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491017/01/2018 IQF lima beans BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 FCLTaiwan RESTRICTED
490817/01/2018 IQF Minced or diced Carrots Buyanyquote buyer direct61 000 lbs a yearUS RESTRICTED
490616/01/2018 IQF machine to do fruit frozen cubes. Buyanyquote buyer direct Ecuador RESTRICTED
490516/01/2018 shoestring, crinkle cut, seasoned fries, hash brown patties, onion rings Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsTaiwan RESTRICTED
490012/01/2018 IQF Jicama diced small & IQF Carrots diced small Buyanyquote buyer direct61,000 yearly on each5000-10,000 per items per shipment. RESTRICTED
489409/01/2018 IQF carrot, yellow beans, white beans, green peas , sweet corn BuyAnyQuote buyer directhalf truckLatvia RESTRICTED
489209/01/2018 IQF large chopped basil (DOP) BuyAnyQuote buyer direct2800 lbsNew York RESTRICTED
489109/01/2018 asparagus , mix vegetable BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsDominican republic RESTRICTED
489009/01/2018 Cherries Pomegranate BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsDominican republic RESTRICTED
488909/01/2018 strawberry BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsDominican republic RESTRICTED
488809/01/2018 rowanberry BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 truck loadPoland RESTRICTED
488709/01/2018 We are a very large company based in Toronto with a requirement of IQF FROZEN FIRE ROASTED GARLIC Buy  2-3 containers per monthCanada RESTRICTED
488205/01/2018 IQF strawberry Buyanyquote buyer directFCLDominican Republic RESTRICTED
488105/01/2018 IQF Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels and Frozen Geen Beans Buyanyquote buyer directFCLCFR Tehran Halal RESTRICTED
487029/12/2017 IQF blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, mango, kiwi, peach Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsMexico RESTRICTED
486929/12/2017 IQF peas, broccoli, peas & carrots (3/8 cubes) 50% each Buyanyquote buyer directby full loadsMexico RESTRICTED
486828/12/2017 IQF sweet corn Buyanyquote buyer direct52 ft. full truck each three or two monthsMexico RESTRICTED
486427/12/2017 IQF pear dices 10x10 mm BuyTurkey, Serbia, Macedonia, North Africaquote buyer direct100 000 kgs iRussia RESTRICTED
484626/12/2017 schisandia chinensis fruit IQF Buyanyquote buyer direct400 kgItaly Organic RESTRICTED
485026/12/2017 Ice-cream Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loads Russia RESTRICTED
485126/12/2017 IQF vegetables, mushrooms, Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia RESTRICTED
485226/12/2017 Fruits , berries Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia RESTRICTED
485326/12/2017 Sea-food and fish Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia RESTRICTED
485426/12/2017 Ready meals Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsRussia RESTRICTED
484421/12/2017 We import frozen açai berry pulp from brazil however we are looking for a company that can melt our 1KG pads of açai and refreeze them into 1cm cubes. Is this a service that you offer? Buy   Europe The Rainforest Company
484321/12/2017 IQF Cauliflower BuyEcuador 40000 lbs.  Organic RESTRICTED
484220/12/2017 IQF Sliced Lime and Lemon Buy   Australia RESTRICTED
484020/12/2017 Organic fruits,vegts,herbs Buyglobaleofferpalettes & containersDubai Airport Organic BabyFood Halal RESTRICTED
484120/12/2017 Organic Mango Diced Buy 0.90400,000 lbs  Organic Kosher RESTRICTED
483419/12/2017 IQF Sour Cherries Buy  23 tonsSouth Africa Halal Kosher RESTRICTED
482818/12/2017 IQF cranberries Buyanyquote buyer direct40-60 tonsRussia Organic BabyFood RESTRICTED
482515/12/2017 IQF Apricot halves: 35-45, half figs violet, griotte Buyanyquote buyer directrespectively 2 tons, 1 ton, 1 tonFrance Organic RESTRICTED
482315/12/2017 Sliced Pears Non GMO Kosher BuyAnywhere except Chinaquote buyer direct60 000lbsNorth East US Kosher RESTRICTED
482214/12/2017 iqf Frozen cherries Buyanyquote buyer direct300 tonsPoland RESTRICTED
481212/12/2017 7x7 or 9x9 french fries Buyanyquote buyer direct50-55 tons a monthoffer CFR Cape Town or Durban RESTRICTED
480912/12/2017 Strawberry BuyNOT EGYPT 1.000.000KgPortugal RESTRICTED
481111/12/2017 IQF butternut squash and sweet potato Buyanyquote buyer direct6 FTL of eachCanada RESTRICTED
481011/12/2017 Frozen Diced pumpkin Buyanyquote buyer direct6 FTLCanada RESTRICTED
480507/12/2017 IQF green peas, cut green beans Buyanyquote buyer direct, LC on Deutsche Bank11 and 8 containers a monthAlgeria RESTRICTED
480307/12/2017 Frozen Orange Zest BuyN/A1.25 per pound3 palletsLos Angeles Kosher RESTRICTED
480106/12/2017 Black Sweet Cherry BuyAfricaquote buyer direct6 MTSouth Africa RESTRICTED
480006/12/2017 chopped spinach in pellets BuyAnyquote buyer direct1 containerFrance Kosher RESTRICTED
479305/12/2017 I need: strawberry iqf sliced, mandarin iqf sliced and peeled, banana iqf slice 3/5mm, fig iqf in 3/4 Buy  10Ttons A YEAR FOR EACH REFERENCE Italy RESTRICTED
479405/12/2017 zucchini grilled iqf,pepper grilled iqf Buy  IndustryItaly RESTRICTED
479205/12/2017 IQF yucca Buyanyquote buyer direct1000-2000 lbs per month. East Coast US RESTRICTED
478304/12/2017 IQF Frozen Grade A Broccoli and Organic as well Buyany except Asiaquote buyer direct2,000,000 - 6,000,000 lbsEast Coast US mostly RESTRICTED
478604/12/2017 IQF peach segments and halves peach without the skin BuyAnyquote buyer direct24 tons eachPoland RESTRICTED
478201/12/2017 IQF Apple/Fennel Blend or Separate, Shredded Carrot/Red Onion/Cabbage blend or separate Buyanyquote buyer direct1000-2000 lbs per month of each groupEast Coast US RESTRICTED
477401/12/2017 IQF blueberry, rhubarb, cranberry Buyanyquote buyer directmix 20 foot containerIndonesia RESTRICTED
477901/12/2017 IQF for smoothie BuyvariousVarious10 tonnes mixed ingredientsDendermonde Belgium RESTRICTED

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