Pricomreit – Statistical Reports

Pricomreit – Statistical Reports Consolidated by Month – Chilean and Peruvian Frozen, Fresh, Juices Concentrated, Canned-Preserved, Pulps, Dry and Dehydrated…

Pricomreit ( reports the last Chilean and Peruvian consolidated by month export transactions, in PDF Customs and Excel including maritime shipment percentage–consignees.  Access to the ranking by exporters, varieties, destinations, vessels, volumes, and the FOB value, among other columns.  Annual subscription includes former years and updates by month for a year from your subscription beginning date.

Our subscribers worldwide are receiving updated figures to enrich their market analysis!  Frozen, fresh, juices concentrated, canned-preserved, dry and dehydrated fruits, and vegetables.  Ask for the reports of your specific interest.  Like your peers, contact us.

We will be expecting your contact, [email protected]

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