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About Caseificio Preziosa srl

Based in Italy, Caseificio Preziosa srl is a Processor of Frozen Dairy, . The number of employees is 11 – 60.

Since more than 50 years our company is one of the most known Italian mozzarella maker. Our mozzarella is made by using 100% milk of italian production and following traditional italian way of mozzarella making. The company by implementing the most careful self-control procedures and traceability has obtained in 2000 the UNI ENI ISO 9001 In order to answer to the demand of authentic italian mozzarella in the world we can also offer a frozen product. Thanks to a high standard technology,we are able to freeze our fresh production by a procces which keep the product's properties unchanged for 12 months. Our frozen mozzarella can be delivered to far destinations keeping its natural softness and a delicate taste. Once defrost mozzarella can be enjoyed as just made

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Contact details of Caseificio Preziosa srl

The address is : Via Cassinone Bergamo Italy

The contact person of this file is Ah***** Ad*****, ***** (Seller)

Tel : 0039 3334009729 Fax :

Caseificio Preziosa srl Products

  • Processes Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg
       Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg
  • Processes Frozen Cheese
      Frozen Cheese Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg
  • Processes Frozen Cheese Frozen / IQF Mozarella
     Frozen / IQF Mozarella Frozen Cheese Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg
  • Processes Frozen Cheese Frozen / IQF Mozzarella
     Frozen / IQF Mozzarella Frozen Cheese Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg
  • IQF Frozen Fruit       
  • Frozen Bakery       
  • Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg  P     
  • Frozen Desserts       
  • Frozen Fish, Frozen seafood       
  • IQF Frozen Herbs       
  • IQF Frozen Mushrooms       
  • IQF Frozen Vegetables       
  • Frozen Meat products       
  • Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta       
  • Frozen Potatoes       
  • Frozen Prepared Food       
  • Ice-creams, sorbets       
  • Services and Equipment       

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