How to contact IQF Food Buyers

We explain in this tutorial how to use FrozenB2B marketplace to contact and sell to IQF and Frozen Food Buyers : IQF herbs, IQF Fruits, IQF Vegetables, IQF potatoes, Frozen Prepared food, meat, fish…desserts…

How to use the Frozen Food Marketplace?

The third service frozen b2b marketplace is constantly collecting global, local business opportunities and tenders.


Selling offers are in blue. If you’re interested in a selling offer, click on the link.

When you do this, two things happen.

Number one, you see the name of the company and by clicking on it you have access to the contact details

Number two, instead of the name of the company you see “OPEN”. This offer is confidential. In this case, contact us and we’ll inform this company about your interest.


Now let’s discuss buying offers. Buying offers are in yellow and the access is the same. In the case of Restricted or Premium access offers, you need to be a paid member to have access to the contact details which requires your confidential ID and password.

The home page is your control panel where you can have a quick look at new offers and business partners matching your profiles.

Thank you for your attention we also have tailor made offline services contact us we always have a solution suitable to your budget.

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