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Based in Indonesia RGNK is a Trader, Wholesaler, of Frozen Fish,

Overview : RGNK Co., Ltd. Our company located in Indonesia is a company that sustainably sells fresh fish from all over the country in Indonesia directly from fishermen or fish farms. as the whole world knows that natural resources in Indonesia are very abundant and of high quality. Our products ; Salt water : • skipjack • Yellowfin • Swordfish • Mackerel scad • Spanish mackerels • Gray tuna • Longtail tuna • Whiteleg shrimp • Fresh Bangka Squid • Squid Tube • Dory fillet 30% • cob / Deho • Rock lobster / black / Spiny Lobster • Baby tuna 300 - 500 gr Fresh water : • Red tilapia • Black tilapia • Fresh/frozen catfish • Smoked catfish • Unsalted Lobster / Crayfish • Fresh/frozen red pomfret in addition we are able to meet your needs if you are looking for other products. Just let us know the specifics of your interested in. please contact us to meet your supply needs. Thank you for your attention. Best regards, Galieh ----------------------------------------------------------------- Phone : +62 878 0305 4582 > Whatsapp : +62 878 0305 4582 > Address : Jl. Medika III Blok AR No. 1, Cilendek, Bogor, 16111

The address is Mutiara Building lt. 4 ruang 402
 Jakarta Selatan, Wil. Kota 12790
Contact : Nugraha Putra 
, Mr.
, (Seller) 

Based in Ireland Temple Seafood is a Agent, of Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, RefrigeratedFood,

Overview : Seafood Agency

The address is 31 Temple Woods, Greenhills Road
 Dublin 24
Contact : Ruzé 
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in South Africa SELIZO EXPORT TRADING GROUP PTY LTD is a Processor, Wholesaler, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Drinks, DehydratedFood, JuiceNotFrozen,


The address is 1-3 HOPE ST
 South Africa
Contact : TWINE 
, MR
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Sweden K/S Knold’s Seafood AB is a Trader, Processor, Wholesaler, of Frozen Fish,

Overview : eafood Experts K/S Knold’s Seafood AB export fresh seafood to the European Union, Asia, USA, North and South America and other key markets. We are periodically audited and certified by the Swedish food and drug authority and other major international certification bodies. We are certified for export to some major vendors in Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Australia and other parts of the globe We are a leading processing plant and major distributors of Fresh, frozen and processed seafood to many parts of the globe.. Every year we export and distribute a variety of seafood products which include Indian Mackerel, Tuna, Short-Bodied Mackerel, Illex Squid, Crabs, Shrimps, Sailfish, Oilfish

The address is Roxengatan 22
 Linköping 582 73
Contact : Lindholm 
, Mr
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Cameroon CONGELCAM SA is a Processor, Wholesaler, Service, of Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Drinks, Frozen Service,

Overview : La société CONGELCAM SA est aujourd’hui leader au Cameroun dans l’importation, la distribution et la vente des produits de mer grâce au génie de son Président Directeur Général qui a su au fil des ans developper une stratégie de croissance par réinvestissement et surtout par la mise en place progessive d’une équipe de professionels multidisciplinaires pour sous tendre cette politique de management. Aujourd’hui, les activités de CONGELCAM consistent essentiellement en l’importation, la distribution et la vente des produits de la mer et de certaines viandes. Ainsi, l’entreprise dispose de plusieurs sites d’entreposage de grandes envergures à Douala, terminus des bateaux d’importation. Des camions frigorifiques sont chargés d’acheminer les produits ainsi stockées vers d’autres sites disséminés dans les regions du cameroun. De là, des camions plus légers pourront ravitailler les points de vente. L’exceptionnelle capacité logistique actuelle de CONGELCAM permet de réceptionner un bateau entier de produits pratiquement tous les 5 jours, faisant d’elle le leader national incontesté sur le marché du poisson et de la volaille. Nous pratiquons une politique sociale en contribution aux cotés de l’Etat à la lutte contre le chômage et la vie chère: CONGELCAM emploie aujourd’hui directement près de 2000 personnes et génère indirectement plus de 3000 autres emplois au travers de ses partenaires locaux de prestation de services.

The address is Yaoundé B.P.: 718
 Yaounde 718
Contact : Sadio 
, Sales Marketer
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in New Zealand Advanced Marketing is a Trader, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat,

Overview : Established Meat and Seafood Trader since 1986

The address is L2/27Bath St
 Auckland 1052
 New Zealand
Contact : Park 
, Mr
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in China Qingdao Trustmei International Co., Ltd. is a Trader, of Frozen Fish,

