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Based in Uruguay Fripur is a Processor, of Frozen Fish, PreparedFood,

The address is Av. Gral. Rondeau 2260
Contact : Rodriguez 
Adriana Fernandez
, export
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Russia POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA is a Processor, of Frozen Fish,
It offers the following certifications : ISO, HACCP.

Overview : Dear Colleagues, we are POLAR SEAFOOD RUSSIA, largest manufacturer of seafood, especially Polar northern cold water shrimps, Commodore squid (Berryteuthis magister), COD Fillets and sea culinary, like fish balls, burgers, fingers, croquetts from salmon, shrimps and cod in Russia. We offer PL OEM manufacturing of fish / shrimp balls under "Made in Russia". When you import seafood, could you please advise where we can send our catalogue.

The address is Warshavskoe shausse,, 42,
 Moscow 115230
Contact : Markin 
, Mr.
, (Seller) 

Based in Germany Pickenpack (Icelandic) is a Processor, of Frozen Fish,

The address is Lüner Rennbahn 9
 Lüneburg 21339
Contact : Bruno 
, Sales manager
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Netherlands FFT INTERNATIONAL is a Trader, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Dairy, Frozen Fruits, Frozen IceCream, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Frozen Desserts, Jam, PreparedFood, Drinks, DehydratedFood, RefrigeratedFood,

The address is De Zwette ,19
, Holland
 ZR Veenwouden 9269
Contact : Molenaar 
, Managing Director
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Vietnam A VINH HOAN CORP is a Processor, of Frozen Fish,
It offers the following certifications : HACCP, ASC, FIS, BAP, HALLA, BRC, GLOBALGAP.

Overview : the largest producer of Pangasius in the world. OUr products: pangasius fillet, bassa fillet, swai catfish, paga portion, breaded and marinated items...Also, VINH HOAN CORP are the first pangasius producer who receive ASC, BAP 4 STARS in the world.

The address is National Road 30, Ward 11, Cao Lanh City
 Đồng Tháp
Contact : Nguyen 
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in China COMFORTLY FOOD(QINGDAO) CO., L is a Processor, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Fish, PizzaPastaPies,

The address is West Block of Triumph Mansion, No.43 Donghai Rd
 qingdao 266400
Contact : Sun 
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Japan World Foods Co.,Ltd is a Processor, of PreparedFood,

Overview : a leading frozen Japanese prepared seafood supplier

The address is 3-2-10 Hanamigahama
 Fukutsu city 811-3216
Contact : Liu 
, Ms
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Turkey jefefood is a Processor, of Frozen Fish, Frozen Bakery, PreparedFood,

The address is 10001 ulukent sanayi
 Izmir 35080
Contact : yavuz 
, owner
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Spain Eurofrits, S.A. is a of Frozen Potatoes, PreparedFood,

The address is Lopez Bravo 45
Contact : Gonzalo 
, Export Manager
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Italy kopral is a Processor, Importateur, of Frozen Fish, Frozen Desserts, PreparedFood, RefrigeratedFood,

The address is via ugo la malfa
 palermo 90147
Contact : Ingrassia 
, mr.
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in India QUICK FOODS COMPANY is a CoPacker, Processor, Service, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen IceCream, Soup, Frozen Desserts, PizzaPastaPies, PreparedFood, Frozen Service,


The address is 402
 RAJKOT 360005
Contact : PAREKH 
, MR
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in China Qingdao TFMAX Trading Co.Ltd is a Trader, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Herbs, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, PreparedFood, RefrigeratedFood,

Overview : TFMAX Trading is an international trading company in Qingdao, China. We specialize in exporting and importing frozen poultry (chicken, duck and goose), meat (pork, rabbit, beef and lamb), fish fillet, seafood, vegetables and fruits. We have full knowledge of related products and market development. Our products are sourced and sold worldwide, with shipping being expertly handled to ensure our clients receive their order on time and in first-class condition. Meanwhile, understanding the importance of consumption health, we learn foodstuff safety standards well issued by different countries. Our aim is to establish and maintain strong partnerships with our producers and customers, delivering valued items and services at the same time.

The address is No.18 Gaoxiong
 Qingdao 266071
Contact : Fu 
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in France Wabel is a Service, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Dairy, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Herbs, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen IceCream, Soup, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Frozen Bakery, Frozen Desserts, Jam, PizzaPastaPies, PreparedFood, Drinks, DehydratedFood, RefrigeratedFood, JuiceNotFrozen, Frozen Service,

Overview : Wabel is a complete solution for European retailers and manufacturers to source, market and sell private label products. is an online sourcing platform for the largest European retailers to identify private label products and manufacturers through a state of the art search engine with many criteria (turnover, certifications, production capacity, origin of main ingredients, consumer segments, product type…) Wabel business meetings are one-on-one business meetings allowing private label manufacturers to meet in a single day with the largest hard-to-reach European Retailers and importers around a specific category. The team at Wabel has successfully organized numerous private label sourcing events over the past decades for the largest European retailers.

The address is 10, rue Royale
 Paris 75008
Contact : Dufus 
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in USA International Provisions, Inc. is a Wholesaler, of Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, PizzaPastaPies,

Overview : A wholesale food supplier servicing, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey and all Westchester County.

The address is 1698 Main Street
 Peekskill 10566
Contact : Grant 
, Mr.
, (, Seller, )