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Based in Italy OROPAN S.p.A. is a Processor, of Frozen Bakery,
It offers the following certifications : BRC (AA); IFS (Higher); ISO 9001:2015.

Overview : Oropan S.p.A. is the category leader in the production of gourmet breads from the Puglia region of Italy. We help importers, retailers, and foodservice distributors innovate their product range thanks to the uniqueness of our Italian baked goods. We strictly follow our ancient recipe of Puglia that dates back to 37 B.C. and is based on the use of remilled durum wheat semolina (rich Italian flavour), mother dough, and natural leavening for 12 hours (which gives a unique flavour and makes the dough more digestible). Founded by Vito Forte, a well-respected baker in Altamura since 1956, the company employs 153 people and is considered an ambassador of “made in Italy” fine foods. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, the company has been able to gain a unique competitive advantage by combining a traditional production method with the innovative product requirements of modern retailers and foodservice distributors. Oropan S.p.A. applies the most rigorous international quality standards such as BRC (AA), IFS (Higher), and ISO 9001:2015. Product ranges: ->Frozen par-baked bakery products for the retail channel (instore bakery) and foodservice channels (restaurants, hotel, bread café…) ->Retail-packaged frozen bakery products for the retail channel ->Bakery products in a protective atmosphere (bread rolls and focaccia breads) ->Traditional savoury snacks The company currently exports to +23 markets worldwide and is the preferred choice of business operators looking to increase their performance in the bakery industry.

The address is SS 96 km 5,4 70022 Altamura (BA)
 Altamura 70022
Contact : Ragone 
, Mr.
, (Seller) 

Based in Italy Meglio Puglia is a Processor, of Frozen Bakery, PizzaPastaPies,

The address is Locorotondo
 Locorotondo 70100
Contact : Cutrignelli 
, Export Director
, (, Seller, )