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Based in USA Idaho Foods LLC is a CoPacker, Trader, Processor, of Frozen Potatoes, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Herbs, Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Meat, Jam, PreparedFood, DehydratedFood,
Type of Business partners :
The number of employees is 11 – 60.

Idaho Foods LLC USA is a food manufacturing, seafood and meat processing, honey, and food ingredient, spices, and pet care products company. The Company offers a wide range of products such as IQF frozen foods and vegetables, beef, ham, sausages, turkey, chicken, Italian cold cuts, pasta extra virgin oil, vinegar, and a variety of cheese products for domestic and international retail and foodservice. We also offer Wheat, Beans, pulses, lentils, sesame seeds, hibiscus, Pulses, Lentils, Grains, Honey, Animal Feeds, Spices, Edible nuts, and dairy products IQF frozen fruits and vegetables Production Packing IQF White Diced Onions 1/30lbs IQF White Diced Onions 1/20lbs IQF White Diced Onions- Blanched 1/20lbs IQF White Diced Onions 1/26lbs IQF White Diced Onions 1/4'' 1/30lbs IQF Organic Diced White Onions 1/20lbs IQF Organic Diced White Onions 1/30lbs IQF White Onion Strips 1/30lbs IQF White Onion Strips 1/24lbs IQF Red Diced Onions 1/30lbs IQF Red Diced Onions 1/22lbs IQF Diced Red Peppers 3/8'' 1/20lbs IQF Diced Red Peppers 3/8'' 1/22lbs IQF Red Pepper Strips 1/1213lbs IQF Diced Green Peppers 3/8'' 1/20lbs IQF Cut Corn 1/30lbs IQF Diced Carrot 1/30lbs IQF Diced Carrot 1/45lbs IQF Shreded Carrot 1/20lbs IQF Diced Celery 1/30lbs IQF Sliced Green Onions 1/22lbs IQF Sliced Green Onions 1/20lbs IQF Sliced Yellow Peaches 1/30lbs IQF Diced Yellow Peach 1/30lbs IQF Kale 1/35lbs IQF Kale 1/20lbs IQF Whole Peeled Garlic 1/30lbs IQF Diced Potatoes 1/30lbs IQF Blackberry 1/30lbs IQF Raspberry Crumbles 1/30lbs IQF Raspberry Whole 1/28lbs Sugar Snap Peas 1/20lbs IQF Baby corn cut 1/30lbs IQF Chopped Spinach 1/30lbs IQF Sliced Waterchestnut 1/30lbs IQF Diced Waterchestnut 1/30lbs IQF Mukimame 1/30lbs IQF Mushroom Sliced 1/30lbs IQF Sliced Zucchin

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The address is : W. Michelle Dr, Nampa 83651, USA
The contact person of this file is : Wade Brian, VP Sales and Marketing, (Seller, ).
Tel : 2083408229
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