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About Shimla Hills Offerings Pvt. Ltd.

Based in India Shimla Hills Offerings Pvt. Ltd. is a Service, of Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Dairy, Frozen Fruits, Frozen IceCream, Canned Food,
The number of employees is 11 - 60.
The brands are : ShimlaHills.

Shimla Hills - Top Fruit Pulp Manufacturer in India Shimla Hills, a leading fruit pulp manufacturer in India, is well-known both domestically and abroad for offering top-notch processed fruit and vegetable puree, pulp, juice concentrates, and IQFs. Our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation has solidified our position as the go-to supplier for premium fruit products. Shimla Hills is dedicated to setting standards for reliability and quality in the business while embracing sustainability and satisfying customers. Enjoy nature's pristine beauty in every batch courtesy of the Shimla Hills.

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The address is : Plot no 92, Industrial Area Shoghi, Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh 171219, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, India
The contact person of this file is : Thakur Deepti, Digital Marketing Executive, (Seller, ).
Tel : 09816499232
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