Gold Europa Portugal Lda

About Gold Europa Portugal Lda

Based in Portugal Gold Europa Portugal Lda is a Agent, Trader, Processor, Importateur, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Herbs, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen IceCream, Jam, PreparedFood, Drinks, DehydratedFood, RefrigeratedFood,
It offers the following certifications : HACCP, FDA.
Type of Business partners : Processor,
The number of employees is 1 – 10.

Gold Europa work together with an industry that manufactures: - Fruits IQF; - Fruits pulp or puree; - Frozen vegetables We are headquartered in Braga, Portugal. We already work and can deliver for all over the world. All exported products are inspected and packaged to ensure compliance with the required quality standards. “Our commitment is to connect countries and nations, but above all to value and add the quality demanded by their consumers!”

Contact details of Gold Europa Portugal Lda

The address is : Braga, Vila Nova de Famalicão 4760, Portugal
The contact person of this file is : Moura Teotónio, Commercial Director, (Buyer, Seller, ).
Tel : +351912842180
Website :

Gold Europa Portugal Lda Products

Process IQF Frozen Vegetables

Trade Ice-creams, sorbets

Process IQF Frozen Fruit

Process Frozen Fish, Frozen seafood

Process Frozen Fish, Frozen seafood Frozen Molluscs

Process Frozen Fish, Frozen seafood Frozen Shellfish

Process Trade IQF Frozen Mushrooms

Process Trade IQF Frozen Herbs

Trade Frozen Meat products

Process Trade Frozen Prepared Food