About TPS-Scotland

Based in United Kingdom TPS-Scotland is a Retailer, of Frozen Fish, Frozen Meat, PizzaPastaPies,
Type of Business partners :
The number of employees is 61 - 500.

We are a professional meat industry supplier to work with different kinds of meat products and their ingredients. We could provide you with any kinds of sources that you need, including butchers sundries, casing, sauce manufactures, pork suppliers, etc. We will also be your agent for buying fresh meat from our well-known hog-slaughtering plant.

Contact details of TPS-Scotland

The address is : 26 Kelvin Avenue Hillington Park, Glasgow G52 4LT, United Kingdom
The contact person of this file is : Mia Leo, , (Seller, ).
Tel : +44 047411 772874
Website :

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