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470817/10/2017 IQF roma tomatoes, tomatoes, garlic, seeded serrano pepper BuyanyQuote buyer directa few pallets at a timeOR USA RESTRICTED
470012/10/2017 IQF cauliflower BuyanyQuote buyer direct10000 casesUSA RESTRICTED
470206/10/2017 IQF green pigeon peas BuyanyQuote buyer direcct20 tonsquote FOB RESTRICTED
469904/10/2017 IQF strawberry Buyanyquote buyer direct20 MTSubic Port RESTRICTED
469803/10/2017 line of IQF fruits Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada RESTRICTED
469703/10/2017 line of IQF vegetables Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada RESTRICTED
410603/10/2017 Mango chunk 20x20 SellPeru  Any destination Durán Fruits
410503/10/2017 IQF A Crimson Grapes (seedless) SellPeruAsk seller Any destination Durán Fruits
401403/10/2017 Kiwi purée SellChilePlease ask sellermultiple loadsAny destination Durán Fruits
391703/10/2017 Avocado purée SellChileask seller any destination Durán Fruits
402303/10/2017 Strawberries IQF A, new season SellChileAsk seller Any detination Durán Fruits
469302/10/2017 IQF mushrooms Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsCanada RESTRICTED
469102/10/2017 raspberry BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsGermany Organic RESTRICTED
469029/09/2017 cauliflower , broccoli , green peppers BuyAnyQuote buyer directMultiple loadsGermany Organic RESTRICTED
468928/09/2017 IQF organic sliced banana BuyAnyQuote buyer direct1 container per monthUSA Organic RESTRICTED
410428/09/2017 Sourcherry conventionnal unpitted SellCroatiaTBD1 loadTBD DESCOURS ROGER GROUP
410328/09/2017 Sourcherry conventionnal SellSerbia or CroatiaTBD1 loadTBD DESCOURS ROGER GROUP
468828/09/2017 Black, red, garbanzo beans Buyusa or canadaQuote buyer direct100000 lbsUSA RESTRICTED
468728/09/2017 strawberry , banana , apple , mango slices BuyNot from ChinaQuote buyer direct60 000 , 70 000 , 35 000 , 25 000 respectivelyNew york state RESTRICTED
467622/09/2017 IQF garlic cloves Buyanyquote buyer direct6 pallets per monthPoland RESTRICTED
467520/09/2017 green beans Buy  10 containerMiami RESTRICTED
467420/09/2017 Chicken paws , pork front feet , shin and shank , omasum Buy  40 containers per monthChina RESTRICTED
467120/09/2017 We need the necessary equipment for quick freezing (IQF tunnel..etc) potatoes chips, 500 Kgs up to 1000 kgs per hour. We already have the machines for washing/peeling/cutting potatoes Buy  ONE machineQatar OPEN
467320/09/2017 IQF CILANTRO BuyanyQuote buyer direct1 PALLET Canada Organic RESTRICTED
466918/09/2017 A Grade French fries. BuyAnyTarget Price: 700 USD per MT (Please quote best)10 Containers per month. The projections are huge CFR Port of Sudan. RESTRICTED
408713/09/2017 IQF Sour cherry (Lutovka, Oblacinska, Pandy) SellPoland/EUplease ask sellerWhole, halves, slices, dicesAny Quadrum Foods
466413/09/2017 frozen avocados organic certifed Buy  5 MT FCA  Organic RESTRICTED
407107/09/2017 Red beet juice concentrate SellPolandplease ask seller2-4 FCLAny Quadrum Foods
399907/09/2017 sweet cherries SellBulgariaplease ask seller20 tonsPrompt SonderJansen
406804/09/2017 IQF Kale - hand strigged SellPolandP.O.AAnyAny Quadrum Foods
406731/08/2017 IQF pomegranate arils SellEgyptask sellermultiple loadsAny destination GIVREX
465830/08/2017 IQF yellow carrot in cubes 10x10 mm Buyanyquote buyer direct9 trucks a yearPoland RESTRICTED
465730/08/2017 frozen garlic cloves Buyanyquote buyer direct8 pallets a monthPoland RESTRICTED
404229/08/2017 wild blueberries SellEUplease ask seller20 tonsprompt SonderJansen
465629/08/2017 10 or 12 mm cut fries BuyanyQuote buyer directMULTIPLE LOADSSamoa Islands RESTRICTED
465425/08/2017 IQF garbazo beans Buyanyquote buyer directa few palletsGeorgia US RESTRICTED
465325/08/2017 Frozen Lamb Flaps and Frozen Lamb Neck . Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsSamoa Islands RESTRICTED
405925/08/2017 IQF shallot cube SellChinaAsk for the sellers.400 tons Any destination Kosher Hebei Dingyu Imp and Exp Co.,Ltd
465221/08/2017 frozen beef and chicken Buyanyquote buyer directmultiple loadsOman RESTRICTED
465121/08/2017 frozen beef, FROZEN FRONT BONELESS BEEF MEAT BuyBrazil/Argentina/Ukraine/Europe, Colombia between 2500$ and 2750$ Multiple loadsEgypt RESTRICTED
404418/08/2017 IQF whole green beans SellEgyptask seller150 tonsany destination ARCHIVED
464917/08/2017 Buffalo Tenderloin, striploin, topside, Rump steak Buyanyquote buyer directmix containerMauritius ARCHIVED
464817/08/2017 IQF lychee BuyanyQuote buyer directOne container by month.USA ARCHIVED
464614/08/2017 IQF strawberry, raspberry and sour cherry. Buy ex-works 30 tonnes of each product.   ARCHIVED
464411/08/2017 Wild bilberries Buy  60 tonsEurope ARCHIVED
463810/08/2017 Mutton -Leg bone in - 6 way cut - For Quarter Buy  combined with these products, 24 tonsBusan port, South Korea ARCHIVED
464210/08/2017 Frozen Buffalo Buy  1 container, 24tons Busan port, South Korea ARCHIVED
463709/08/2017 Frozen whole chicken grillers Buy  One container - This is repeated businessMiddle East ARCHIVED
463609/08/2017 Frozen french fries. 7x7 and 9x9 15mm 2. Frozen mix veg. 3 mix 3. Frozen sweet corn Buy  One container - This is repeated businessMiddle East ARCHIVED
463508/08/2017 I am seeking to source two frozen egg products, a 'deep frozen whole fried egg' and 'flat deep frozen plain omelettes' into the UK. Buy   uk ARCHIVED

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