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8583 11/10/2018
Buying frozen diced courgette Anyquote buyer direct30t.Hungary Organic BabyFood Premium Access
8539 08/10/2018
Buying IQF Lima beans, beans, peas anyquote buyer direct40' container per productsea freight Premium Access
8572 08/10/2018
Buying IQF caul florets, cut gb, Brussels sprouts, diced peppers (3 colors), peas, corn kernels and cobs anyquote buyer directhundreds of tonsRussia Premium Access
8569 08/10/2018
Buying IQF carrots cubes 10x10x10 anyquote buyer direct400 tonsPoland, spread deliveries till August 2019 Premium Access
8528 04/10/2018
Buying IQF Broccoli anyquote buyer direct25 MTFOB Premium Access
8529 04/10/2018
Buying IQF red jalapeno anyQuote buyer direct20'Thailand Halal Premium Access
6690 30/09/2018
Selling super sweet corn Hungaryplease ask seller100 tonsPrompt Halal Kosher SonderJansen
8521 27/09/2018
Buying IQF lima beans anyquote buyer direct1 FCLChina Premium Access
4120 26/09/2018
Selling Cut green beans 20-40 mm Polandplease ask seller100 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
6662 26/09/2018
Destoc IQF tomatoes cubes and whole Turkeyaskmultiple loadsany destination OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
8519 26/09/2018
Buying IQF diced potatoes, green peas, sweet corn anyquote buyer directrespectively 10, 20, 20 tonsItaly Premium Access
8517 25/09/2018
Buying IQF organic diced carrots, diced onions Anyquote buyer direct10 and 50 tons respectivelyItaly Organic Premium Access
8516 25/09/2018
Buying IQF diced onions, diced carrots, whole cherry tomatoes, Anyquote buyer direct150, 50 and 50 tons respectivelyItaly Premium Access
8507 21/09/2018
Buying IQF green beans anyquote buyer direct400 tonsSouth Africa Halal Premium Access
8505 20/09/2018
Buying IQF silverskin onion anyquote buyer direct20 tonsTurkey Premium Access
6649 13/09/2018
Selling Green pepper cubes 10x10mm SerbiaEUR 0.55/kg FCA Serbia22mtprompt Sweet home d.o.o.
8485 13/09/2018
Buying IQF Green Peas / 10x40RHCFR NY/Miami/LA Port Premium Access
6633 11/09/2018
Selling IQF okra & artichoke quarters Egyptask seller for direct quotationmultiple loadsAny destination GIVREX
8467 11/09/2018
Buying Dried Green Peas //150 TonCIF Qingdao Port (China) Premium Access
8474 11/09/2018
Buying I need suppliers for IQF Green peas for Private label business.    India Premium Access
8462 07/09/2018
Buying IQF green peas preferably PolandQuote buyer direct50 tonsRomania Premium Access
8456 06/09/2018
Buying we need iqf frozen fennel    2 tons packing Ukraine Premium Access
8452 05/09/2018
Buying IQF caauliflower anyQuote buyer direct1000 poundsUSA Kosher Premium Access
8421 23/08/2018
Buying 1. Frozen Red Onion Sliced 4 x 2.5 Kg 500 case 2. Frozen Garlic Gloves 4 x 2.5 Kg 100 case 3. Frozen Ginger Diced 10 x 10mm 4 x 2.5 Kg 100 case 4. Frozen Coriander Leaves 4 x 2.5 Kg 50 case 5. Frozen Mint Leaves 4 x 2.5 Kg 50 case 6. Frozen Cauliflower   several tonsMiddle East ARCHIVED
8381 21/08/2018
Buying IQF Horseradish anyQuote buyer direct15 tons maxPoland ARCHIVED
4259 14/08/2018
Selling IQF FROZEN RED PEPPER TURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Conventional & Halal) ARCHIVED
8382 06/08/2018
Buying green peas Canada or New Zealand 20 containersQingdao,China ARCHIVED
8384 06/08/2018
Buying Lima beans excluded USA origin 1 FCLQingdao,China ARCHIVED
4261 03/08/2018
Selling IQF FROZEN PEAS TURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Organic&Conventional&Kosher&Halal) ARCHIVED
4260 03/08/2018
Selling IQF FROZEN TOMATO TURKEYAsk Seller180 MTPROMPT (Organic & Conventional &Kosher & Halal) ARCHIVED
8366 30/07/2018
Buying green peas Canada or New Zealandquote buyer direct10 loadsQingdao,China ARCHIVED
8359 26/07/2018
Buying frozen cherry tomatoes 0020-40 tonnesprompt ARCHIVED
8358 26/07/2018
Buying Frozen French Frıes 0020-40 tonnesprompt ARCHIVED
8345 23/07/2018
Buying IQF sweet corn; peas; mixed 30% green beans, 40% carrot, 30% peas All optionsTo be descussedcontainer basisCIF-Jebel Ali (UAE) ARCHIVED
8335 18/07/2018
Buying frozen sweet corn anyquote buyer direct50 containersIndia Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
8327 16/07/2018
Buying IQF Carrots in cubes, green peas, zucchini dices anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCzech Republik ARCHIVED
4675 11/07/2018
Buying green beans   10 containerMiami ARCHIVED
8292 11/07/2018
Buying Lima beans   1 FCLChina ARCHIVED
8280 26/06/2018
Buying frozen broccoli, cauliflower, mixed vegetables - mexican, sweet corn anyquote buyer direct1 pallet each per monthHungary ARCHIVED
8274 25/06/2018
Buying IQF broccoli, asparagus, green beans, onions, mixed vegetables anyquote buyer direct1 mix containerKuwait ARCHIVED
8263 19/06/2018
Buying IQF Cauliflower Nuggets Mainly from Mexico or USQuote buyer directMultiple loadsUSA Kosher ARCHIVED
8262 19/06/2018
Buying organic jalapeno AnyQuote buyer direct10 tonsItaly Organic ARCHIVED
8244 12/06/2018
Buying IQF sweet potatoes fries. anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsspain ARCHIVED
8239 08/06/2018
Buying IQF sweet corn anyquote buyer direct1000 TM per yearSpain ARCHIVED
8210 22/05/2018
Buying IQF Black Beans AnyQuote buyer direct120000 lbsUSA ARCHIVED
8209 22/05/2018
Buying Green Lentils AnyQuote buyer direct160000 lbsUSA ARCHIVED
8208 22/05/2018
Buying fried frozen vegetables (beetroot, carrots, parsnips) AnyQuote buyer direct300 ton of each type Germany ARCHIVED
8190 16/05/2018
Buying frozen corn AnyQuote buyer direct100 tonsSouth Africa Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
8176 14/05/2018
Buying organic purple and organic yellow carrots AnyQuote buyer directContainer volumeUSA Organic ARCHIVED
8161 09/05/2018
Buying Garlic puree AnyQuote buyer direct400 - 900 kg  ARCHIVED

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