Overview : Qingdao Trustmei International Co., Ltd. supplies quality seafood products produced from China at competitive prices. We would like to be your reliable supplier and trusted friends. We are mainly engaged in frozen seafood production and export with good quality and experienced service from China. Our cooperation factories locate in Qingdao, Yantai, Dalian, Zhejiang,and Hainan. Production is done under HACCP and SSOP. We have certification,like BRC, IFS, MSC, BAP. Quality control is from Raw material, package, production,till loading to the containers. Here is the product list that we are producing and selling: Alaska pollock, Arrow tooth flounder, Cod (Atlantic cod & Pacific Cod), Greenland Halibut, Haddock, John Dory, Mackerel, Monkfish, Mahi mahi fillets, New Zealand Hoki, Pacific Hake, Redfish (Atlantic redfish, Pacific ocean perch), Saithe, Salmon(Chum Salmon & Pink salmon), Seafood mix(mussel, surimi chunks, squid stips, clam, squid tentacles), Short Neck Clam, shrimp(Pink shrimp & Red shrimp), Sole(Yellow fin sole;Rock sole, Flathead sole), Squid, Surimi crab stick/chunk/bite(Imitation crab meat), Tilapia Vision: Build a first-class seafood company. Mission:supply better seafood with lower price to improve people's life. Core value: sincerity,healthy,benefit the public Philosophy: Healthy and yummy seafood for everybody every day! Best Regards/Cordialement, Leo Lee 李长存 Qingdao Trustmei International Co., Ltd. 青岛存美国际贸易有限公司 ADD: Qingdao,China Mob: +86 13791967463 Skype:leolee7777 QQ:706442718

The address is Jimo
 Qingdao 266228
Contact : Lee 
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Turkey Ayfrost Frozen Foods is a Processor, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Fish,

The address is Ayten Sok No 9 , Tandogan
 Ankara 312
Contact : Ugur Gok 
, Marketing Specialist
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Spain Gallus Consulting is a Trader, Wholesaler, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat,

Overview : Gallus consulting-WORLDTRAKERS, was created October 2010 by a professional and creative team of entrepreneurs with the goal of offering innovative solutions to a changing market. We rely on extensive experience to guarantee efficiency in our operations. We specialize in the commercialization of meat, fish and seafood products. Through our five expert service departments, we offer an integrated plan for our client’s commercial needs: PURCHASES, SALES, LOGISTICS, OPERATIONS, FINANCIAL. Our company has a strong presence in the European Market, and also in the Asian and African markets.

The address is Calle Embajador Vich 3-3
 Valencia 46002
Contact : Vava 
, Sales manager
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Pakistan One Approach is a Agent, Service, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Dairy, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Herbs, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen IceCream, Soup, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Frozen Bakery, Frozen Desserts, Jam, PizzaPastaPies, PreparedFood, Drinks, DehydratedFood, RefrigeratedFood, JuiceNotFrozen, Frozen Service,

Overview : Please note we as sourcing person provide solution to buyer and seller in meeting their demand and supply for commodities. We can cover their interest with sourcing right terms and condition and procedure as mutually acceptable and agreeable between buyer and seller organization. We beleive in providing present existing and avaialble market prices and with focus on quantity assurance and specification met with timely delivery. We work on commission and we are flexible on commission in order to secure every body involved interest.

The address is 210 Block 7/8 , K.M.C.H.S , Karachi , Pakistan .
 Karachi 75350
Contact : Aamir Ali 
, Mr.
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in Brazil Creo-Aretha WorldWide Sarl is a Trader, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, PreparedFood,

Overview : We are an Beninese company importer and exporter based in Brazil, where our main activity is to buy the products produced in that country to resell this in the world market. Depending on the circumstances, we can act as intermediary. Our mains products are: Soybean, Soybean Meal, Corn, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Rice, Coffee, Chickens whole and parts, Fish, and other products.

The address is Rua Itapecerica - 125
 Recife 50.720-260
Contact : Neto 
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in India Sun Global is a Agent, Trader, Importateur, Wholesaler, of Frozen Fish,

Overview : Leading Fresh & Frozen Seafood Exporter, Thailand

The address is Sampuvit Road
 Bangkok 10260
Contact : Mukerjea 
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Hungary KK GRAIN KFT is a Trader, Wholesaler, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Dairy, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Drinks, JuiceNotFrozen,

Overview : KK GRAIN KFT was created in 2011 in Budapest. We produces, markets, sells and distributes agricultural or farm produce from all variety and sorts and even some finished or semi-finished products. We focus on both on livestock and crop farming systems. KK GRAIN KFT is as a leading regional player in a number of markets in Western and Eastern Europe and in the international malt drinks markets. Our main markets comprise primarily Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Germany as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The international markets comprise a number of established markets in the Caribbean and major cities in Europe and North America with high concentration of inhabitants from the Caribbean and African areas in which our products are popular as well as emerging markets in Africa, Central America and South America. KK GRAIN KFT also produces, markets, sells and distributes quality beverages. We focus on branded products within beer, malt and soft drinks, including soda water, mineral water and fruit juices as well as cider and long drinks (RTD). KK GRAIN KFT is as a leading regional player in a number of markets in Western and Eastern Europe and in the international livestock markets.

The address is 2636 Tesa Petofi utca 16.
 Budapest 2636
Contact : Blazas 
, Mr
, (, Seller, )