930/10/2008 mozzarella cheese Buy  minimum 20MT per monthC&F ARCHIVED
138008/10/2008 plain liquid cream Buy  minimum 20MT per monthC&F ARCHIVED
135717/09/2008 frozen sauce chips BuyUSAquote buyer directmultiple truckloadsGridley, IL ARCHIVED
131622/08/2008 diced egg BuyUSA  FOB ARCHIVED
123222/05/2008 Frozen dairy cream Buyany containermajor retailer in China ARCHIVED
111919/02/2008 Frozen / refrigerated Butter 82% mini Fat BuyEuropean community  1000 tons per yearNorth Africa by container 40' ARCHIVED
108429/01/2008 Organic Cheddar Cheese Buy  10~50mts/monthSouth Korea Organic ARCHIVED
107625/01/2008 Butter Bulk Unsalted BuyAustralia, New Zealand, othersnegotiablenegotiableCIF Jakarta Halal ARCHIVED
105308/01/2008 Frozen Cheese Buy   Indonesia ARCHIVED
76105/06/2007 Non dairy whip topping cream Buy   INDIA - Main Foodservice Company ARCHIVED
68626/04/2007 CHEESE (mozzarela) Buy  20 tCHINA ARCHIVED
54405/02/2007 Roquefort or similar / Butter Buy  one container a week for eachSanto Domingo Dominican Republic ARCHIVED
52929/01/2007 IQF feta cheese BuyGreece  FRANCE ARCHIVED
51411/01/2007 Philadelphia cream Buy  1000 casesTexas or NY ARCHIVED

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