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8599 17/10/2018
Buying Halal Roosters, 3-jointed chicken wings AnyQuote buyer directhundreds of tonsCIF and or FOB Halal Nelis bv
6692 02/10/2018
Selling Frozen Chicken Turkey$1690 per Ton200 TonsShipping TURKGROUP INTERNATIONAL
8512 26/09/2018
Buying Turkey meat in cubes, boned / peito de peru congelado Brasilquote buyer direct30,000 kgPuerto Callao GLORIA S.A.
8509 26/09/2018
Buying Chicken breast meat in frozen cubes Perúquote buyer direct70,000 Kgonce a month GLORIA S.A.
6542 14/08/2018
Selling frozen special meatballs (içli köfte ) Turkey4-5 euro/kg10 tonsany Organic Halal ARCHIVED
6528 08/08/2018
Selling 100% Veal Kebab Poland3,50€ EXW Halal ARCHIVED
6527 08/08/2018
Selling 100% Chicken Leg Frozen Kebab Poland2,60€ EXW Halal ARCHIVED
6525 06/08/2018
Selling Whole Chicken Griller Brazil 108 MT (4x40' FCL) per month  Halal ARCHIVED
6520 03/08/2018
Selling Chicken Feet - Grade A Brazilask seller108 MT (4x40' FCL) per monthany destination Halal ARCHIVED
6496 19/07/2018
Selling Chicken whole, paws & feet Brazilask sellerMultiple loadsany destination Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
8336 18/07/2018
Buying frozen chicken breast and leg quarters anyquote buyer direct35 FCLChattanooga TN ARCHIVED
8323 16/07/2018
Buying frozen leg quarter chicken small size Anyquote buyer direct2 FCLCailai port, HCMC, Vietnam ARCHIVED
8310 10/07/2018
Buying Frozen chicken nuggets, chicken leg qtrs anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMontevideo ARCHIVED
8241 11/06/2018
Buying SIX-WAY-CUT CARCASS(MUTTON) anyquote buyer direct12.5 tonsCIF Chenglingji Port(a port in south-central part Halal ARCHIVED
8242 11/06/2018
Buying Bone-In Lamb Flap Fore Piece anyquote buyer direct12.5 tonsCIF Chenglingji Port(a port in south-central part Halal ARCHIVED
8219 06/06/2018
Buying Chicken Breast Brazil1400 USD/mt200 mt monthlyCIF european sea port Halal ARCHIVED
8213 24/05/2018
Buying Frozen chicken leg quarter, Chicken upper back and beef feet any600/MT2×40 FCLghana Halal ARCHIVED
7065 23/03/2018
Buying Whole chicken AnyQuote buyer direct1 40 foot containerAustralia Halal ARCHIVED
6003 26/02/2018
Buying Lamb could fat, melted EUBID2000kgexw ARCHIVED
6004 26/02/2018
Buying IQF chicken fillet EU 100 Mtexw Halal ARCHIVED
4674 20/09/2017
Buying Chicken paws , pork front feet , shin and shank , omasum   40 containers per monthChina ARCHIVED
4653 25/08/2017
Buying Frozen Lamb Flaps and Frozen Lamb Neck . anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsSamoa Islands ARCHIVED
4652 21/08/2017
Buying frozen beef and chicken anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsOman ARCHIVED
4651 21/08/2017
Buying frozen beef, FROZEN FRONT BONELESS BEEF MEAT Brazil/Argentina/Ukraine/Europe, Colombia between 2500$ and 2750$ Multiple loadsEgypt ARCHIVED
4649 17/08/2017
Buying Buffalo Tenderloin, striploin, topside, Rump steak anyquote buyer directmix containerMauritius ARCHIVED
4638 10/08/2017
Buying Mutton -Leg bone in - 6 way cut - For Quarter   combined with these products, 24 tonsBusan port, South Korea ARCHIVED
4642 10/08/2017
Buying Frozen Buffalo   1 container, 24tons Busan port, South Korea ARCHIVED
4637 09/08/2017
