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Based in Poland MEGA Sp. z o.o. is a Service, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Herbs, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Fish, Jam, Frozen Service,
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The number of employees is 61 - 500.

We are a fruits and vegetables processing machinery manufacturing company that was established in 1996 and has been continuously and dynamically developing owing to professionalism and commitment of our employees. We come from Lubelszczyzna region, known for production and processing the best quality fruit and vegetables on large scale. Thanks to that we had an opportunity to achieve unique experience in designing and manufacturing the machines dedicated to both large processing plants, farmers and family companies. During a long period of our activity we have implemented a large number of projects for customers both in Poland and abroad. Experience gained from working on those projects allows us to offer the best production solutions on market. We gained confidence of our customers, because we are able to find technical solutions that facilitate everyday work, and above all increasing competiveness on market by improvement of production efficiency and cost reduction. Our development department continuously searches for and implements innovation solutions, and therefore we can constantly provide you the state of the art technical solutions and technologies. Looking forward to our future successful cooperation, we remain with best regards.

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The address is : Przemysłowa 52, Bełżyce 24-200, Poland
The contact person of this file is : Sirko Grzegorz, Mr., (Seller, ).
Tel : +48 781 907 781
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