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402308/11/2017 Strawberries IQF A from Chile SellChileAsk seller Any detination Durán Fruits
412003/11/2017 sour cherries SellBulgariaplease ask seller20 tonsprompt Organic Kosher SonderJansen
411903/11/2017 red currants SellPolandplease ask seller22 tonsprompt Organic Kosher SonderJansen
473131/10/2017 IQF and/or fresh organic pear / papaya Buy  Minimum order quantityAsia RESTRICTED
472930/10/2017 IQF blueberries Buyanyquote buyer direct20 tonsPallets 100x120 or 80x120 – maximum height = 180cm RESTRICTED
472226/10/2017 Frozen Mango Puree Pellets , Frozen Pineapple Puree Pellets BuyAnyQuote buyer direct24 tons per container / 6 containers per yearsouth korea RESTRICTED
472126/10/2017 IQF sliced bananas BuyAnyQuote buyer direct10,000 pounds per monthUSA RESTRICTED
472026/10/2017 IQF blueberry Buyanyquote buyer directone containerkuala lumpur RESTRICTED
471825/10/2017 Apple Avocado Banana Blackberry Blackcurrant Blueberry Brocoli Carrot Ginger Kale Leaf spinach Mango Mint Parsley Passion fruit Peach Pineapple Raspberry Red Grapes Strawberry Sweet Potato BuyAnyQuote buyer direct50 tonnesbelgium and london RESTRICTED
471725/10/2017 IQF bananas slices and cubes Buyanyquote buyer directone loadCanada RESTRICTED
411625/10/2017 IQF mandarin segments Sellchina ask for sellers200tons   Hebei Dingyu Imp and Exp Co.,Ltd
399923/10/2017 sweet cherries SellHungaryplease ask seller20 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
404223/10/2017 Rosehip SellEast Europeplease ask seller80 tonsprompt SonderJansen
410619/10/2017 Organic Mango chunk 20x20 SellPeru  Any destination Organic Durán Fruits
470919/10/2017 IQF Organic Blueberry BuyWorldwideQuote buyer direct1x40' containerFOB Organic RESTRICTED
469904/10/2017 IQF strawberry Buyanyquote buyer direct20 MTSubic Port RESTRICTED
469803/10/2017 line of IQF fruits Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada RESTRICTED
410503/10/2017 IQF A Crimson Grapes (seedless) SellPeruAsk seller Any destination Durán Fruits
391703/10/2017 Avocado purée SellChileask seller any destination Durán Fruits
469102/10/2017 raspberry BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsGermany Organic RESTRICTED
468928/09/2017 IQF organic sliced banana BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 container per monthUSA Organic RESTRICTED
410428/09/2017 Sourcherry conventionnal unpitted SellCroatiaTBD1 loadTBD DESCOURS ROGER GROUP
410328/09/2017 Sourcherry conventionnal SellSerbia or CroatiaTBD1 loadTBD DESCOURS ROGER GROUP
468728/09/2017 strawberry , banana , apple , mango slices BuyNot from ChinaQuote buyer direct60 000 , 70 000 , 35 000 , 25 000 respectivelyNew york state RESTRICTED
408713/09/2017 IQF Sour cherry (Lutovka, Oblacinska, Pandy) SellPoland/EUplease ask sellerWhole, halves, slices, dicesAny ARCHIVED
466413/09/2017 frozen avocados organic certifed Buy  5 MT FCA  Organic ARCHIVED
406731/08/2017 IQF pomegranate arils SellEgyptask sellermultiple loadsAny destination ARCHIVED
464817/08/2017 IQF lychee BuyanyQuote buyer directOne container by month.USA ARCHIVED
464614/08/2017 IQF strawberry, raspberry and sour cherry. Buy ex-works 30 tonnes of each product.   ARCHIVED
464411/08/2017 Wild bilberries Buy  60 tonsEurope ARCHIVED
462720/07/2017 IQF berries and tropical fruits Buyanyquote buyer directone 20 foot containerIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
460504/07/2017 IQF buckthorn, quince, blueb, aronia, red bilb, blackb, cranb, currants, raspb Buyanyquote buyer direct10-15 tons eachCentral Europe ARCHIVED
460404/07/2017 IQF Pineapple - Mango BuyNot chinaQuote buyer direct20 tonsSpain ARCHIVED
460303/07/2017 Frozen Sea Buckthorn Biological Buyanyquote buyer direct10-15 tonsCentral Europe Organic ARCHIVED
460203/07/2017 IQF mango, pineapple, pitahaya, and jackfruit BuyMexicofob the origin and fob HoustonFCL of eachTexas for co-packing ARCHIVED
460103/07/2017 IQF strawberries BuyNot Chinaquote buyer direct40 tonsSpain ARCHIVED
459323/06/2017 IQF Fruits and Vegetables BuyNot China. Quote buyer direct75kG EaOntario Canada Organic ARCHIVED
458813/06/2017 IQF pitted sourcherries and strawberries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct100 and 60 tons respectivelyBosnia ARCHIVED
458208/06/2017 IQF strawberries BuySouth AmericaQuote buyer direct with EXW100 tonsUkraine ARCHIVED
457931/05/2017 Frozen pitted lychee and whole strawberries BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsIsrael ARCHIVED
457829/05/2017 Frozen dark cherries and sweet cherries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 containerTurkey Organic ARCHIVED
457619/05/2017 Frozen Asstd Berries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsMajor African retailer ARCHIVED
397418/05/2017 IQF rhubarb FDA conform SellPoland TBDFCA Poland ARCHIVED
397518/05/2017 IQF rhubarb organic SellPoland TBDFCA Poland Organic Kosher ARCHIVED
457217/05/2017 frozen strawberries 25-35 Buyanyquote buyer direct5 fclprompt ARCHIVED
457016/05/2017 IQF mango, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, banana, coconut, apple, etc. BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsSpain ARCHIVED
456805/05/2017 IQF Watermelon BuyAnyQuote buyer direct300 kg.UK ARCHIVED
455404/04/2017 IQF pear, apple, peach, blueberry, strawberry, BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsUSA Organic ARCHIVED
454931/03/2017 IQF Valencian Orange Segments 6th's or 8th's SKIN OFF. Buyanyquote buyer direct5 tons each 3 monthsUK ARCHIVED
454524/03/2017 frozen or aseptic passion fruit/Granadilla Pulp with pips Buyanyquote buyer direct75 tonsSouth Africa ARCHIVED

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