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8573 08/10/2018
Buying frozen french fries anyquote buyer direct100 tonsRussia Premium Access
4119 26/09/2018
Selling French Fries Beneluxplease ask sellerper FCLprompt - October Kosher SonderJansen
8508 21/09/2018
Buying Straight cut french fries anyquote buyer direct7 FCL a yearAsia Premium Access
8502 20/09/2018
Buying Frozen French Fries(9x9) anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsSaudi Arabia Premium Access
8420 23/08/2018
Buying crinckle cut and st cut fries any.40 eu2430 csTrinidad and Tobago ARCHIVED
8413 21/08/2018
Buying Frozen french fries EuropeQuote buyer directsamples first then palletsItaly ARCHIVED
6466 14/08/2018
Selling IQF Frozen French Fries Belgiumask sellerMultiple loadsany destination July and August ARCHIVED
4263 03/08/2018
Selling IQF FROZEN POTATO TURKEYAsk Seller1.000 MTPROMPT(Organic 20x20,Conventional French Fries) ARCHIVED
8277 26/06/2018
Buying Frozen Potato's 13-15mm Belgium or Dutch product/squote buyer directbased on 20 FT FCL – 10 MT CFR Melbourne. ARCHIVED
8227 06/06/2018
Buying frozen french fry potatoes Considering ChinaQuote buyer direct8-10 containers per month to startWe are looking for consistent supply,. ARCHIVED
8212 23/05/2018
Buying Looking for B grade French fries Us or Canada Complete truck loads Mexico ARCHIVED
7077 27/03/2018
Buying Fries 9x9, 7/16 , 3/8 and stay crisp Julienne fries anyQuote buyer direct20 pallets a weekUK ARCHIVED
5972 15/02/2018
Buying IQF shredded Russet potato anyQuote buyer direct200 000US Organic Kosher ARCHIVED
5938 31/01/2018
Buying frozen french fries and potatoe products   1 container to start withCIF dubai ARCHIVED
4905 16/01/2018
Buying shoestring, crinkle cut, seasoned fries, hash brown patties, onion rings anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsTaiwan ARCHIVED
4812 12/12/2017
Buying 7x7 or 9x9 french fries anyquote buyer direct50-55 tons a monthoffer CFR Cape Town or Durban ARCHIVED
4669 18/09/2017
Buying A Grade French fries. AnyTarget Price: 700 USD per MT (Please quote best)10 Containers per month. The projections are huge CFR Port of Sudan. ARCHIVED
4656 29/08/2017
Buying 10 or 12 mm cut fries anyQuote buyer directMULTIPLE LOADSSamoa Islands ARCHIVED
4612 07/07/2017
Buying Coated Frozen French Fries. anyquote buyer direct250 tons monthlyUAE ARCHIVED
4562 03/05/2017
Buying Frozen french fries AnyQuote buyer direct with FOB 1-2 containers/month Israel Kosher ARCHIVED
4533 07/03/2017
Buying French Fries (Half Done)   containerBangladesh ARCHIVED
4527 20/02/2017
Buying Frozen French Fries AnyQuote buyer direct(payment 7days prior to arrival)Multiple loadsNorth Port Manila ARCHIVED
4471 14/12/2016
Buying Frozen French Fries Anyquote buyer direct 1 container to start withC&F Jebel Ali ARCHIVED
4469 12/12/2016
Buying frozen french fries anyquote buyer direct1 trial container then multiple container loeadsCIF Dammam ARCHIVED
4464 01/12/2016
Buying Frozen french fries Anyquote buyer direct3 containers to get startedIndonesia ARCHIVED
4452 27/10/2016
Buying Frozen french fries anyquote buyer direct3 loadsRotterdam ARCHIVED
4439 16/09/2016
Buying IQF french fries US strictlyquote buyer directmultiple container loadsCentral America ARCHIVED
4406 19/08/2016
Buying french fries Europe preferablyquote buyer direct100 toneladas testPrecio CIF puerto de San Antonio o Valparaiso ARCHIVED
4369 09/06/2016
Buying Frozen french fries AnyQuote buyer direct1 container x 40" per monthColombia ARCHIVED
4349 06/05/2016
Buying french fries Anyquote buyer direct500 m/tons Malaysia ARCHIVED
4343 19/04/2016
Buying Frozen french fries EuropeQuote buyer directmore than 50 containers/yearIndonesia ARCHIVED
4342 13/04/2016
Buying A grade belgium french fries products Europequote buyer direct100 tons per monthKuwait ARCHIVED
4337 05/04/2016
Buying frozen french fries anyquote buyer before April the 18ththousands of tons annual tenderNorthern Europe ARCHIVED
4331 23/03/2016
Buying frozen french fries anyquote buyer directcontainer loadsRomania ARCHIVED
4315 05/03/2016
Buying frozen french fries Anyquote buyer direct3-4 40' containers monthlyUS ARCHIVED
4299 01/02/2016
Buying french fries 9x9mm Anyquote buyer directmultiple loads per monthCIF LIBIA ARCHIVED
4277 21/12/2015
Buying French Fries AnyQuote buyer directmultiple loadsIran ARCHIVED
4268 10/12/2015
Buying French Fries USA or BrazilQuote buyer direct1x40 container/monthAustralia ARCHIVED
4249 18/11/2015
Buying Frozen chips Preferably USA or BrazilQuote buyer direct2 x 40' containers / monthAustralia Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
4221 02/10/2015
Buying pre-fried potato slices, wedges, cubes Anyquote buyer direct800 tonsPoland from November till September 2016 ARCHIVED
4216 30/09/2015
Buying frozen chips    Australia ARCHIVED
4186 24/08/2015
Buying frozen french fries anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsPakisyan ARCHIVED
4184 19/08/2015
Buying IQF french fries international tender Anyquote buyer direct before August 21stthousands of tonsWestern Europe ARCHIVED
4052 21/04/2015
Buying Frozen French Fries Anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsIran ARCHIVED
4050 20/04/2015
Buying IQF diced potato anyquote buyer direct500kgs a monthIreland ARCHIVED
4051 17/04/2015
Buying Frozen french fries any quote buyer directask buyer China/Hong Kong ARCHIVED
4032 14/04/2015
Buying Frozen Fries Anyquote buyer directContainerDubai ARCHIVED
4036 10/04/2015
Buying French Fries any quote buyer direct4 trucks/weekMorroco ARCHIVED
4035 09/04/2015
Buying Frozen french fries any quote buyer direct40 000 tonsSwitzerland ARCHIVED
3954 19/12/2014
Buying Frozen french fries any quote buyer 120 tons a month Algeria ARCHIVED

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