Buying Frozen whole chicken grillers   One container - This is repeated businessMiddle East ARCHIVED
4616 19/07/2017
Buying frozen chicken fillet Brazilquote buyer direct1000 tons annualCroatia ARCHIVED
4557 14/04/2017
Buying Frozen chicken: whole (1000-1400 g), breasts (boneless and skinless), leg quarters, drumsticks AnyQuote buyer direct with CIF200 MTs per monthUM Qassar Port Halal ARCHIVED
4544 20/03/2017
Buying Frozen chunks of lamb, beef (tight and shoulder) SpainQuote buyer direct with CIF75 tons, 30 tons and 20 tons respectively Tripoli seaport – Libya Halal ARCHIVED
4509 01/02/2017
Buying frozen pork collars , shoulder 4d, leg 4d , loin, fillet anyquote buyer direct1 container of neck, shoulder, leg, 10 tons loinsGreece ARCHIVED
4499 20/01/2017
Buying Whole chicken and chicken parts Anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsQatar ARCHIVED
4491 16/01/2017
Buying Frozen poultry meat AnyQuote buyer directMutiple loadsTurkey ARCHIVED
4405 19/08/2016
Buying Mid joint wing, Chicken Feet , Chicken Paws, Whole Chicken, Boneless Chicken Breast, etc. Anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMalays, China ,Viet, Singa ,Thail, Philip, HK, Jap ARCHIVED
4372 15/06/2016
Buying Frozen chicken (whole) Argentina/ Brazil/ Ukraine/ ChileLess than 1,200 USD/tonMultiple loadsCIF Alexandria Egypt Halal ARCHIVED
4355 11/05/2016
Buying Frozen duck feet, hen feet and wings, chicken mid wings, feet and gizzards, turket wing tips and male turkey drumsticks AnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsHongkong ARCHIVED
4352 10/05/2016
Buying Frozen chicken (whole) Uruguay, Pakistan, Indonesia, TajikistanQuote buyer direct500/MTEgypt Organic Halal ARCHIVED
4319 17/03/2016
Buying Frozen knucle, rump, neck and striploin, anyquote buyer directAPPROXIMATELY 2-3 PALLETS PER EACH PRODUCTGreece ARCHIVED
4309 22/02/2016
Buying whole and parts Halal chicken.   More than 125 tonsTurky-Marcin.Hambourg Germany Halal ARCHIVED
4297 27/01/2016
Buying frozen chiken leg quarters and frozen thighs Anyquote buyer direct200 tons per monthSouth Africa ARCHIVED
4295 21/01/2016
Buying whole frozen chickens 900 grs to 1200 grs Inform name & number of slaughter house, labelQuote buyer directmultiple loads per monthEgypt Halal ARCHIVED
4288 06/01/2016
Buying Frozen pigeons Any2-3 €/piece50000 pigeonBelgium ARCHIVED
4272 14/12/2015
Buying Chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken gizzard and beef tripe AnyQuote buyer direct1 mixed containerRomania ARCHIVED
4245 17/11/2015
Buying Frozen chicken any quote buyer direct19 tonsCosta Rica ARCHIVED
4230 28/10/2015
Buying frozen beef PAD membrane AnyQuote buyer directmultiple loadsUK ARCHIVED
4224 06/10/2015
Buying frozen chicken grillers, leg quarters, wings anyquote buyer directcontainer load of eachCFR/CIF Libreville Gabon ARCHIVED
4194 03/09/2015
Buying IQF beef smoked sausage Irelandquote buyer directto be discussedDDP Netherlands Halal ARCHIVED
4193 03/09/2015
Buying IQF 1 star Chicken pieces, clean label + low salt anyquote buyer directto be discussedDDP Netherlands Halal ARCHIVED
4177 30/07/2015
Buying Chicken Mutton   18 tons per monthMiddle East ARCHIVED

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