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463101/08/2017 pizza dough, pizza bases and/or pizzas Buy   Europe ARCHIVED
449016/01/2017 Mini rolls, pita, pizza BuyAnyQuote buyer directMutiple loadsTurkey ARCHIVED
375223/06/2014 Frozen Pizza Buy  container every two weeksturkey ARCHIVED
351615/10/2013 Frozen Pizza crusts with heightened edge Buy  80 to 100 tonsEurope ARCHIVED
346128/08/2013 pizzas;ready meals, pasta, tapenade BuyANYQUOTE THE BUYER DIRECTcontainer loadsJAPAN ARCHIVED
320315/02/2013 Frozen Pasta Dishes Buy   UK ARCHIVED
320415/02/2013 Frozen Halal Pizza Buy   UK ARCHIVED
319507/02/2013 IQF pasta ready meals BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMajor US retailer ARCHIVED
211622/10/2012 Frozen Pizza Balls, Frozen Pizza Bases SellSpain0,80 Euros/kg Balls, 0,90 Euros/kg basesup to 4000 tonsEXW Madrid ARCHIVED
293615/03/2012 Frozen Pasta Buy   China ARCHIVED
293209/03/2012 Frozen Pizza (Square) Buy   Europe ARCHIVED
284713/12/2011 Complete line of frozen pizzas and pies BuyStrictly Europe, non Europeans not to be approvedquote buyer directfor several thousands supermarketsWestern Europe countries ARCHIVED
281522/11/2011 Frozen pizza & frozen pizza base BuyAnyquote buyer directmix loadsIreland ARCHIVED
274005/09/2011 Frozen pizza BuyAnyquote buyer directcontainer loadIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
247421/04/2011 I require a pie supplier. The type of pies wanted include chicken pie, meat pie, vegetable pie Buy  30000 unit per month or container loadLebanon ARCHIVED
240910/03/2011 Frozen Pizza Frozen Snack Buy  Food service importerBulgaria ARCHIVED
239803/03/2011 Frozen Pizza, italian snack Buy  for the foodserviceBelgium ARCHIVED
235101/02/2011 Frozen Pizza Tender BuyAny 100 000 storesSeveral European Countries ARCHIVED
162518/01/2011 Frozen Pizza, Frozen Pizza Dough, Frozen calzone Sell   Worldwide ARCHIVED
224626/11/2010 Frozen pizzas, pies, crepes BuyEuropequote buyer directa few palletsFrance, Dec to Feb ARCHIVED
219004/10/2010 Frozen pizzas BuyAnyQuote buyer direct3 to 5 000 per monthUSA ARCHIVED
218630/09/2010 Frozen pizzas, pies BuyAnyquote buyer directa few palletsFrance ARCHIVED
207028/05/2010 Frozen pizzas + frozen ready meals BuyAnyQuote directlyHalf truck mix for test:possible mult. loads afterGermany ARCHIVED
187823/02/2010 Frozen Pizza BuyAnyquote direct East Europe ARCHIVED
185228/01/2010 Frozen pizzas 360g BuyAnyquote directseveral truckloadsmajor Scandinavian retailer ARCHIVED
184721/01/2010 Frozen Pizza With a difference Buy  price driven , large volumes Australia ARCHIVED
182402/12/2009 FROZEN PIZZA ready to bake Buy  Major Middle East ImporterMiddle East Major Market ARCHIVED
181020/11/2009 Frozen Pizza Pies Buy  For Major North European RetailerContact us to introduce your products and price ARCHIVED
179718/11/2009 Frozen Pizza Pies We are interested in new, value added, unique frozen products Buy   JAPAN - For major importer ARCHIVED
172122/07/2009 FROZEN PIZZAS, meat pies, spinach pies, italian specialties BuyAnyquote directby truck or container loadsRomania ARCHIVED
167622/06/2009 Frozen Lasagne Bolognese BuyAnyquote direct before July 10th360 tonsDanemark ARCHIVED
158423/04/2009 Frozen Pastas Microwaveable BuyanyNegotiated with buyer20 foot containerShanghai ARCHIVED
139731/10/2008 FROZEN QUICHES Buyany CONTAINER LOADS for 500 storesAustralia ARCHIVED
130422/08/2008 nest pasta, ravioli and tordellini Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple containersUSA ARCHIVED
124923/05/2008 Pizza Buy   China Major importer ARCHIVED
124423/05/2008 ready meals Buy   China Major Importer ARCHIVED
123122/05/2008 Frozen Pizza Buyany containermajor retailer in China ARCHIVED
123820/05/2008 frozen Pasta Buy  looking for a potential supplierFinland ARCHIVED
117225/03/2008 Pizzas, pies, pastas Buyany mix containersColombia Latin America ARCHIVED
115822/03/2008 Pasta BuyAny Multiple ContainersUSA ARCHIVED
112906/03/2008 Frozen Pizza BuyProcessors Only For large well known importer wholesalerPakistan ARCHIVED
111519/02/2008 Frozen pasta & noodles Buy  4-10 pallets per month  ARCHIVED
104403/01/2008 Cook pasta and sauces italian style Buy   denmark ARCHIVED
104003/01/2008 Iqf chinese noodles Buy Ex works1 to 2 pallets per deliverydenmark ARCHIVED
72215/05/2007 Iqf pastas fusilli and penne Buy  New range developmentIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
62205/04/2007 Frozen pizzas (various toppings) Buy delivered in le Havre3300 unitsLe Havre ARCHIVED
32821/02/2007 Stuffed precooked pasta Ravioli, Tortellini, ..... SellLiechtenstein / Switzerland capacity 5000 tonsWorldwide ARCHIVED
54909/02/2007 RAVIOLIS and TORTELLINIS with Meat Buy  150 tonsSouth Europe - Major Company ARCHIVED
19705/11/2006 pizza base Destoc offerstrucksex uk ARCHIVED
13308/09/2006 Pizzas 440g SellChili1,80 USD Fob Chileupon request  ARCHIVED

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