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4850 26/12/2017
Buying Ice-cream anyquote buyer directmultiple loads Russia ARCHIVED
4388 11/07/2016
Buying annual tender for ice cream category Anyquote before July 15thfor thousands of storesEurope ARCHIVED
4166 13/07/2015
Buying all ice cream categories Anyquote buyer direct before Sept 1st10 000 tons annual tenderEurope ARCHIVED
3959 09/01/2015
Buying ice creams crèmes glacées et autres catégories à l’eau. Anyquote buyer directby 3 palletsMarseille ARCHIVED
3002 18/05/2012
Buying Interested in Ice cream    Wholesaler East Europe, ARCHIVED
1977 08/05/2012
Selling Premium Australian Ice cream australiatbccontainer loadstbc ARCHIVED
2848 13/12/2011
Buying Complete line of ice creams and sorbets Strictly Europe, non Europeans not to be approvedquote buyer directfor thousands of supermarketsWest Europe countries ARCHIVED
2840 01/12/2011
Buying Ice cream/sorbet specialties including cones, sticks Anyquote buyer directFor several supermarket chainsSeveral countries of Europe ARCHIVED
2812 22/11/2011
Buying ice cream briks, tubs, sundaes, pops, sorbets, etc Anyquote buyer directmix loadsIreland ARCHIVED
2589 17/05/2011
Buying Upscale Ice cream any except Australiaquote the buyer directmultiple loadsAustralia ARCHIVED
2493 03/05/2011
Buying Ice cream preferably europeanquote the buyer directTrial loadRussia ARCHIVED
2411 10/03/2011
Buying Ice Cream   Food service importerBulgaria ARCHIVED
2397 03/03/2011
Buying Ice cream   for the foodserviceBelgium ARCHIVED
2370 15/02/2011
Buying Ice Cream    European Freezer Center ARCHIVED
2347 21/01/2011
Buying Lines of ice creams and sorbets Anyquote buyer directfor 100 000 retail outletsSeveral European countries ARCHIVED
2137 26/07/2010
Buying Ice creams (Ben & Jerry's + Haagen Dazs) AnyQuote directly1 or 2 tons per monthEgypt ARCHIVED
1903 29/03/2010
Buying 2lt and 4ltr all natural and some others like Authentic Hokey Pokey/ Boysenberry, High Content Multipack 16/20’s of basic stick ice cream. Anyquote buyer directMultiple loadsAustralia ARCHIVED
1851 21/01/2010
Buying Ice cream   price driven , large volumes Australia ARCHIVED
1813 20/11/2009
Buying Ice Creams sorbet   For Major North European RetailerContact us to introduce your products and price ARCHIVED
1614 04/06/2009
Buying mini snacks glaces, glaces à l'eau, assortiments Anyquote directfor hundreds of storesFrance ARCHIVED
1356 16/09/2008
Buying complete line of organic ice cream anyquote buyer directmultiple loadsAustralia Organic ARCHIVED
1233 22/05/2008
Buying frozen icecream any containermajor retailer in China ARCHIVED
668 12/04/2007
349 25/08/2006
Buying ice cream   trucks  ARCHIVED
203 13/06/2006
Buying Whole line of ice cream and sorbets Europe for 2000 outletsUK ARCHIVED
176 18/05/2006
Buying ice cream :impulse, indiv, family size....  STOCK CLEARANCE France ARCHIVED
115 08/02/2006
Buying Oeuf chocolat et meringue    European Retailer ARCHIVED
109 06/02/2006

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