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Based in Netherlands FFT INTERNATIONAL is a Trader, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Dairy, Frozen Fruits, Frozen IceCream, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Frozen Desserts, Jam, PreparedFood, Drinks, DehydratedFood, RefrigeratedFood,

The address is De Zwette ,19
, Holland
 ZR Veenwouden 9269
Contact : Molenaar 
, Managing Director
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in France Cocotine is a Processor, of Frozen Dairy, Frozen Bakery, Frozen Desserts, PreparedFood, RefrigeratedFood,
It offers the following certifications : BRC, ISO 22000, HACCP.

Overview : Chilled and frozen added value egg products for food service and industry

The address is ZI de Camagnon BP 309
 Ploermel 56803
Contact : Cothenet 
, export
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in France Cocotine / PEP Karea is a Agent, of Frozen Dairy, PizzaPastaPies, PreparedFood,

Contact : Heaney 
, (, Seller, )