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Foie Gras: Rougie (France) Condiments: Beaufor (France), Santa Gata (Italy), Tartufalba (Italy) Cheeses and Dairy: Lactalis (France), Ceneri (France), Galbani (Italy) Pasta: De Cecco (Italy) Mineral Water: San Pellegrino & Aqua Panna (Italy) High quality perishables from selected growers and producers: Fresh Poultries, Lamb, Beef, Veal, Goat, Game Meat, Vegetables and Live Seafood are imported every week from our platforms in Australia, France and USA Pastry Products: Valhrona, Cap F

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, Vietnam
The contact person of this file is : Minhan Ms, , (Buyer, Seller, ).
Tel : (84) 8 744 2717
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