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Based in Canada BRECON FOODS is a CoPacker, Agent, Trader, Wholesaler, Service, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Herbs, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, Frozen Service,
It offers the following certifications : Organic-Ecocert, PCQI-FSMA, C-TPAT,.

Overview : Established in 1990 and built upon such core family values as trust, integrity, honesty and respect, Brecon Foods are international leaders in the Organic and Conventional Frozen Food industry. Brecon provides customized, responsive and intelligent solutions that consistently exceed expectations and align with growth objectives. Whether you are looking to market your product to the USA (FSMA) or export to various countries worldwide, our PCQI certified team will help you comply with Global Food Safety (GFSI) and Quality standards. Our team of Frozen Food specialists will leverage our market knowledge, business know-how and network of well established contacts to map out a strategy that will get your product to market both on time and on budget.

The address is 189 Hymus Blvd, suite 406
, Québec
 Pointe Claire H9R1E7
Contact : Sampson 
, Commercial Director
, (Buyer, Seller) 

Based in Netherlands BS Foods BV is a CoPacker, Trader, Processor, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits,
It offers the following certifications : IFS broker, organic and Global Gap.

Overview : We have been importing IQF fruit and vegetables in bulk since the year 2000. We deal with preferred suppliers from all over the world and supply to customers worldwide. With offices in Eastern Europe and South America we have a strong foothold in these markets and keep a close eye on the products. The years of experience and gained knowledge we gained enable us to anticipate on the ever-changing market developments. Our professional team masters the full supply-chain and knows how to absorb the time and risks involved with Producing, Sourcing, Transporting and Procurement of your IQF Fruit & Vegetables. You will be supported by our high-end logistical solutions and JIT-Deliveries which are possible because of our strategically places storage-units worldwide. Our rapid decision making structure makes us flexible and gives us the ability to act decisively. Furthermore, because of close relationships with Supplier and Client alike, we are able to seamlessly link supply and demand. An experienced team will provide you exactly what you need and takes away your risks

The address is Teersmortelweg 16 - P.O Box 74
 Wijchen 6602 BM
Contact : Schamp 
, Director
, (Buyer, Seller) 

Based in Poland HORTEX HOLDING SA is a Processor, Retailer, Wholesaler, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Mushrooms, Drinks,

The address is Mszczonowska 2
 WARSZAWA 02-237
Contact : Leganski 
, Foreign Department
, (Buyer, Seller) 

Based in Netherlands SonderJansen is a Processor, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits,

Overview : For over 20 years, we are a supplier and producer of frozen fruit and vegetables. Based on our years of experience, we source and produce top quality fruit and vegetables from countries all over the world. Our extensive product range also includes organic products grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Since 1996, SonderJansen has been importing, exporting and producing to the highest standards. It all started in Malden (NL), where we had a small office, followed by many years in Oss (NL), and nowadays our head office is in Rosmalen (NL). In the beginning we only had a factory in Poland. However, in 2009 we started building a new, state-of-the-art production facility in Serbia. As a result we can supply our customers with a range of fruits and varieties of the highest quality. This, in combination with our stringent quality department, means we can deliver perfect products to our customers. For more information about quality and certification, please visit our quality page. In our state-of-the-art manufactories in Poland and Serbia we process the fruit and vegetables so that they retain their fresh colour and taste. Thanks to our through understanding of the system of markets, weather and harvests we are able to respond effectively to changes in supply and demand and to maintain consistent supplies for our customers, in all seasons.

Contact : Sonder 
, Sales Manager
, (Seller) 

Based in Poland SCANDIC FOOD SP. Z O.O. is a CoPacker, Processor, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Jam,
It offers the following certifications : BRC.

Overview : Scandic Food is present in Poland since 1996, has two manufacturing plants in Lipsko close to Radom and Chojny Stare close to Łomża. The company buys and processes fruits and vegetables. The annual production capacity is 16,000 tons of frozen fruit and vegetables and 14,000 tons of jams and fruit and vegetables products.

The address is Filtrowa 53
 Warsaw 02-057
Contact : Czarnecki 
, Export Director
, (Seller) 

Based in China Newman food is a Trader, Processor, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Herbs, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Fish,

Overview : Contact : [email protected] Selling North and South America, Europe, Africa, any packaging

The address is RM A5 15/F , 17 Sharp St.west,
, Wanchai
 Hong kong
Contact : Hyman 
Mr. Sam
, President
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in France SICA SICODIS ET SICOLY is a Processor, of Frozen Fruits,
It offers the following certifications : BRC.

Overview : SICOLY is a french fruit cooperative created in 1962. Our 150 growers produce and harvest 10 000 Tons of very high quality fruits over 570 hectares, following the standards of integrated and sustainable agriculture. With the benefit of more than 30 years experience in fruit processing and deep-freezing, the SICOLY / SICODIS group offers you a complete range of products (fruits purees, juices, coulis, concentrates, whole and pieces IQF fruits) intended for a large customer target (industrials for pastry, ice-cream, caterer, importer/wholesaler with final customers like 4 or 5 stars hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, barmen...) We are also equipped with the most recent technologies (ohmic treatment for example) to propose you fruit (and vegetable) purees and others preparations, restoring in your products the best of them.

The address is 475 Route de Mornant
Contact : Barbier 
, Sales Manager
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in USA Harold J. Barrett Co is a Agent, Trader, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Mushrooms,

The address is 1200 Westlake Ave N -Ste 704
, WA
 Seattle 98109
Contact : Barrett 
, (Buyer, Seller, ) 

Based in Ukraine “SIM-SIM” (Ternopil factory of quick-frozen foods) is a Processor, of Frozen Fruits,

The address is Shevchenka str. 23, office 75
 Ternopil 46001
Contact : Miroslavovich 
, direc
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Lithuania KAUNO ŠALDYTUVAI is a of Frozen Fruits,

The address is 96 TAIKOS AVENUE
Contact : Bernotovacius 
, director
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in Poland CHŁODNIE GOMAR SP. Z O.O. is a Trader, Processor, Importer, Wholesaler, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits,
It offers the following certifications : IFS FOOD, GLOBAL GAP.

Overview : Chłodnie Gomar Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company operating in the fruit and vegetable processing industry since 2000. Our headquarter is located in Radom, in the central-eastern part of Poland. Chłodnie Gomar products are recognized not only in Poland but also in many countries of the European Union and the Middle East. Thanks to our well-developed machine park and refrigeration equipment, we are able to provide optimal storage conditions for our products. Our factory adheres to all sanitary and environmental protection standards, which is confirmed by two certificates received from TÜV Rheinland: International Featured Standards (IFS) and the organic production certificate.

The address is Wrocławska 9
Contact : Górniak 
, (Buyer, Seller) 

Based in Ukraine SLM AGRO is a Trader, Processor, Wholesaler, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Mushrooms,

The address is Charnovola Av. 45b
 Lviv 79020
Contact : Sinchick 
, Mr
, (, Seller, ) 

Based in China Qingdao Thingo Natural Products Co.,Ltd is a Trader, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Mushrooms,

Overview : Qingdao Thingo China Professional supplier of frozen fruits&vegetates. Your trustworthy partner in China.

The address is No.1068-13, Jinshui Road,Qingdao City,China
 Qingdao 266000
Contact : Sun 
, (, Seller, )