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832616/07/2018 IQF strawb, cherry, raspb, bl currant, blueb, plum, gooseb, pear, kiwi Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple mix loadsCzech Republik Premium Access
832416/07/2018 IQF FROZEN STRAWBERRY Buyanyquote buyer direct1 FCLMalaysia Premium Access
832216/07/2018 IQF blueberry Buyanyquote buyer direct20 tonsEgypt Premium Access
648511/07/2018 IQF hand-cut plum SellSerbiaPlease ask sellerup to 500tcontinious until end of May '19 Sweet home d.o.o.
647809/07/2018 IQF Blueberry - Grade B SellChileUSD $1900 / MT48 MTQingdao Pacific Valley Foods, Inc.
828209/07/2018 strawberry, raspberry, cherry Buyanyquote buyer directcontainer loadUK, Norfolk Premium Access
829506/07/2018 sourcherry BuyPoland 40 mt/netprompt Premium Access
829604/07/2018 Apple cubes 10x10 mm IQF BuyPoland 150 tonsD-46446 Emmerich Organic Premium Access
827926/06/2018 IQF Strawberry whole and diced, Pineapple & litchi Buyanyquote buyer directmix if possibleSouth Africa Premium Access
827122/06/2018 IQF sour cherry Buyanyquote buyer direct100 tonsUkraine Premium Access
826922/06/2018 Whole. Sliced and diced Jack fruit Buyanyquote buyer directFCL load 20 FT – 10 mt and 40 ft – 22 mt Australia Premium Access
825619/06/2018 Frozen Strawberry:slices, cubes 5mm, 10 mm Buy DAP Poznan truck deliveriesPoland Premium Access
824312/06/2018 IQF Apricot, IQF Red fruits Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsspain Premium Access
823808/06/2018 IQF strawberries Buyany500 to 1500 €/tonat least 5 fcl of 40'Spain Premium Access
823608/06/2018 IQF strawberries BuyanyQuote buyer direct600 MTCyprus Premium Access
641305/06/2018 IQF Redcurrant class 1 and other qualities SellPolandPlease ask sellerPlease ask sellerAny Quadrum Foods
641105/06/2018 IQF pited sour cherry SellSerbiaPlease ask sellerAnyPrompt - from next week Sweet home d.o.o.
640804/06/2018 IQF "Oblacinska" sour cherry with stone SellSerbiaPlease ask sellerup to 500tJune 18 Sweet home d.o.o.
640228/05/2018 IQF Strawberry, various sizes, EU/FDA, SellPolandPlease ask sellerAnyAny Quadrum Foods
639824/05/2018 IQF Rhubarb Red/Malinovy 12.8mm slices. EU/FDA. SellPolandPlease ask sellerAnyAny Quadrum Foods
820118/05/2018 acai berries pellets BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1kg bagSweden Organic Premium Access
399918/05/2018 Sour cherries, Obachinska SellBulgariaplease ask seller20 tonsPrompt Kosher SonderJansen
411918/05/2018 Strawberries 25-35 mm IQF SellPolandplease ask seller66 tonsJune - NEW CROP Kosher SonderJansen
819116/05/2018 Frozen Blueberries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 million lbsUSA ARCHIVED
817714/05/2018 Frozen Pitaya BuyAnyQuote buyer direct9 TonSingapour ARCHIVED
817314/05/2018 Lemon and Orange BuyAnyQuote buyer directMOQSaudi Arabia ARCHIVED
817214/05/2018 Red Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry BuyAnyQuote buyer directMOQSaudi Arabia ARCHIVED
817114/05/2018 Sweet Cherry IQF BuyAnyQuote buyer direct6 FCLIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
814914/05/2018 IQF Frozen Fruits BuyPoland, SerbiaQuote buyer direct1x20'RF mixThailand Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
636609/05/2018 IQF Blueberries SellChilePlease inquire within225MTAny port ARCHIVED
814807/05/2018 Frozen sour cherries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct500 kgCroatia ARCHIVED
814003/05/2018 IQF cranberry BuyanyQuote buyer direct1*20“ containerChina ARCHIVED
713902/05/2018 Frozen Spinach- potatoes- diced green beans carrots- cut small onions peas BuyanyQuote buyer direct50 000 lbsUSA Kosher ARCHIVED
599720/04/2018 IQF pineapple BuyCosta Rica, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippinesquote buyer direct10 tonsMexico ARCHIVED
712819/04/2018 Strawberry/ Blueberry / Raspberry/ Blackberry / Cranberry or mix berry BuyAnyQuote buyer direct500g packing in each pack Singapore ARCHIVED
712418/04/2018 prickly pear puree and tamarind puree BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1,000 to 2,000 lbs. USA ARCHIVED
711216/04/2018 IQF blue grapes BuyChile$0.8 usd22 tonMexico city ARCHIVED
711416/04/2018 IQF papaya BuyMéxico$0.8 usd22 tonPort ARCHIVED
710713/04/2018 IQF Strawberry, cherry, mango, papaya Buyanyquote buyer directFCLBaltimore and Los Angeles ARCHIVED
709709/04/2018 Searching for a producer and seller of IQF Camarossa from Morocco. Jam quality, uncalibrated. Buy   Full container loadsWest Europe ARCHIVED
706623/03/2018 Blackberries Blueberries Strawberries Peaches Apples Raspberries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1000-5000 pounds eachUSA Organic ARCHIVED
706423/03/2018 IQF Blackberries whole , IQF Blueberries whole , IQF Cranberries whole , IQF Raspberries whole , IQF Strawberries whole , IQF Mixed Berries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct10 - 15 Container a yearMix product for 1x20ft or 1x40ft to Indonesia Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
606622/03/2018 Blue berry IQF and puree , raspberrry IQF and puree , Strawberry IQF and puree , cherry IQF passion fruit puree BuyAnyQuote buyer direct250 tons annual volumeIndia ARCHIVED
605420/03/2018 frozen lime and lemons wedges Buyanyquote buyer direct1 FCLAustralia ARCHIVED
603916/03/2018 IQF COCCONUT SLICE Buyanyquote buyer direct10/12 TONSItaly ARCHIVED
602509/03/2018 IQF dark cherry BuyAnyQuote buyer direct250 MTSerbia ARCHIVED
602409/03/2018 Mango BuyAnyQuote buyer direct300 kgRomania ARCHIVED
601606/03/2018 organic IQF banana slices Buyanyquote buyer direct3 tonsUK Organic ARCHIVED
601005/03/2018 Frozen fruits for smoothies BuyThailandto be agreed1 MTKaranchi, Pakistan Halal ARCHIVED
600527/02/2018 all beries straw, black, blue,rasp, mix, cranberries, Buy  1x20ft reefer benoa, bali indonesia ARCHIVED

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