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645929/06/2018 WHOLE ROUND FROZEN MACKEREL SellFAO 270.7325 TONSFOB Pescados Airoa
640704/06/2018 Frozen seafoods, Frozen prepared foods, Canned fo SellChinaaccording to QTYas your requestsea freight Organic Halal Yantai Spring-Sea Aquaseeds Co.,Ltd.
605219/03/2018 Frozen crayfish BuyAnyQuote buyer direct10 tons/monthSouth korea ARCHIVED
493726/01/2018 frozen shrimps and other seafood products BuyanyQuote buyer directPallet loadsUK ARCHIVED
485326/12/2017 Sea-food and fish Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia ARCHIVED
456504/05/2017 Frozen skipjack yellow fin BuyIndonesiaQuote buyer direct with CNF Songkhla100+ MT FCLThailand ARCHIVED
450426/01/2017 Frozen raw Octopus, Calamari, Shrimp BuyAnyQuote buyer directcontainer loadsUSA ARCHIVED
449820/01/2017 Frozen Cold-Smoked Salmon, Skin off, Whole sliced BuyNorway 1 x 20" RF ContainerFOB ARCHIVED
448916/01/2017 Frozen Tuna BuyAnyQuote buyer direct5000-10000 tons per yearTurkey ARCHIVED
443208/09/2016 Frozen squid, Frozen Cuttlefish whole round BuyAnyNegotiable4x40'rf, 2x40'rfVietnam ARCHIVED
442402/09/2016 Frozen Red Mullet BuyAnyNegotiable2x40'rfHO CHI MINH CITY PORT, Vietnam ARCHIVED
439808/08/2016 we need frigate tuna seafrozen 700gr Buy cnf spain contract1500mt   ARCHIVED
437620/06/2016 salmon trout BuyanyQuote buyer direct100 t per monthGermany ARCHIVED
436024/05/2016 Whole line of frozen seafood BuyAnyQuote buyer direct4 013 tonsEurope ARCHIVED
430412/02/2016 frozen bogue "boops boops" BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 ton to start withFrance ARCHIVED
419503/09/2015 IQF Salmon strips/chips Buyanyquote buyer directto be discussedDDP Netherlands ARCHIVED
417831/07/2015 Fish Rohu Fish Travelley Fish Fillet Fish King Fish Sherry Buy  2 tons per monthMiddle East ARCHIVED
416813/07/2015 frozen mackerel, bonita, tuna, yellow croaker BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 loadBenin ARCHIVED
415715/06/2015 frozen mahi mahi whole round Buyprefer with chinaNegotiable2x40'rfHO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM ARCHIVED
415203/06/2015 Frozen Fish products tender BuyAny Around 4000 tonsSwitzerland ARCHIVED
324301/06/2015 Southern Blue Whiting IQF 115-125 g MSC certified SellNZ€ 4,15/kg80 tonPrompt ARCHIVED
414826/05/2015 Frozen Mackerel BuyAnyquote buyer direct1x40 FCL/MonthPalestina ARCHIVED
414721/05/2015 Frozen Heering BuyAnyquote buyer direct1x40 FCLPalestina ARCHIVED
401617/03/2015 frozen ray wings BuyAnyquote buyer directcontainer loadAlgeria ARCHIVED
400509/03/2015 frozen breaded fish BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsTaiwan ARCHIVED
307422/02/2015 Frozen Atlantic Salmon SellNorway$3-6/kg500 tons/month 30 days Kosher ARCHIVED
399016/02/2015 frozen panga, crab meat, whiting filets, other seafoods BuyAnyquote buyer directcontainer loadsOran Algeria ARCHIVED
398916/02/2015 Frozen shrimps BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsOran Algeria ARCHIVED
300812/01/2015 frozen Catfish, Tilapia, Gymnarchus SellNigeriacontact for quoteMin 20 ft containerAny destination ARCHIVED
394919/12/2014 Frozen 21/25 P&D shrimp / 21/25 coconut shrimp Buyany quote buyer multiple loadsUSA ARCHIVED
388628/10/2014 frozen siamese catfish/red mullet/ocean catfish Buyany quote buyer mix containers France ARCHIVED
381912/08/2014 Frozen Mackerel BuyAnyquote buyer directhundreds of tons annualSouth Africa ARCHIVED
373719/06/2014 squid; hake;tuna loins;blue sharks;salmon steaks;arkshell meat; mussels meat; denton; mackerel; scallops; PUD shrimps; llex squid; cuttlefish BuyEU countries multiple loadsCroatia ARCHIVED
370728/05/2014 Loligo,raw HLSO IQF,raw HLSO blockfrozen shrimps Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsSt Petersburg ARCHIVED
365914/04/2014 Hake Fish Buyany originquote buyer direct20ft then maybe 40ftLebanon - CFR ARCHIVED
275931/03/2014 Trout fillets SellIcelandWholesale2000 KG3 to 5 days (Air ship) Organic ARCHIVED
267731/01/2014 fish and shrimp SellallallFCLC+F FOB DDP ARCHIVED
267530/01/2014 Fresh & Frozen Fish for Mexico SellMexicoNegociable40' containers=39,000 lbs.truck & Air ARCHIVED
267228/01/2014 Frozen Bonito, mullet, Sardine, octopus, grouper, SellMEXICONEGOCIABLE40' CONTAINERAny destination ARCHIVED
267327/01/2014 Frozen BLUE CRAB SellMEXICONEGOCIABLE40' CONTAInERSany destination ARCHIVED
266223/01/2014 SALMON FRAMES/BACKBONES` Sell 0,70euro/kg9340 kgFOT Szczecin, Poland ARCHIVED
262411/12/2013 Smelt Fish(atherina Boyeri) SellTURKEYTBD20tonsEXW BURSA ARCHIVED
245511/12/2013 Fish Croquette SellTURKEY2,20 USD / PACK1 CONTAINEREXW BURSA Halal ARCHIVED
355426/11/2013 hake fish gutted head off scales removed and frozen Buy  48 tonsAfrica Retail ARCHIVED
352423/10/2013 Frozen trout, gutted, IWP BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 truckloadCZECH REPUBLIC ARCHIVED
249121/08/2013 Red Snapper 500gr SellIDnego20000- Halal ARCHIVED
249221/08/2013 Tuna Loin Fillet (200gr) SellIDnego30000- ARCHIVED
340928/06/2013 IQF Bonito, tuna, horse mackerels Buyanyquote buyer directlyFCLsBenin ARCHIVED
225210/06/2013 frozen baby eels (anguilla) Sell     ARCHIVED

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