IQF Frozen Peach in Spain


In this interview, we speak with Zheni about the different varieties of Peaches in Spain, 2021 crop, the Spanish regions for peach, the frost…… Zheni works at World Food and Flavors, a global sourcing company with different offices in North America, Asia and Europe.

Zheni thanks very much for joining us today on frozen b2b news we are going to speak about peaches from Spain.

Exactly thank you thank you for for having me.

Where do they come from in spain, which area?

Well basically in Spain, six of the regions produce 95 % of the entire crop and it goes all along Spain. The main regions are Murcia starting from the South. Murcia and Extremadura, it goes to Valencia Catalonia and Aragon.

And which variety can we find in Spain for processing frozen peach ?

Well this is a large question actually because there are more than 100 varieties grown in Spa

As i mentioned , there are six regions which are responsible production for the production in Spain. Meaning that each region has difference in chilling hours that that brings us to the actually one of the the largest harvest season in the whole world. The one we have in spain and goes from April to November and therefore there is the large number of varieties. But just to sum up uh we’ll basically start with the early variety which is the red skin variety uh later on the season from june july we start with the flat peach or the white skin varieties and the season ends up with the yellow peach among the yellow peach then one of the most famous varieties the one called calanda it’s one of the sweetest one.

How do you see the crop this year in spain?

So exactly what you say due to adverse weather conditions and mainly due to the spring frost we suffered in april in the beginning of the April so far growers are announcing 30 to 35 percent less production this year. Most affected among the stone fruit has been the apricots this is the since it’s the first one to bloom but the the news are bad in the sense that not only Spain has been affected but what you said Greece as well as France and Italy within Europe

And regarding to your business, how many tons of frozen peach, do you deal each year?

Well basically, generally speaking in Spain, eight hundred thousand metric tons are processed in Spain. This is a 2020, it is one of the lowest from 2017

And which certification can we find in the market about this product  ?

Well when it comes to certifications we work with organic certifications, we are also Demeter certified, Demeter is the biodynamic certification we are also BRC certified.

Well Zheni thanks very much for all this information, I’m sure we will speak again soon with other products as you’re active with many products in the world so we’ll have absolutely a chance to speak again soon thanks Zheni.

Thanks Patrice