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473331/10/2017 IQF sweet corn Buyno Egypt, Turkeyquote sharp price, correctional business20 containers from Nov till Marchprices CFR New York or FOB European Main ports RESTRICTED
473231/10/2017 IQF okra Buyanyquote buyer direct4 containersMiami RESTRICTED
473131/10/2017 IQF and/or fresh organic pear / papaya Buy  Minimum order quantityAsia RESTRICTED
472930/10/2017 IQF blueberries Buyanyquote buyer direct20 tonsPallets 100x120 or 80x120 – maximum height = 180cm RESTRICTED
472226/10/2017 Frozen Mango Puree Pellets , Frozen Pineapple Puree Pellets BuyAnyQuote buyer direct24 tons per container / 6 containers per yearsouth korea RESTRICTED
472126/10/2017 IQF sliced bananas BuyAnyQuote buyer direct10,000 pounds per monthUSA RESTRICTED
472026/10/2017 IQF blueberry Buyanyquote buyer directone containerkuala lumpur RESTRICTED
471825/10/2017 Apple Avocado Banana Blackberry Blackcurrant Blueberry Brocoli Carrot Ginger Kale Leaf spinach Mango Mint Parsley Passion fruit Peach Pineapple Raspberry Red Grapes Strawberry Sweet Potato BuyAnyQuote buyer direct50 tonnesbelgium and london RESTRICTED
471725/10/2017 IQF bananas slices and cubes Buyanyquote buyer directone loadCanada RESTRICTED
470919/10/2017 IQF Organic Blueberry BuyWorldwideQuote buyer direct1x40' containerFOB Organic RESTRICTED
470817/10/2017 IQF roma tomatoes, tomatoes, garlic, seeded serrano pepper BuyanyQuote buyer directa few pallets at a timeOR USA RESTRICTED
470012/10/2017 IQF cauliflower BuyanyQuote buyer direct10000 casesUSA RESTRICTED
470206/10/2017 IQF green pigeon peas BuyanyQuote buyer direcct20 tonsquote FOB RESTRICTED
469904/10/2017 IQF strawberry Buyanyquote buyer direct20 MTSubic Port RESTRICTED
469803/10/2017 line of IQF fruits Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada RESTRICTED
469703/10/2017 line of IQF vegetables Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada RESTRICTED
469302/10/2017 IQF mushrooms Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada RESTRICTED
469102/10/2017 raspberry BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsGermany Organic RESTRICTED
469029/09/2017 cauliflower , broccoli , green peppers BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsGermany Organic RESTRICTED
468928/09/2017 IQF organic sliced banana BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 container per monthUSA Organic RESTRICTED
468828/09/2017 Black, red, garbanzo beans Buyusa or canadaQuote buyer direct100000 lbsUSA RESTRICTED
468728/09/2017 strawberry , banana , apple , mango slices BuyNot from ChinaQuote buyer direct60 000 , 70 000 , 35 000 , 25 000 respectivelyNew york state RESTRICTED
467622/09/2017 IQF garlic cloves Buyanyquote buyer direct6 pallets per monthPoland RESTRICTED
467520/09/2017 green beans Buy  10 containerMiami RESTRICTED
467420/09/2017 Chicken paws , pork front feet , shin and shank , omasum Buy  40 containers per monthChina RESTRICTED
467120/09/2017 We need the necessary equipment for quick freezing (IQF tunnel..etc) potatoes chips, 500 Kgs up to 1000 kgs per hour. We already have the machines for washing/peeling/cutting potatoes Buy  ONE machineQatar OPEN
467320/09/2017 IQF CILANTRO BuyanyQuote buyer direct1 PALLET Canada Organic RESTRICTED
466918/09/2017 A Grade French fries. BuyAnyTarget Price: 700 USD per MT (Please quote best)10 Containers per month. The projections are huge CFR Port of Sudan. ARCHIVED
466413/09/2017 frozen avocados organic certifed Buy  5 MT FCA  Organic ARCHIVED
465830/08/2017 IQF yellow carrot in cubes 10x10 mm Buyanyquote buyer direct9 trucks a yearPoland ARCHIVED
465730/08/2017 frozen garlic cloves Buyanyquote buyer direct8 pallets a monthPoland ARCHIVED
465629/08/2017 10 or 12 mm cut fries BuyanyQuote buyer directMULTIPLE LOADSSamoa Islands ARCHIVED
465425/08/2017 IQF garbazo beans Buyanyquote buyer directa few palletsGeorgia US ARCHIVED
465325/08/2017 Frozen Lamb Flaps and Frozen Lamb Neck . Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsSamoa Islands ARCHIVED
465221/08/2017 frozen beef and chicken Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsOman ARCHIVED
465121/08/2017 frozen beef, FROZEN FRONT BONELESS BEEF MEAT BuyBrazil/Argentina/Ukraine/Europe, Colombia between 2500$ and 2750$ Multiple loadsEgypt ARCHIVED
464917/08/2017 Buffalo Tenderloin, striploin, topside, Rump steak Buyanyquote buyer directmix containerMauritius ARCHIVED
464817/08/2017 IQF lychee BuyanyQuote buyer directOne container by month.USA ARCHIVED
464614/08/2017 IQF strawberry, raspberry and sour cherry. Buy ex-works 30 tonnes of each product.   ARCHIVED
464411/08/2017 Wild bilberries Buy  60 tonsEurope ARCHIVED
463810/08/2017 Mutton -Leg bone in - 6 way cut - For Quarter Buy  combined with these products, 24 tonsBusan port, South Korea ARCHIVED
464210/08/2017 Frozen Buffalo Buy  1 container, 24tons Busan port, South Korea ARCHIVED
463709/08/2017 Frozen whole chicken grillers Buy  One container - This is repeated businessMiddle East ARCHIVED
463609/08/2017 Frozen french fries. 7x7 and 9x9 15mm 2. Frozen mix veg. 3 mix 3. Frozen sweet corn Buy  One container - This is repeated businessMiddle East ARCHIVED
463508/08/2017 I am seeking to source two frozen egg products, a 'deep frozen whole fried egg' and 'flat deep frozen plain omelettes' into the UK. Buy   uk ARCHIVED
463403/08/2017 eggplant roasted,peeled,(whole and cutted) frozen, Buy  310 tonsEast Europe ARCHIVED
463301/08/2017 Platanos Maduros y Tostomes Buy  contenedores completesUSA ARCHIVED
463101/08/2017 pizza dough, pizza bases and/or pizzas Buy   Europe ARCHIVED
462720/07/2017 IQF berries and tropical fruits Buyanyquote buyer directone 20 foot containerIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
462820/07/2017 Complete line of IQF vegetables Buyanyquote buyer direct2 FCLIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED

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