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832616/07/2018 IQF strawb, cherry, raspb, bl currant, blueb, plum, gooseb, pear, kiwi Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple mix loadsCzech Republik Premium Access
832716/07/2018 IQF Carrots in cubes, green peas, zucchini dices Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCzech Republik Premium Access
832416/07/2018 IQF FROZEN STRAWBERRY Buyanyquote buyer direct1 FCLMalaysia Premium Access
832316/07/2018 frozen leg quarter chicken small size BuyAnyquote buyer direct2 FCLCailai port, HCMC, Vietnam Cong ty TNHH SX TM DV XD Phu Khang
832216/07/2018 IQF blueberry Buyanyquote buyer direct20 tonsEgypt Premium Access
467511/07/2018 green beans Buy  10 containerMiami Premium Access
829211/07/2018 Lima beans Buy  1 FCLChina Premium Access
831010/07/2018 Frozen chicken nuggets, chicken leg qtrs Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMontevideo MERKOLINK IMPORT & EXPORT
828209/07/2018 strawberry, raspberry, cherry Buyanyquote buyer directcontainer loadUK, Norfolk Premium Access
829506/07/2018 sourcherry BuyPoland 40 mt/netprompt Premium Access
829604/07/2018 Apple cubes 10x10 mm IQF BuyPoland 150 tonsD-46446 Emmerich Organic Premium Access
828026/06/2018 frozen broccoli, cauliflower, mixed vegetables - mexican, sweet corn Buyanyquote buyer direct1 pallet each per monthHungary Premium Access
827926/06/2018 IQF Strawberry whole and diced, Pineapple & litchi Buyanyquote buyer directmix if possibleSouth Africa Premium Access
827726/06/2018 Frozen Potato's 13-15mm BuyBelgium or Dutch product/squote buyer directbased on 20 FT FCL – 10 MT CFR Melbourne. Premium Access
827425/06/2018 IQF broccoli, asparagus, green beans, onions, mixed vegetables Buyanyquote buyer direct1 mix containerKuwait Premium Access
827122/06/2018 IQF sour cherry Buyanyquote buyer direct100 tonsUkraine Premium Access
826922/06/2018 Whole. Sliced and diced Jack fruit Buyanyquote buyer directFCL load 20 FT – 10 mt and 40 ft – 22 mt Australia Premium Access
826319/06/2018 IQF Cauliflower Nuggets BuyMainly from Mexico or USQuote buyer directMultiple loadsUSA Kosher Premium Access
826219/06/2018 organic jalapeno BuyAnyQuote buyer direct10 tonsItaly Organic Premium Access
825619/06/2018 Frozen Strawberry:slices, cubes 5mm, 10 mm Buy DAP Poznan truck deliveriesPoland Premium Access
825918/06/2018 I am sourcing frozen ready to eat croissants and frozen ready meals for my group in Singapore. Buy   Asia Richelin SAS
824412/06/2018 IQF sweet potatoes fries. Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsspain Premium Access
824312/06/2018 IQF Apricot, IQF Red fruits Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsspain Premium Access
824111/06/2018 SIX-WAY-CUT CARCASS(MUTTON) Buyanyquote buyer direct12.5 tonsCIF Chenglingji Port(a port in south-central part Halal Juyuan Juluo Imp & Exp Co.Ltd
824211/06/2018 Bone-In Lamb Flap Fore Piece Buyanyquote buyer direct12.5 tonsCIF Chenglingji Port(a port in south-central part Halal Juyuan Juluo Imp & Exp Co.Ltd
823908/06/2018 IQF sweet corn Buyanyquote buyer direct1000 TM per yearSpain Premium Access
823808/06/2018 IQF strawberries Buyany500 to 1500 €/tonat least 5 fcl of 40'Spain Premium Access
823608/06/2018 IQF strawberries BuyanyQuote buyer direct600 MTCyprus Premium Access
821906/06/2018 Chicken Breast BuyBrazil1400 USD/mt200 mt monthlyCIF european sea port Halal Supreme s.r.o.
822706/06/2018 frozen french fry potatoes BuyConsidering ChinaQuote buyer direct8-10 containers per month to startWe are looking for consistent supply,. Premium Access
821324/05/2018 Frozen chicken leg quarter, Chicken upper back and beef feet Buyany600/MT2×40 FCLghana Halal V J divine Favour Enterprises
821223/05/2018 Looking for B grade French fries BuyUs or Canada Complete truck loads Mexico Premium Access
821022/05/2018 IQF Black Beans BuyAnyQuote buyer direct120000 lbsUSA Premium Access
820922/05/2018 Green Lentils BuyAnyQuote buyer direct160000 lbsUSA Premium Access
820822/05/2018 fried frozen vegetables (beetroot, carrots, parsnips) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct300 ton of each type Germany Premium Access
820118/05/2018 acai berries pellets BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1kg bagSweden Organic Premium Access
819116/05/2018 Frozen Blueberries BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 million lbsUSA ARCHIVED
819016/05/2018 frozen corn BuyAnyQuote buyer direct100 tonsSouth Africa Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
817714/05/2018 Frozen Pitaya BuyAnyQuote buyer direct9 TonSingapour ARCHIVED
817614/05/2018 organic purple and organic yellow carrots BuyAnyQuote buyer directContainer volumeUSA Organic ARCHIVED
817314/05/2018 Lemon and Orange BuyAnyQuote buyer directMOQSaudi Arabia ARCHIVED
817214/05/2018 Red Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry BuyAnyQuote buyer directMOQSaudi Arabia ARCHIVED
817114/05/2018 Sweet Cherry IQF BuyAnyQuote buyer direct6 FCLIsrael Kosher ARCHIVED
814914/05/2018 IQF Frozen Fruits BuyPoland, SerbiaQuote buyer direct1x20'RF mixThailand Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
816109/05/2018 Garlic puree BuyAnyQuote buyer direct400 - 900 kg  ARCHIVED
815809/05/2018 Tomatoes (grilled or oven dried) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct7 500 - 20 000 kg  ARCHIVED
815909/05/2018 Pre fried onion puree (2-3 mm) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct 3 000 - 8 000 kg  ARCHIVED
816009/05/2018 Green jalapeno puree (2-3 mm) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct600 - 1 500 kg  ARCHIVED
816209/05/2018 Coriander BuyAnyQuote buyer direct200 - 350 kg  ARCHIVED
816309/05/2018 Lime juice BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1500 - 3 700 kg  ARCHIVED

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