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8613 23/10/2018
Buying we have interested in the IQF Cranberry, We import Frozen Fruits & Fruit Puree from foreign countries.    China Premium Access
8608 19/10/2018
Buying IQF Frozen sachet with fruits anyquote buyer direct20000western Greece Premium Access
6718 16/10/2018
Selling Frozen Rosehip berries Ukraine 40Promt S.B. Frozen Foods, LLC
6717 16/10/2018
Selling Frozen Cranberry Ukraine 40Promt S.B. Frozen Foods, LLC
8590 16/10/2018
Buying IQF prickly pear Anymarket30 lb sample followed by truckload quantitiesNampa Idaho Organic Kosher Premium Access
8595 16/10/2018
Buying IQF sliced strawberry Anyquote buyer direct20 tonsLaredo Texas Kosher Premium Access
6711 11/10/2018
Selling IQF Organic Kent variety mango chunks Mexicoask seller2 loadsany destination Organic Patagonia Foods
6712 11/10/2018
Selling IQF conventional Kent Variety mango dices Mexicoask seller10 loadsany destination Patagonia Foods
8575 08/10/2018
Buying IQF sour cherry stone-free, Raspberry crumb. (yogurt quality), Raspberry extra 95/5, apple cubes, whole strawb, plums, blackb, cranb, red and black currants, sliced mango anyquote buyer directhundreds of tonsRussia Premium Access
8571 08/10/2018
Buying frozen organic mango and passion fruit Europequote buyer directa few pallets once samples approvedEastern Europe Organic Premium Access
8570 08/10/2018
Buying IQF lingonberries anyquote buyer direct1 FCL or more possiblyEastern Europe Premium Access
8538 04/10/2018
Buying IQF strawberries, raspberries, blueberries anyquote buyer direct5 tons eachEastern Europe Organic Premium Access
8537 04/10/2018
Buying fig puree   industry use FCL 20Taiwan Halal Premium Access
3999 26/09/2018
Selling Lingonberries Russiaplease ask seller21 tonsPrompt Organic SonderJansen
8514 26/09/2018
Buying IQF strawberry dices Egyptquote buyer direct20 tonnsRussia Premium Access
8515 25/09/2018
Buying lingonberries iqf europeQuote buyer direct80 tonnesDDP Belgium Premium Access
8511 24/09/2018
Buying Frozen Strawberry anyCIF Navasheba100mtNavasheva ( India) Halal Premium Access
8503 20/09/2018
Buying IQF lingonberry anyquote buyer direct60 tonsLithuania Premium Access
8501 20/09/2018
Buying IQF wild blueberries anyquote buyer direct20 to 40 tonsLithuania Premium Access
8492 19/09/2018
Buying IQF Mango Chunks & Puree anyFOB150 MT/yearTurkey Premium Access
6659 17/09/2018
Selling IQF Mango Kaew Vietnam$1600/MT500MT6 months Halal Kosher TUFOCO Thuan Phong
8482 13/09/2018
Buying IQF mango Slices and IQF Pineapple Tibid 1/12 anyquote buyer direct10 tons and 20 tons respectivelyPoland Organic Premium Access
6541 12/09/2018
Selling Frozen haskap Canada    Kosher Quebec Wild Blueberries
6549 12/09/2018
Selling IQF Mango dices (TMD) IndiaUSD 1300/MT500MTImmediate pellagic food ingredients pvt ltd
8478 12/09/2018
Buying IQF red and black currant anyQuote buyer direct10 tons eachBulgaria Premium Access
8475 11/09/2018
Buying IQF whole strawberries South Africa or Polandquote buyer direct2 FCL a monthSaudi Arabia Premium Access
8461 07/09/2018
Buying blue berry polandusd10000fca Premium Access
8449 05/09/2018
Buying IQF blueb, sour cherry, valencia orange, strawb, red pepper, apricot AnyQuote buyer direct5000 lbsUSA Organic Premium Access
6570 30/08/2018
Selling Mango smoothies Peru 24 MT Europe main port Kosher BRECON FOODS
8372 31/07/2018
Buying Frozen durian puree anyquote buyer directsamples firstSingapore ARCHIVED
8353 26/07/2018
Buying IQF Sour cherry   10 tEXW ARCHIVED
6500 24/07/2018
Selling IQF Sour cherry crop 2018 Polaand and EUPlease ask sellerAnyAny ARCHIVED
8349 23/07/2018
Buying IQF Plum whole with stone, IQF strawberries anyquote buyer direct5 pallets eachCzech Republik ARCHIVED
8348 23/07/2018
Buying IQF Grapefruit Segment supplier    Asia ARCHIVED
8340 20/07/2018
Buying Mango cubes, Strawberry, Rasberry, Blueberries, Pineapple, Melon balls, Red fruit mix, Preferably Egyptquote buyer direct40,000CIF Jebel Ali ARCHIVED
8326 16/07/2018
Buying IQF strawb, cherry, raspb, bl currant, blueb, plum, gooseb, pear, kiwi anyquote buyer directmultiple mix loadsCzech Republik ARCHIVED
8324 16/07/2018
Buying IQF FROZEN STRAWBERRY anyquote buyer direct1 FCLMalaysia ARCHIVED
8322 16/07/2018
Buying IQF blueberry anyquote buyer direct20 tonsEgypt ARCHIVED
6478 09/07/2018
Selling IQF Blueberry - Grade B ChileUSD $1900 / MT48 MTQingdao ARCHIVED
8282 09/07/2018
Buying strawberry, raspberry, cherry anyquote buyer directcontainer loadUK, Norfolk ARCHIVED
8295 06/07/2018
Buying sourcherry Poland 40 mt/netprompt ARCHIVED
8296 04/07/2018
Buying Apple cubes 10x10 mm IQF Poland 150 tonsD-46446 Emmerich Organic ARCHIVED
8279 26/06/2018
Buying IQF Strawberry whole and diced, Pineapple & litchi anyquote buyer directmix if possibleSouth Africa ARCHIVED
8271 22/06/2018
Buying IQF sour cherry anyquote buyer direct100 tonsUkraine ARCHIVED
8269 22/06/2018
Buying Whole. Sliced and diced Jack fruit anyquote buyer directFCL load 20 FT – 10 mt and 40 ft – 22 mt Australia ARCHIVED
8256 19/06/2018
Buying Frozen Strawberry:slices, cubes 5mm, 10 mm  DAP Poznan truck deliveriesPoland ARCHIVED
8243 12/06/2018
Buying IQF Apricot, IQF Red fruits anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsspain ARCHIVED
8238 08/06/2018
Buying IQF strawberries any500 to 1500 €/tonat least 5 fcl of 40'Spain ARCHIVED
8236 08/06/2018
Buying IQF strawberries anyQuote buyer direct600 MTCyprus ARCHIVED
6413 05/06/2018
Selling IQF Redcurrant class 1 and other qualities PolandPlease ask sellerPlease ask sellerAny ARCHIVED

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