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About Universal Consulting doo

Based in Serbia Universal Consulting doo is a Agent, of Frozen Fruits,
Type of Business partners :
The number of employees is 1 – 10.

Greetings from Serbia! My company cooperates with fruit producers and cold storages from several different locations here in Serbia, altogether we have around 10.000t of cold storage space, as well as more than 100 hectares of soils, covered fruit and vegetable, with more than 30 years of production experience. Most of our fruit is covered with hail protection, and a watering system. We fertilize it according to all EU standards. We offer all types of seasonal fresh fruit: 1. Apples 2. Strawberries 3. Sweet Cherries 4. Sour Cherries 5. Peaches 6. Nectarines 7. Apricots 8. Plums and prunes 9. Grapes 10. Medlars 11. Pomegranate 12. Raspberries 13. Blackberries 14. Blueberries 15. Strawberries Normally, we supply local chains here in Serbia and export to Russia, Romania and Ukraine. We are now considering the possibility of exporting to the Japan. I am at your disposal for any questions. We will be glad to organize a Zoom meeting and discuss in more detail about our products and potential cooperation. Best regards! Tamara Matejić

Contact details of Universal Consulting doo

The address is : Spanskih boraca 1, Belgrade 11000, Serbia
The contact person of this file is : Matejic Tamara, General Manager, (Seller, ).
Tel : 063255442
Website : www.universalconsultingdoo.com

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Trade IQF Frozen Fruit Frozen Cherries

Pitted Organic Non-Gmo

Trade IQF Frozen Fruit Frozen Raspberries


Trade IQF Frozen Fruit Frozen Strawberries


Trade IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Apple


Trade IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Raspberries