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Based in Bosnia , Donimpex is a Trader, Processor of Frozen Fruits, Frozen Vegetables, . It offers the following certifications : Organic . Type of Business partners : Processor, Importer, Wholesaler, Supermarket, Caterer.

The address is Momira Gajica 8 11320 Velika Plana, SRJ Bosnia

The contact person of this file is Ad***** Ib*****, ***** (Seller)
File Number: 11832
Based in Bosnia , JAMI doo is a Trader, Processor, Wholesaler of Frozen Bakery, Frozen Desserts, Frozen Pizza Pasta Pies, Frozen Prepared Food, . The number of employees is 61 - 500.

The address is Kurta Šorka bb 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia

The contact person of this file is Ed***** Šv*****, ***** (Seller)
File Number: 19158




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