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491017/01/2018 IQF lima beans BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 FCLTaiwan RESTRICTED
490817/01/2018 IQF Minced or diced Carrots Buyanyquote buyer direct61 000 lbs a yearUS RESTRICTED
489409/01/2018 IQF carrot, yellow beans, white beans, green peas , sweet corn BuyAnyQuote buyer directhalf truckLatvia RESTRICTED
489109/01/2018 asparagus , mix vegetable BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsDominican republic RESTRICTED
488105/01/2018 IQF Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels and Frozen Geen Beans Buyanyquote buyer directFCLCFR Tehran Halal RESTRICTED
486929/12/2017 IQF peas, broccoli, peas & carrots (3/8 cubes) 50% each Buyanyquote buyer directby full loadsMexico RESTRICTED
486828/12/2017 IQF sweet corn Buyanyquote buyer direct52 ft. full truck each three or two monthsMexico RESTRICTED
485126/12/2017 IQF vegetables, mushrooms, Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia RESTRICTED
484321/12/2017 IQF Cauliflower BuyEcuador 40000 lbs.  Organic RESTRICTED
484020/12/2017 Organic fruits,vegts,herbs Buyglobaleofferpalettes & containersDubai Airport Organic BabyFood Halal RESTRICTED
481111/12/2017 IQF butternut squash and sweet potato Buyanyquote buyer direct6 FTL of eachCanada RESTRICTED
481011/12/2017 Frozen Diced pumpkin Buyanyquote buyer direct6 FTLCanada RESTRICTED
480507/12/2017 IQF green peas, cut green beans Buyanyquote buyer direct, LC on Deutsche Bank11 and 8 containers a monthAlgeria RESTRICTED
480006/12/2017 chopped spinach in pellets BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 containerFrance Kosher RESTRICTED
479405/12/2017 zucchini grilled iqf,pepper grilled iqf Buy  IndustryItaly RESTRICTED
479205/12/2017 IQF yucca Buyanyquote buyer direct1000-2000 lbs per month. East Coast US RESTRICTED
478304/12/2017 IQF Frozen Grade A Broccoli and Organic as well Buyany except Asiaquote buyer direct2,000,000 - 6,000,000 lbsEast Coast US mostly RESTRICTED
415304/12/2017 IQF Leek dices SellPolandAsk sellerAnyAny Quadrum Foods
478201/12/2017 IQF Apple/Fennel Blend or Separate, Shredded Carrot/Red Onion/Cabbage blend or separate Buyanyquote buyer direct1000-2000 lbs per month of each groupEast Coast US RESTRICTED
477330/11/2017 IQF unpeeled broad beans, artichoke hearts, bottoms, quarters Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsFrance Kosher RESTRICTED
414229/11/2017 IQF unpeeled broad beans SellEgyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsany destination Name confidential. 1st Contact thru FrozenB2B
414029/11/2017 IQF peeled broad beans for puree SellEgyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsAny destination Name confidential. 1st Contact thru FrozenB2B
414129/11/2017 artichoke puree SellEgyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsany destination Name confidential. 1st Contact thru FrozenB2B
412206/11/2017 IQFwaterchestnut slice SellChina Ask for sellersA grade Any destinations Kosher ARCHIVED
473331/10/2017 IQF sweet corn Buyno Egypt, Turkeyquote sharp price, correctional business20 containers from Nov till Marchprices CFR New York or FOB European Main ports ARCHIVED
473231/10/2017 IQF okra Buyanyquote buyer direct4 containersMiami ARCHIVED
470817/10/2017 IQF roma tomatoes, tomatoes, garlic, seeded serrano pepper BuyanyQuote buyer directa few pallets at a timeOR USA ARCHIVED
470012/10/2017 IQF cauliflower BuyanyQuote buyer direct10000 casesUSA ARCHIVED
470206/10/2017 IQF green pigeon peas BuyanyQuote buyer direcct20 tonsquote FOB ARCHIVED
469703/10/2017 line of IQF vegetables Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada ARCHIVED
469029/09/2017 cauliflower , broccoli , green peppers BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsGermany Organic ARCHIVED
468828/09/2017 Black, red, garbanzo beans Buyusa or canadaQuote buyer direct100000 lbsUSA ARCHIVED
467520/09/2017 green beans Buy  10 containerMiami ARCHIVED
467120/09/2017 We need the necessary equipment for quick freezing (IQF tunnel..etc) potatoes chips, 500 Kgs up to 1000 kgs per hour. We already have the machines for washing/peeling/cutting potatoes Buy  ONE machineQatar ARCHIVED
465830/08/2017 IQF yellow carrot in cubes 10x10 mm Buyanyquote buyer direct9 trucks a yearPoland ARCHIVED
465425/08/2017 IQF garbazo beans Buyanyquote buyer directa few palletsGeorgia US ARCHIVED
404418/08/2017 IQF whole green beans SellEgyptask seller150 tonsany destination ARCHIVED
463609/08/2017 Frozen french fries. 7x7 and 9x9 15mm 2. Frozen mix veg. 3 mix 3. Frozen sweet corn Buy  One container - This is repeated businessMiddle East ARCHIVED
463403/08/2017 eggplant roasted,peeled,(whole and cutted) frozen, Buy  310 tonsEast Europe ARCHIVED
463301/08/2017 Platanos Maduros y Tostomes Buy  contenedores completesUSA ARCHIVED
462820/07/2017 Complete line of IQF vegetables Buyanyquote buyer direct2 FCLIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
461006/07/2017 IQF white beans, kidney b, pinto b, great northern b, navy b, Buyanyquote buyer directseveral hundre tonsCalifornia ARCHIVED
460906/07/2017 corn cob, corn kernel and whole corn and corn puree BuyUSA or othersquote in US dollarsone container of each itemPrice CNF Hong Kong ARCHIVED
459528/06/2017 IQF Cauliflower BuyAnyQuote buyer direct200 tons Italy Organic ARCHIVED
459221/06/2017 IQF Broccoli and Cauliflower BuyAny except ChinaQuote buyer directmultiple loadsJapan ARCHIVED
458308/06/2017 Kohlrabi BuyAnyQuote buyer directneed price to participate to tenderSerbia ARCHIVED
456307/06/2017 Frozen green bean extra fine&very fine,fine®ular peas, broccoli, mixed vegetables, mixed peas and carrots BuyAnyQuote buyer direct with FOB a 40 ft. mixed container/ monthIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
398901/06/2017 Frozen green beans (whole) SellEgyptAsk sellerMultiple loadsAny ARCHIVED
458031/05/2017 Frozen green peas fine BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsIsrael ARCHIVED
398629/05/2017 Spinach SellChina0.44USD/lbs1 Container (20 Tons)ASAP- WEST COAST ONLY ARCHIVED

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