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4892 09/01/2018
Buying IQF large chopped basil (DOP) AnyQuote buyer direct2800 lbsNew York ARCHIVED
4887 09/01/2018
Buying We are a very large company based in Toronto with a requirement of IQF FROZEN FIRE ROASTED GARLIC   2-3 containers per monthCanada ARCHIVED
4676 22/09/2017
Buying IQF garlic cloves anyquote buyer direct6 pallets per monthPoland ARCHIVED
4673 20/09/2017
Buying IQF CILANTRO anyQuote buyer direct1 PALLET Canada Organic ARCHIVED
4657 30/08/2017
Buying frozen garlic cloves anyquote buyer direct8 pallets a monthPoland ARCHIVED
4492 16/01/2017
Buying IQF garlic cloves anytarget price CIF Busan $1.30up to 200 MTs / monthKorea ARCHIVED
4494 16/01/2017
Buying IQF Chinese Leek/Garlic Chives anytarget price CIF Busan $0.60 per KGup to 100 tons per monthKorea ARCHIVED
4495 16/01/2017
Buying Salted and Frozen Wild Garlic Leaf anyTarget price: $1.50 per KGup to 100 tons per monthKorea ARCHIVED
4481 09/01/2017
Buying IQF ginger, garlic, red jalapeno and coriander AnyQuote buyer direct with CIF Stockholm700 kgSweden ARCHIVED
4346 29/04/2016
Buying blanched and unblanched basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, chives, oregano, etc AnyQuote buyer directsamples & pallets if product is approvedUSA ARCHIVED
4187 24/08/2015
Buying Frozen parsley Anyquote buyer directask buyerPakistan ARCHIVED
3080 26/02/2015
Selling IQF Spring Onion Cut Chinaplease askFCLAny destination ARCHIVED
3065 10/02/2015
Selling Frozen Garlic Chinaplease askFCLAny destination ARCHIVED
2919 19/09/2014
Selling Garlic gloves or dices/Ginger dices or whole ChinaAsk sellerMultiple loads China ARCHIVED
3808 15/07/2014
Buying LINE OF FROZEN HERBS AnyQuote for tender before August 8th1 ton annualUK, from Oct 1st 2014 till Sept 30th 2015 ARCHIVED
2858 11/07/2014
Selling Frozen garlic China    ARCHIVED
3797 02/07/2014
Buying IQF peeled frozen garlic; Frozen garlic   multiple containers United Kingdom ARCHIVED
3610 05/02/2014
Buying Frozen chive, parsley Anyquote buyer directmultiple palletsCzech Republic ARCHIVED
3570 11/12/2013
Buying IQF garlic, basil, parsley, thyme, dill, sage, mint, tarragon, rosemary Anyquote buyer directmultiple mix loadsItaly ARCHIVED
3547 19/11/2013
Buying IQF wild garlic Asia excludedquote buyer directmultiple loadsGermany ARCHIVED
3543 19/11/2013
Buying IQF basil anyquote buyer direct50 tonsItaly ARCHIVED
3505 01/10/2013
Buying We are interested in a sample of frozen mint    Polish Food Processor ARCHIVED
3443 13/08/2013
Buying parsley and parsley cube europe 180 tonsEurope ARCHIVED
3436 25/07/2013
Buying Annual tender for basil, chives, coriander, garlic, parsley anyquote buyer directly before August 9th4 tonsUnited kingdom ARCHIVED
3270 12/04/2013
Buying FROZEN HERBS (rosemary, sage, coriander, parsley, marjoram, mint, arugula ... ) anyquote buyer directlyfull trucksItaly ARCHIVED
3186 30/01/2013
Buying Frozen garlic cubes and gloves Anyquote buyer direct1 loadItaly ARCHIVED
3064 02/08/2012
Buying Annual tender for flat parsley and a few other IQF herbs Anyquote buyer direct by end of August60 tonsFrance ARCHIVED
3039 06/07/2012
Buying tender for frozen herbs for ready meals anyquote buyer direct before July 20th 35 tonsFrance starting Sept 1st ARCHIVED
2931 07/03/2012
Buying IQF thyme cut Peru, Turkey, China, Bulgaria strictlyquote buyer direct10 to 12 tonsBelgium ARCHIVED
2853 13/12/2011
Buying Complete line of frozen herbs Strictly Europe, non Europeans not to be approvedquote buyer directfor thousands of storesWest Europe ARCHIVED
2754 09/09/2011
Buying IQF garlic and dill Anyquote buyer direct by Sept 19th25 and 2 tonsScandinavia ARCHIVED
2747 08/09/2011
Buying Parsley cubes BIO   10 tonsEurope Organic ARCHIVED
2655 21/06/2011
Buying IQF shallot & garlic anyquote by June 24th31 tons shallot, 18 tons garlicFrance ARCHIVED
2607 24/05/2011
Buying Iqf Sliced Jalapeno   some sample for large orderItaly ARCHIVED
2412 10/03/2011
Buying Frozen herbs   Food service importerBulgaria ARCHIVED
1565 28/01/2011
Selling IQF LEEK 50/50 10x10MM Europe 100 tons  ARCHIVED
1630 28/01/2011
1564 28/01/2011
Selling IQF LEEK 50/50 6X6MM calibrated Europe 100 tons  ARCHIVED
2213 10/11/2010
Buying IQF garlic 3x3mm Anyquote buyer direct20 tonsIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
2161 20/08/2010
Buying Rosemary AnyQuote directly200-300kgs every 2 monthsSouth Africa ARCHIVED
2158 16/08/2010
Buying Garlic, aneth, basilic, celery, chives, coriander, shalotts, provence herbs, persil flakes without stems, rosemary flakes, thyme AnyQuote directly77 tonsFrance ARCHIVED
2126 15/07/2010
Buying Frozen garlic AnyQuote directly24 tonsUK ARCHIVED
1431 17/06/2010
Selling Aseptic Guava Pulp 8 -11 Brix Ecuador   prompt delivery Kosher ARCHIVED
2035 12/05/2010
Buying sliced chives  1300 E/T1.05South Europe ARCHIVED
2034 12/05/2010
Buying sliced parsley (not mashed)  1350 E/T1.05South Europe ARCHIVED
2033 12/05/2010
Buying sliced coriander (not mashed)  1200 Euros/t1.05 tonsSouth Europe ARCHIVED
2029 12/05/2010
Buying sliced garlic   2.4 tonsSouth Europe ARCHIVED
2028 12/05/2010
Buying shredded/chopped garlic  1500 E/T2.4 tonsSouth Europe ARCHIVED
2027 12/05/2010
Buying garlic cloves 260-300 PRIME quality packer with EU CODE1300/mt 3 tonsSouth Europe ARCHIVED
1984 29/04/2010
Buying IQF garlic whole AnyQuote directOne full container 20'ftSouth Korea ARCHIVED

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