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648511/07/2018 IQF hand-cut plum SellSerbiaPlease ask sellerup to 500tcontinious until end of May '19 Sweet home d.o.o.
647809/07/2018 IQF Blueberry - Grade B SellChileUSD $1900 / MT48 MTQingdao Pacific Valley Foods, Inc.
647309/07/2018 frozen ready meals and bakery SellItalyask sellerask sellerAny destination ALMA SRL
646509/07/2018 Iqf Frozen Haskap Berry, HoneyBerries, honeysuckle SellPolandUpon requestupon request  Organic Nutracevit
646609/07/2018 IQF Frozen French Fries SellBelgiumask sellerMultiple loadsany destination July and August AJC International
645929/06/2018 WHOLE ROUND FROZEN MACKEREL SellFAO 270.7325 TONSFOB Pescados Airoa
641305/06/2018 IQF Redcurrant class 1 and other qualities SellPolandPlease ask sellerPlease ask sellerAny Quadrum Foods
641105/06/2018 IQF pited sour cherry SellSerbiaPlease ask sellerAnyPrompt - from next week Sweet home d.o.o.
640905/06/2018 Frozen cakes & pastry SellTurkey anyCPT Halal SWEET HEAVEN
640804/06/2018 IQF "Oblacinska" sour cherry with stone SellSerbiaPlease ask sellerup to 500tJune 18 Sweet home d.o.o.
640704/06/2018 Frozen seafoods, Frozen prepared foods, Canned fo SellChinaaccording to QTYas your requestsea freight Organic Halal Yantai Spring-Sea Aquaseeds Co.,Ltd.
412030/05/2018 Green Peas SellPolandcheap ! 100 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
640228/05/2018 IQF Strawberry, various sizes, EU/FDA, SellPolandPlease ask sellerAnyAny Quadrum Foods
639824/05/2018 IQF Rhubarb Red/Malinovy 12.8mm slices. EU/FDA. SellPolandPlease ask sellerAnyAny Quadrum Foods
425922/05/2018 IQF FROZEN BRUSSELS SPROUTS SellTURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Conventional & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426022/05/2018 IQF FROZEN TOMATO SellTURKEYAsk Seller750 MTPROMPT (Organic & Conventional &Kosher & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426122/05/2018 IQF FROZEN PEAS SellTURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Organic&Conventional&Kosher&Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426222/05/2018 IQF FROZEN BROCCOLI STALKS SellTURKEYAsk Seller80 MTPROMPT (Conventional & Halal) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
426322/05/2018 IQF FROZEN POTATO SellTURKEYAsk Seller1.000 MTPROMPT(Organic 20x20,Conventional French Fries) OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
399918/05/2018 Sour cherries, Obachinska SellBulgariaplease ask seller20 tonsPrompt Kosher SonderJansen
411918/05/2018 Strawberries 25-35 mm IQF SellPolandplease ask seller66 tonsJune - NEW CROP Kosher SonderJansen
636609/05/2018 IQF Blueberries SellChilePlease inquire within225MTAny port ARCHIVED
422124/01/2018 frozen pea pods Sellchina ask for sellers100 tons any destination ARCHIVED
414229/11/2017 IQF unpeeled broad beans SellEgyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
414029/11/2017 IQF peeled broad beans for puree SellEgyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsAny destination ARCHIVED
414129/11/2017 artichoke puree SellEgyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
412206/11/2017 IQFwaterchestnut slice SellChina Ask for sellersA grade Any destinations Kosher ARCHIVED
411625/10/2017 IQF mandarin segments Sellchina ask for sellers200tons   ARCHIVED
410428/09/2017 Sourcherry conventionnal unpitted SellCroatiaTBD1 loadTBD ARCHIVED
410328/09/2017 Sourcherry conventionnal SellSerbia or CroatiaTBD1 loadTBD ARCHIVED
406731/08/2017 IQF pomegranate arils SellEgyptask sellermultiple loadsAny destination ARCHIVED
404418/08/2017 IQF whole green beans SellEgyptask seller150 tonsany destination ARCHIVED
398901/06/2017 Frozen green beans (whole) SellEgyptAsk sellerMultiple loadsAny ARCHIVED
398629/05/2017 Spinach SellChina0.44USD/lbs1 Container (20 Tons)ASAP- WEST COAST ONLY ARCHIVED
397418/05/2017 IQF rhubarb FDA conform SellPoland TBDFCA Poland ARCHIVED
397518/05/2017 IQF rhubarb organic SellPoland TBDFCA Poland Organic Kosher ARCHIVED
394005/04/2017 Green peas, cut green beans SellSerbiaask seller1000 tons eachany destination ARCHIVED
392015/03/2017 IQF Kiwi (dices, slices, whole) SellItaly and FranceTBDTBDTBD ARCHIVED
371806/03/2017 IQF Green Peas I class SellSerbiaAsk seller500 tonsany destination ARCHIVED
388207/02/2017 Potatoe cube, onion cube, red pepper cube SellSerbia    ARCHIVED
330824/01/2017 IQF Apple SellChinaAsk seller500mtsPrompt Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
321524/01/2017 IQF Lemon Slice SellChinaAsk Seller100mtsPrompt Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
337024/01/2017 Frozen Mango Dices/Slice SellChinaAsk seller500mtsPrompt Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
338424/01/2017 IQF Strawberry Dices SellChinaAsk seller100mtsPrompt Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
380018/01/2017 gooseberry SellPoland 10T  Organic ARCHIVED
386118/01/2017 raspberry whole 95% cl. extra SellPoland 10-20T  Organic ARCHIVED
385918/01/2017 blackcurrant SellPoland 20-40T  Organic ARCHIVED
385818/01/2017 raspberry crumble SellPoland 10-20T  ARCHIVED
385512/01/2017 IQF artichokes SellEgyptask seller directmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
384203/01/2017 IQF pomegranate SellUSask sellermultiple loadsany destination Kosher ARCHIVED

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