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About Panificio Stacchiotti

Based in Italy, Panificio Stacchiotti is a Processor of Frozen Bakery, Frozen Pizza Pasta Pies, . The number of employees is 11 – 60.

We offer different types of bread, pizza, sweets and other baked goods which are also customizable: from the frozen pre-cooked bread, good for those who need to cook quickly, to pre-leavened bread. We make many specialties in order to satisfy all the customers’ needs. This is possible thanks to the flexibility of our machines and to our tradition of hand making quality products. Our frozen products are as good as the fresh ones. Everyday we bake delicious products thanks to the high quality ingredients and the skilful use of our advanced processes. Our Fresh frozen pasta lines: Pasta Stacchiotti, frozen fresh pasta, brings with it the deep meaning of Italian culture in cooking. It is extremely genuine, has an excellent flavour and good yield. It is prepared according to age-old recipes, with controlled ingredients and using the bronze wire-drawing method. This process ensures that the pasta sheet has its characteristic roughness, demonstrating its high quality and maintaining its excellent aesthetic and organoleptic properties intact.

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The address is : P.Varano 60100 Ancona Italy

The contact person of this file is el***** ga*****, ***** (Seller)

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Tel : +393358146473 Fax :

Panificio Stacchiotti Products

  • Processes Frozen Bakery
       Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Frozen bread
      Frozen bread Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Frozen bread Frozen Baguette
     Frozen Baguette Frozen bread Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Frozen viennoiserie Frozen Muffin
     Frozen Muffin Frozen viennoiserie Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta
       Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta
  • Processes Frozen Pasta
      Frozen Pasta Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta
  • Processes Frozen Pizza
      Frozen Pizza Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta
  • IQF Frozen Fruit       
  • Frozen Bakery  P     
  • Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg       
  • Frozen Desserts       
  • Frozen Fish, Frozen seafood       
  • IQF Frozen Herbs       
  • IQF Frozen Mushrooms       
  • IQF Frozen Vegetables       
  • Frozen Meat products       
  • Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta  P     
  • Frozen Potatoes       
  • Frozen Prepared Food       
  • Ice-creams, sorbets       
  • Services and Equipment       

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