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452416/02/2017 desserts, macarons, calissons, crèpes, Pasteis de Nata Buyanyquote buyer directby pallets to get startedItaly ARCHIVED
433223/03/2016 ice creams & pastries Buyanyquote buyer directmix containerRomania ARCHIVED
400309/03/2015 line of frozen desserts BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsTaiwan ARCHIVED
395119/12/2014 Frozen Cheesecakes/Sheet cakes gourmet Buyany quote buyer multiple loadsUSA ARCHIVED
366622/04/2014 I wish to import frozen foods to India such as desserts, appetizers and dinner meals Buy   India ARCHIVED
366517/04/2014 frozen cookies, nougats, charlotte, cheesecake, tiramisu, tarts BuyAnyquote buyer directmix loadChile ARCHIVED
219003/10/2013 Profiteroles cacao Sell Ex worksminimum 1 pallet  ARCHIVED
330730/04/2013 Frozen desserts, ice creams Buyanyquote buyer directly40ft FCLsAustralia ARCHIVED
323306/03/2013 Frozen desserts kosher, non dairy BuyAnyQuote buyer directcontainer loadUS ARCHIVED
322505/03/2013 Frozen pastries BuyAnyquote buyer directcontainer loadsSouth Korea ARCHIVED
320013/02/2013 Frozen pastries BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsSouth Korea ARCHIVED
317521/01/2013 ice cream BuyBelgium  East Europe ARCHIVED
310604/10/2012 mini cakes frozen BuyEuropequote buyer direct500 000 pieces per monthTunisia ARCHIVED
300018/05/2012 interested in Dessert Buy   Wholesaler East Europe, ARCHIVED
284913/12/2011 Complete line of frozen pastries BuyStrictly Europe, non Europeans not to be approvedquote buyer directfor thousands of supermarketsWest Europe countries ARCHIVED
271823/08/2011 Frozen "decadent" desserts BuyAnyshall retail for 5 USD maxfor 200 supermarketsUSA, TX ARCHIVED
266127/06/2011 Frozen desserts BuyAnyquote buyer direct100 tons annual approxBulgaria ARCHIVED
249503/05/2011 Cheese cakes Buypreferably Europeanquote the buyer directTrial loadRussia ARCHIVED
249603/05/2011 Doughnuts Buypreferably Europeanquote the buyer directTrial loadRussia ARCHIVED
249703/05/2011 Cookies Buypreferably Europeanquote the buyer directTrial loadRussia ARCHIVED
249803/05/2011 Sweety pies Buypreferably Europeanquote the buyer directTrial loadRussia ARCHIVED
240810/03/2011 Frozen Dessert Buy  Food Service importerBulgaria ARCHIVED
239903/03/2011 Frozen Pastry Buy  food serviceBelgium ARCHIVED
224726/11/2010 Frozen fruit tarts BuyEuropequote buyer directa few palletsFrance, Dec to Feb ARCHIVED
218730/09/2010 Frozen wafles, eclairs, apple pie, choc pancakes BuyAnyquote buyer directa few palletsFrance ARCHIVED
146017/06/2010 Artisan italian pastries, cakes and icecreams SellItaly  looking for agents and importers ARCHIVED
209214/06/2010 Frozen desserts (all kinds of desserts, ice creams excepted) BuyAnyQuote directlyHalf a container to 1 containerEstonia ARCHIVED
208610/06/2010 Line of organic frozen desserts BuyEuropeQuote directlyMultiple loadsUSA ARCHIVED
188023/02/2010 Frozen Dessert BuyAnyquote direct East Europe ARCHIVED
130509/02/2010 We specializes in high quality Italian desserts SellItaly Looking for agents / wholesalers in Italian goodsEurope ARCHIVED
180720/11/2009 Frozen Dessert Buy  For Major North European RetailerContact us to introduce your products and price ARCHIVED
179418/11/2009 Frozen Dessert We are interested in new, value added, unique frozen products Buy   JAPAN - For major importer ARCHIVED
176529/09/2009 frozen cheesecakes, pastries, etc BuyEuropequote directby pallets to get startedMoldavia direct or Poland to be added to container ARCHIVED
174120/08/2009 Frozen IQF Tropical Fruit Mix Buyany countriesany prices200tonsBusan Korea ARCHIVED
172723/07/2009 Frozen fruit tarts BuyAnyquote directSeveral FCLsRussia ARCHIVED
172022/07/2009 Line of frozen pastries to be added to the current line BuyAnyquote directby truck or container loadsRomania ARCHIVED
158323/04/2009 Frozen cakes Buyanynegotiate directly with buyer20 foot containerShanghai ARCHIVED
156201/04/2009 Frozen Desserts Ice Cream Buy  want to receive a catalog to study the potentialChina ARCHIVED
152303/03/2009 Frozen waffle dough Buy  We are looking for pallet orders. UK ARCHIVED
151612/02/2009 pyramides de chocolat BuyAnyquote directto be agreed onSpain ARCHIVED
148308/01/2009 LINE OF FROZEN PASTRIES BuyAnyquote directmultiple loads after launchingBelarus ARCHIVED
135516/09/2008 complete line organic frozen desserts Buyanyquote buyer directMultiple loadsAustralia Organic ARCHIVED
124523/05/2008 desserts Buy     ARCHIVED
117125/03/2008 line of frozen desserts BuyANY mix containersColombia ARCHIVED
76720/03/2008 Apple Normandie Sheetcake, precut, rectan 5x6.25cm SellNetherlandsEuro 38.89/CsMinimum order 10 palletsEx-Holland ARCHIVED
108731/01/2008 frozen desserts for supermakets Buy  container lotsAustralia ARCHIVED
98916/11/2007 raspberry/blueberry tart, fruits tarts and cak Buy  2-3 pallet/ collection Danish/Scandinavian market ARCHIVED
90917/09/2007 FROZEN ORGANIC DESSERT Buy  Discuss new productsAustralia Organic ARCHIVED
48516/07/2007 Assort Portion Control Sheetcakes DestocNetherlandsContact seller for details128 casesFOB Landover, MD ARCHIVED
48416/07/2007 Assorted Bavarois DestocNetherlandsContact seller for details67 cases (4,635 each)FOB Landover, MD ARCHIVED

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