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Based in France Cocotine is a Processor, of Frozen Dairy, Frozen Bakery, Frozen Desserts, PreparedFood, RefrigeratedFood,
It offers the following certifications : BRC, ISO 22000, HACCP.

Overview : Chilled and frozen added value egg products for food service and industry

The address is ZI de Camagnon BP 309
 Ploermel 56803
Contact : Cothenet 
, export
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Portugal Derovo Group is a Processor, of Frozen Dairy, RefrigeratedFood,

The address is PQ Ind Manuel Mota Lt 30 Pombal
 Pombal 3100-354
Contact : Leitão 
Paulo Jorge
, MR
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in China Italia srl is a CoPacker, Agent, Trader, Importateur, Wholesaler, Caterer, Service, of Frozen Dairy, Frozen IceCream, Soup, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Frozen Bakery, Frozen Desserts, Jam, PizzaPastaPies, PreparedFood, Drinks, DehydratedFood, RefrigeratedFood, Frozen Service,

The address is City Eastern District Hengxin Garden
 Zhongshan 528400
Contact : Garbellini 
, Direct Manager
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in Belarus Poultry Farm Slonimskaya is a Processor, of Frozen Dairy,

The address is Ryazanovschina
 Slonim 231800
Contact : Saleyko 
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in France Cocotine / PEP Karea is a Agent, of Frozen Dairy, PizzaPastaPies, PreparedFood,

Contact : Heaney 
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Denmark DANAEG Products A/S DANEG is a Processor, of Frozen Dairy,

The address is Maglegårdsvej 13, PO box 347
 Roskilde 4000
Contact : Munsch 
Mr Peter T
, Export manager
, (, Seller, )