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Based in South Korea Green Food Co,Ltd is a Processor, Importateur, of Frozen Bakery, PizzaPastaPies,
Type of Business partners :
The number of employees is 11 – 60.

With professionalism on food such as confectionary, bakery, dessert, light wheat product and etc., Green Food Co. has developed its core ability for product development highlighting brand's own characteristic over the last 20years. For successful marketing, We have strived to develop private product based on small quantity batch production and professionalism on O.D.M and O.E.M. Customer differentiated to provide more value to pay the cost item development and supplied and carried with Intangible services to partnerships and is building a system to allow customers satisfaction. Our company, green food inc. , can demonstrate the changing appearance that follows the trend Thank you

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The address is : 1264-2,Seohae-ro,, Hwa sung City 18525, South Korea
The contact person of this file is : Kim Edward, Director, (Seller, ).
Tel : 82 31 459 5600
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Green Food Co,Ltd Products

Process Trade Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta

Process Trade Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta Frozen Dough for Pizza or other bakery

Process Trade Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta Frozen Pizza