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About Doehler Ukraine

Based in Ukraine Doehler Ukraine is a Processor, of Frozen Fruits,
Type of Business partners :
The number of employees is 61 - 500.

Doehler Ukraine is a part of the company Doehler GmbH (, which is a worldwide leader in food ingredients (headquarter in Darmstadt, Germany). We produce IQF frozen wild bilberries (blueberries), Vaccinium myrtillius, class A and B.

Contact details of Doehler Ukraine

The address is : Radosinska 2 St., Kyiv 02230, Ukraine
The contact person of this file is : Pyrch Maryana, , (Seller, ).
Tel : +380674872151
Website :

Doehler Ukraine Products

Trade IQF Frozen Fruit IQF Frozen Blueberry

Trade IQF Frozen Blueberry Wild

class A, class B