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6718 16/10/2018
Selling Frozen Rosehip berries Ukraine 40Promt S.B. Frozen Foods, LLC
6717 16/10/2018
Selling Frozen Cranberry Ukraine 40Promt S.B. Frozen Foods, LLC
6711 11/10/2018
Selling IQF Organic Kent variety mango chunks Mexicoask seller2 loadsany destination Organic Patagonia Foods
6712 11/10/2018
Selling IQF conventional Kent Variety mango dices Mexicoask seller10 loadsany destination Patagonia Foods
6707 09/10/2018
Selling Frozen Baguette Ukraine1.50$ per piece600 and moreEnywhere "LBU-TECH" LTD
6692 02/10/2018
Selling Frozen Chicken Turkey$1690 per Ton200 TonsShipping TURKGROUP INTERNATIONAL
6682 01/10/2018
Selling Indian Mackerel Vietnam1-2 USD/KG FOB HCM2 x 40ft20-25 days after confirm label. Organic BabyFood Mekong Seafood Connection Co., Ltd.
6691 01/10/2018
Destoc Black Pomfret Vietnam3.30 - 4.20 USD/KG2x40ftEvery months Organic BabyFood Halal Kosher Mekong Seafood Connection Co., Ltd.
6684 30/09/2018
Selling Pangasius fillet well-trimmed Vietnam1.9... USD/KG FOB HCM2 x 40ftIN OCTOBER Organic Mekong Seafood Connection Co., Ltd.
6690 30/09/2018
Selling super sweet corn Hungaryplease ask seller100 tonsPrompt Halal Kosher SonderJansen
3999 26/09/2018
Selling Lingonberries Russiaplease ask seller21 tonsPrompt Organic SonderJansen
4120 26/09/2018
Selling Cut green beans 20-40 mm Polandplease ask seller100 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
4119 26/09/2018
Selling French Fries Beneluxplease ask sellerper FCLprompt - October Kosher SonderJansen
6662 26/09/2018
Destoc IQF tomatoes cubes and whole Turkeyaskmultiple loadsany destination OZGORKEY FOOD CO. INC.
6661 17/09/2018
Selling Frozen black marlin Taiwanask seller3*40fclany destination Hungxin fishery group
6659 17/09/2018
Selling IQF Mango Kaew Vietnam$1600/MT500MT6 months Halal Kosher TUFOCO Thuan Phong
6649 13/09/2018
Selling Green pepper cubes 10x10mm SerbiaEUR 0.55/kg FCA Serbia22mtprompt Sweet home d.o.o.
6541 12/09/2018
Selling Frozen haskap Canada    Kosher Quebec Wild Blueberries
6549 12/09/2018
Selling IQF Mango dices (TMD) IndiaUSD 1300/MT500MTImmediate pellagic food ingredients pvt ltd
6633 11/09/2018
Selling IQF okra & artichoke quarters Egyptask seller for direct quotationmultiple loadsAny destination GIVREX
6611 05/09/2018
Selling ATLANTIC MACKEREL  1450 EURO per ton26 tonCIF Desert Rose Group
6570 30/08/2018
Selling Mango smoothies Peru 24 MT Europe main port Kosher BRECON FOODS
6546 16/08/2018
Selling WHOLE ROUND FROZEN MACKEREL NetherlandsEUR 610/MT2000 Metric ton(s)10-18 days ARCHIVED
4259 14/08/2018
Selling IQF FROZEN RED PEPPER TURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Conventional & Halal) ARCHIVED
6466 14/08/2018
Selling IQF Frozen French Fries Belgiumask sellerMultiple loadsany destination July and August ARCHIVED
6542 14/08/2018
Selling frozen special meatballs (içli köfte ) Turkey4-5 euro/kg10 tonsany Organic Halal ARCHIVED
6533 09/08/2018
Selling Mini Pie with cheese/olive/apple Bulgaria    ARCHIVED
6528 08/08/2018
Selling 100% Veal Kebab Poland3,50€ EXW Halal ARCHIVED
6527 08/08/2018
Selling 100% Chicken Leg Frozen Kebab Poland2,60€ EXW Halal ARCHIVED
6525 06/08/2018
Selling Whole Chicken Griller Brazil 108 MT (4x40' FCL) per month  Halal ARCHIVED
4261 03/08/2018
Selling IQF FROZEN PEAS TURKEYAsk Seller500 MTPROMPT (Organic&Conventional&Kosher&Halal) ARCHIVED
4263 03/08/2018
Selling IQF FROZEN POTATO TURKEYAsk Seller1.000 MTPROMPT(Organic 20x20,Conventional French Fries) ARCHIVED
4260 03/08/2018
Selling IQF FROZEN TOMATO TURKEYAsk Seller180 MTPROMPT (Organic & Conventional &Kosher & Halal) ARCHIVED
6520 03/08/2018
Selling Chicken Feet - Grade A Brazilask seller108 MT (4x40' FCL) per monthany destination Halal ARCHIVED
6500 24/07/2018
Selling IQF Sour cherry crop 2018 Polaand and EUPlease ask sellerAnyAny ARCHIVED
6496 19/07/2018
Selling Chicken whole, paws & feet Brazilask sellerMultiple loadsany destination Halal Kosher ARCHIVED
6478 09/07/2018
Selling IQF Blueberry - Grade B ChileUSD $1900 / MT48 MTQingdao ARCHIVED
6473 09/07/2018
Selling frozen ready meals and bakery Italyask sellerask sellerAny destination ARCHIVED
6465 09/07/2018
Selling Iqf Frozen Haskap Berry, HoneyBerries, honeysuckle PolandUpon requestupon request  Organic ARCHIVED
6459 29/06/2018
6413 05/06/2018
Selling IQF Redcurrant class 1 and other qualities PolandPlease ask sellerPlease ask sellerAny ARCHIVED
6409 05/06/2018
Selling Frozen cakes & pastry Turkey anyCPT Halal ARCHIVED
6407 04/06/2018
Selling Frozen seafoods, Frozen prepared foods, Canned fo Chinaaccording to QTYas your requestsea freight Organic Halal ARCHIVED
6402 28/05/2018
Selling IQF Strawberry, various sizes, EU/FDA, PolandPlease ask sellerAnyAny ARCHIVED
6398 24/05/2018
Selling IQF Rhubarb Red/Malinovy 12.8mm slices. EU/FDA. PolandPlease ask sellerAnyAny ARCHIVED
6366 09/05/2018
Selling IQF Blueberries ChilePlease inquire within225MTAny port ARCHIVED
4221 24/01/2018
Selling frozen pea pods china ask for sellers100 tons any destination ARCHIVED
4142 29/11/2017
Selling IQF unpeeled broad beans Egyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED
4140 29/11/2017
Selling IQF peeled broad beans for puree Egyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsAny destination ARCHIVED
4141 29/11/2017
Selling artichoke puree Egyptask FrozenB2Bmultiple loadsany destination ARCHIVED

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