Month: May 2021

How to contact IQF Food Buyers

We explain in this tutorial how to use FrozenB2B marketplace to contact and sell to IQF and Frozen Food Buyers : IQF herbs, IQF Fruits, IQF Vegetables, IQF potatoes, Frozen Prepared food, meat, fish…desserts… How to use the Frozen Food Marketplace? The third service frozen b2b marketplace is constantly collecting global, local business opportunities and …

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Iqf Mango Suppliers

IQF Mango Frozen Vietnam

Mr. Nguyen Thien from WESTFOOD Vietnam speaks about the Mango crop in Vietnam, ethical and sustainable certifications, export markets,…May 2021 Westfood have more than 30 years of exporting to fruit and vegetable industry Currently we have two mango varieties: the Kaew and the Cat Chu with the firm texture the Kaew is more suitable for …

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How many types of frozen french fries are there ?

Frozen French Fries Types

FrozenB2B suppliers offer more than 30 categories of frozen potatoes, among them there are 13 types of french fries. We can classify frozen potatoes among: Frozen Blanched Potato, Frozen Spicy Wedges Potato, Frozen Fried Sliced Potatoes , Frozen Boiled Sliced Potatoes, Frozen Potato croquettes , Frozen Potato sticks, Frozen Dauphine potatoes, Frozen Rosti, Frozen Hasbrown, …

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What are the Frozen Italians Bread ?

frozen italian bread

List of frozen italian bread by Oropan S.p.A.  Hereunder a list of frozen italian breads, it includes Pugliese Roung Bread, Filone Bread, bread with flax and sunflower seeds, altamura focaccia, filoncino bread, pagnotina bread, Rosetta bread, maltamura focaccina, rustic ciabatta,… schicciata, Spaccatina, 1-FROZEN PART-BAKED PUGLIESE ROUND BREAD WITH REMILLED DURUM WHEAT SEMOLINA 453gFrozen gourmet bread …

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IQF Frozen Peach in Spain


In this interview, we speak with Zheni about the different varieties of Peaches in Spain, 2021 crop, the Spanish regions for peach, the frost…… Zheni works at World Food and Flavors, a global sourcing company with different offices in North America, Asia and Europe. Zheni thanks very much for joining us today on frozen b2b …

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Frozen Organic Vegetables Manufacturer

Schneider’s Gemüseland : The greeting from the heart of Europe : Organic and conventional vegetables for you and your customer – Family-run business for generations – Modern harvesting, production and packaging machines – Customized washing, sorting and packing – Production hall with logistics center and frozen storage – Best Austrian quality, all certificates and analyses …

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