About Grupo CESLEC

Based in Panama Grupo CESLEC is a Trader, of Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat,
Type of Business partners :
The number of employees is 1 – 10.

International agrifood department of CESLEC Group we sell/buy grains ,vegetable oils, sugar, frozen meat (beef, chicken, pork), frozen fish and seafood around the world. CESLEC Group is a capital company located in Panama, whose original purpose is financial. However, throughout 2020 it saw the opportunity to venture into the agri-food trading market, helping traders, for example, in the monetization of letters of credit and/or supporting them in operations through the escrow model. There is also a division in the medical equipment and supplies sector, as well as another department that promotes projects for the treatment of hospital, veterinary, airport and port hazardous waste, and the use of renewable energies through geothermal energy.

Contact details of Grupo CESLEC

The address is : BERLÍN 112, Panamá City 54020, Panama
The contact person of this file is : Aparicio Jorge, Mr, (Buyer, Seller, ).
Tel : +595985714066

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