Taksh Cold Chain

About Taksh Cold Chain

Based in India Taksh Cold Chain is a Processor, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits,
The number of employees is 1 - 10.

WE are Frozen Food Manufacturer and producer Having manufacturing Facility in Amravati

Contact details of Taksh Cold Chain

The address is : 21 - 22 gulshan tower, Amravati 444601, India
The contact person of this file is : Bhoot Darshan, Mr, (Seller, ).
Tel : 07212561211
Website : www.mdaagrocot.com

Taksh Cold Chain Products

Process IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Mango

MDA AGROCOT exports IQF mango slices and dices made from finest quality Alphonso and Totapuri mango varieties. IQF mango products we process are packed under most hygienic conditions to retain original taste, texture and flavour of mango. Free flowing dices of sizes 10x10mm / 15x15mm / 20x20mm / chunks. The dices are made from fresh semi ripe fruit, vertically cut. Since the slices are oblong not all dices will be completely uniform in shape/size.

Process IQF Frozen Vegetables

IQF mixed vegetables offered by MDA AGROCOT are processed under most hygienic conditions. At MDA AGROCOT we offer a wide assortment of mixed vegetables. This includes cauliflower, sweet corn, brinjal, green peas, baby corn, bitter-gourd, yam and beans.

Process IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Guava

We offer quality IQF pink guava dices. Ripe guavas are first sorted, washed and then sliced or diced depending upon the requirement. After manually removing grits and seeds, the diced /sliced pieces of guava are sent for quick freezing. The entire process is undertaken in most sterile conditions to preserve the quality and natural taste of IQF pink guava dices.

Process IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Papaya

MDA AGROCOT offers quality IQF papaya dices that are processed from farm fresh, ripened papaya fruits. The juicy flavour, natural sweetness and intense color of papaya remain intact with quick freezing technique. We offer IQF papaya dices in red and yellow varieties as per customer requirement.

Process IQF Frozen Mango Frozen Puree

The Frozen Alphonso Mango Pulp offered by Mda Agrocot Pvt Ltd is a Processed using fine quality mangoes. The matured and ripened mangoes are carefully selected and delivered. The Alphonso variety is only found in India and has a very unique sweet taste.

Process IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Apple

Process IQF Frozen Apricot Frozen Puree

Process IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Banana

Process IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Guava

Process IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Mango

Process IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Oranges