Frozen Pizza Italpizza France

The location of the plant will enable the company to establish a bridge with the markets of Northern Europe.

Production will be oriented towards private label to meet new contracts signed with major customers in the retail sector. In addition to sealing the purchase of the site, the agreement includes a significant financial commitment: the Group has announced an investment of over 12 million euros to renovate and modernize the plant in a multi-year plan (2024-2028).

Italpizza will focus its production activity on two lines exclusively for the production of pre-baked oven products and hopes to start production as soon as possible, with an opening tentatively scheduled for autumn 2024.

By 2028, once fully operational, it is expected to employ around 140 employees at the new production site. “Personally, I am very attached to France, a country where Italpizza has been present for thirty years and where we serve the main distribution chains,” says Cristian Pederzini, president of Italpizza.

“The acquisition of the Caudry plant, due to its location, economic attractiveness, and expertise, is crucial for Italpizza because it is part of a broad internationalization project that we have been pursuing for some years. Having a production hub in Northern Europe will allow us to be more competitive in that area