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647309/07/2018 frozen ready meals and bakery SellItalyask sellerask sellerAny destination ALMA SRL
485426/12/2017 Ready meals Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia ARCHIVED
452316/02/2017 frozen ready meals Buyanyquote buyer directpallets to get startedItaly ARCHIVED
447314/12/2016 Cauliflower Nuggets BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsCanada ARCHIVED
433023/03/2016 frozen ready meals & pizza Buyanyquote buyer directmix containerRomania ARCHIVED
429112/01/2016 Chicken wings and Hot dogs BuyAnyQuote buyer directPallet loadsSpain ARCHIVED
429007/01/2016 IQF Sushi BuyAny in EuropeAsk buyer20 tonsHolland ARCHIVED
414111/05/2015 Frozen Cheesecakes Buyanyquote buyer direct6 containers/year( 1st-20ft)Lithuania ARCHIVED
413205/05/2015 Frozen Finger food: mozzarella sticks, chicken dippers, veg/duck spring rolls, samosa, prawns in filo ect. Buyanyquote buyer directPallet loads for each productMalta ARCHIVED
411423/04/2015 Prepared food: ready meals, sanwiches, breakfasts BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 ContainerKuwait ARCHIVED
404916/04/2015 Cakes of the Italian/Oriental type BuyAnyquote buyer direct25000 pieces of cakeFrance ARCHIVED
404815/04/2015 Prepared Food: Pancakes with cheese, chocolate eclair, vanilla eclair, omelette nature bio, omelette nature, feuilleté au fromage fondu, crousti fromage, moelleux nature valess Buyany  18000 piecesFrance ARCHIVED
400409/03/2015 line of frozen snacks & finger foods & ready meals Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsTaiwan ARCHIVED
306126/02/2015 Frozen Chow Mein SellChinaplease askFCLAny destination ARCHIVED
395019/12/2014 Frozen Empanadas 2.5-3oz any flavor Buyany quote buyer multiple loadsUSA ARCHIVED
379502/07/2014 Beef burgers; vegetable burgers; hamburger buns; halal chicken burgers; halal chicken nuggets; Buy  multiple containersUnited Kingdom ARCHIVED
379102/07/2014 complete burger Buy  multiple palletsUnited Kingdom ARCHIVED
372917/06/2014 range of organic ready meals Buy  multiple loadsAustralia ARCHIVED
372012/06/2014 French fries; ready meals Buy  multiple loadsspain ARCHIVED
365403/04/2014 round pastry-spinach and feta, sausage white cheese, frozen sesame seed bread, bacon and cheese danish Buyany originquote buyer directlarge amount (depend of expire date)United Kingdom ARCHIVED
237825/11/2013 IQF green asparagus Dia.:3-10mm; Length:natural le SellChina$ 950/mt FOB Qingdao50tonsany county ARCHIVED
352628/10/2013 frozen lasagnas BuyAnyquote buyer direct10 to 20 pallets a month at the beginningSweden ARCHIVED
351817/10/2013 Frozen readymade burgers with bread for the Micro Oven, cheeseburger + hot dog + chicken burgers + ciabatta BuyAnyquote buyer directby palletsDanish and Scandinavian retail/food Service custom ARCHIVED
351211/10/2013 We are looking for frozen food products under the following categories: Vegetables, Fruit, Fish, Meat (not pork or ham), Prepared Meals and Desserts. Buyfrom a uk based companyNS1 40ft Container onto 3-5 per monthNS ARCHIVED
343907/08/2013 Frozen Lasagne / Chicken Tikka Masala / Chickpea Potato Spinach Curry / Beef Vindaloo / Cottage Pie Made with Brit Beef / Shepherd's Pie / Chilli Con Carne /Moussakka / Chicken Curry BuyOnly European Suppliers outside UK Annual TenderWest Europe ARCHIVED
335927/05/2013 Frozen Tofu Buyanyquote buyer directlyPalletsLondon ARCHIVED
335627/05/2013 Frozen Ready-meals (Rice or Pasta) Buyanyquote buyer directlyPallets London ARCHIVED
334322/05/2013 Frozen ready meals, breaded products Buyanyquote buyer directlyFCLs Romania ARCHIVED
330630/04/2013 Frozen ready meals, finger food Buyanyquote buyer directly40ft FCLsAustralia ARCHIVED
320113/02/2013 Frozen ready meals BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsSouth Korea ARCHIVED
316028/11/2012 Raspberry Single Strenght Juice/puree BuySerbia/PolandFob or C+F Salvador Brazil20 tonsasap ARCHIVED
315527/11/2012 Based in uk , looking for quality frozen food manufacturers for supply of ready to cook foods for our own consumption and foodservce distribution in uk Buy   UK ARCHIVED
309926/09/2012 Frozen Yakitori BuyAsia PalletsEurope from European Importers ARCHIVED
202220/07/2012 frozen dumplings SellLithuania after confirmationEurope ARCHIVED
202310/07/2012 Frozen Chow mein SellChina Average all yearby sea ARCHIVED
301405/06/2012 Frozen Pizza Frozen Crepes BuyFrance    ARCHIVED
197204/05/2012 Frozen Spring Rolls/Curry Trigon SellXiamen ,ChinaNegotiable 60MTWithin 3-4weeks after order is confirmed Kosher ARCHIVED
296512/04/2012 chicken drumsticks, legs, bacon, ham, sausage, mortadela, etc BuyAnyquote buyer directseveral mix loads a yearLiberia ARCHIVED
283425/11/2011 Frozen chicken, mutton, beef satay BuyAsiaquote tender by Dec 15th2 tons annualSouth East Asia ARCHIVED
281422/11/2011 Frozen puff pastry, fillo, oriental bites, omelettes, tortillas, lasagnes, etc BuyAnyquote buyer directmix loadsIreland ARCHIVED
189515/11/2011 Looking for a processor of Frozen Sauce for Pasta : 4 cheese, Napoletana,....... Buy   Major wholesaler in Spain ARCHIVED
280107/11/2011 Vegetarian Nuggets, Breaded Frozen BuyanyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsUSA ARCHIVED
183002/11/2011 Meatless ham SellTaiwanUSD2,250748 tubeswithin 2 weeks Halal ARCHIVED
182727/10/2011 Frozen Ready Meals SellPortugal2,35Reefer 20' or 40'FOB Lisbon ARCHIVED
276114/09/2011 Frozen Cheeseburger 140g BuyAnyquote buyer direct before en of Oct200 000 packs of 6France ARCHIVED
272523/08/2011 Frozen battered squid rings BuySpain  Russia ARCHIVED
171605/07/2011 Frozen Appetizers/finger food & Ready Meals SellPortugalaround/under 1€ per portion20' or 40' REEFERFOB Lisbon ARCHIVED
169515/06/2011 Cod Fish Pastels SellPortugal0,27 Eur per unit8100EXW ARCHIVED
259117/05/2011 Upscale ready meals Buyany except Australiaquote the buyer directmultiple loadsAustralia ARCHIVED
257712/05/2011 IQF ready meals Buypreferably Europeanless than 1€ per portionmultiple loadsChina ARCHIVED

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