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492119/01/2018 MUSHROOMS WHOLE / SLICED – 5mm Buyanyquote buyer directFCL after approved loadItaly ARCHIVED
491418/01/2018 IQF boletus edulis Buyanyeuro 6,001 tonItaly ARCHIVED
469302/10/2017 IQF mushrooms Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada ARCHIVED
455204/04/2017 IQF sliced mushrooms BuyEurope strictlyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMiami ARCHIVED
451714/02/2017 Pre-fried and frozen champignon mushroom slices Buy quote buyer direct10-15 tonsPoland ARCHIVED
445716/11/2016 IQF mushrooms Xerocomus badius cut 2-40mm, 15-40mm BuyEuropeask buyerWhole trucksPoland ARCHIVED
343216/11/2015 IQF Wild Mushroom Suillus Luteus SellChileAsk seller44 tonsAny destination ARCHIVED
343116/11/2015 IQF Wild Mushroom Morels SellChileAsk seller8 tonsAny destination ARCHIVED
424113/11/2015 FROZEN GIROLLE (CANTARELLUS CIBARIUS) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct10 tons France ARCHIVED
420517/09/2015 IQF champignon sliced BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia ARCHIVED
418524/08/2015 IQF mushrooms BuyAnyquote buyer directone loadPakistan ARCHIVED
386002/10/2014 Frozen chantarella Buyany quote buyer one truckLithuania ARCHIVED
380004/07/2014 Chanterelles; Boletus Buy  TrucksLithuania ARCHIVED
376326/06/2014 Agaricus; Ceps porcini; Chanterelles honey mushrooms Buy  multiple loadsRussia ARCHIVED
375625/06/2014 Boletus; chanterelles Buy  multiple loadsLithuania ARCHIVED
373118/06/2014 chanterelles; boletus Buy  depend on the priceLithuania ARCHIVED
362528/02/2014 Full Cap Shiitake Mushroom BuyChina$1.0040,000lbsImmediately Greenville, KY Kosher ARCHIVED
355902/12/2013 IQF boletus luteus BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 containerPoland ARCHIVED
354619/11/2013 IQF boletus BuyAsia excludedquote buyer directmultiple loadsGermany ARCHIVED
333316/05/2013 IQF Mushrooms (boletus Edulis & Cantharelas) Buyanyquote buyer directlyfull trucksLithuania ARCHIVED
330229/04/2013 frozen wild chanterelle Buy  about 500kg/Month Thailand ARCHIVED
329422/04/2013 Mushrooms Buyanyquote buyer directlyFCLRussia ARCHIVED
324707/03/2013 Sliced mushrooms hotel <65mm Buy  16 tons  ARCHIVED
321018/02/2013 IQF white and grey parisian mushrooms Buyanyquote buyer direct1 loadEgypt ARCHIVED
315026/11/2012 Interested in IQF Porchini Mushrooms. BuyOnly China and Europe  India ARCHIVED
314521/11/2012 IQF white or brown mushrooms BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 to 2 loadsEgypt ARCHIVED
309826/09/2012 Frozen Bletus edulis, Frozen Cantharelas Buy  5-10 trucks per yearEurope ARCHIVED
207714/09/2012 iqf wild mushroom SellChileDepends on destination and quantity ordered4 fcl´s with 24 MT Any destination ARCHIVED
308028/08/2012 tender for IQF mushrooms BuyAnyquote buyer before August 31st1400 tonsWestern Europe ARCHIVED
306602/08/2012 Annual tender for frozen wild mushrooms boletus, chanterelles and more BuyAnyquote buyer direct by end of August60 tonsFrance ARCHIVED
303806/07/2012 tender for IQF parisian mushrooms for ready meals BuyAnyquote buyer direct before July 20th15 tonsFrance starting Sept 1st ARCHIVED
201805/07/2012 iqf wild mushroom SellChileAsk seller direct200 MTAny destination ARCHIVED
301706/06/2012 Boletus Edulis BuyChilequote buyer direct40 tonsGermany ARCHIVED
298424/04/2012 Frozen Champignon / Mushroom Buy  On truckEast Europe ARCHIVED
295203/04/2012 IQF Frozen Parisian Mushrooms BuyAnyquote buyer direct6 FCL per yearEcuador ARCHIVED
288211/01/2012 frozen boletus edulis whole BuyPlease advise TC 20'Germany ARCHIVED
285213/12/2011 complete line of IQF mushrooms BuyStrictly Europe, non Europeans not to be approvedquote buyer directfor thousands of storesWest Europe ARCHIVED
275309/09/2011 IQF mushrooms BuyAnyquote buyer direct by Sept 19th100 tonsScandinavia ARCHIVED
270922/07/2011 IQF mushrooms (boletus, nameko, shiitake) Buyanyquote the buyer direct1/2 FCL per monthRussia ARCHIVED
248303/05/2011 mushrooms Buyanyquote the buyer direct1 FCL every 3 monthsIndia ARCHIVED
246013/04/2011 white mushrooms Buyanyquote the buyer directmultiple loadsSpain ARCHIVED
243008/04/2011 IQF mushrooms BuyAny60 USD cents per lb DDP Mexicomultiple loadsLatin America ARCHIVED
242014/03/2011 Champignons whole, cut, crumble BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 loadRussia ARCHIVED
241511/03/2011 IF sliced and diced white mushrooms BuyAnyQuote byer directup to 25 million pounds per yearUSA ARCHIVED
237516/02/2011 IQF nameko BuyAnyquote buyer directmultiple loadsUkraine ARCHIVED
233411/01/2011 IQF nameko BuyAnyquote buyer direct25 tonsRussia ARCHIVED
229310/12/2010 IQF white button mushrooms BuyEuropequote buyer direct2 loadsRussia ARCHIVED
222816/11/2010 IQF mushrooms Buy Give a quotation both FOB and CIF Odessaone containerEast Europe ARCHIVED
214216/08/2010 Mushrooms 30/60 without S02 BuyAnyQuote directly130000 kgFrance ARCHIVED
213016/07/2010 Frozen Sliced mushroom Buy  for 1,423 storesRegister before the 22 of July ARCHIVED

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